Where is it better to celebrate the New Year: in Russia or abroad?

Where to celebrate New Year

After hot summers and rainy autumn, winter comes accompanied by New Year's fireworks and festive lights. So it's time to think where celebrate the New Year fun and original, so that the holiday was interesting and cheerful.

Everyone is eager to spend the New Year holidays stunningly. It’s important not only the size of the festive table, the quantity christmas gifts and the menu, but also the place where the company is located during the chimes.

You probably yourself understand that the New Year can be celebrated with your family, in any city in the country, and even abroad. I’ll talk about this in detail, share my experience, which will be useful to you.

5 best New Year celebrations

New year the holidays accompanied by exciting expectations, pleasant chores and compilation of entertainment programs.

I will share my thoughts on this. Every year, celebrating your favorite day of the year risks becoming a dull pastime at the table, which can turn into a banal drink of alcohol. But the New Year should be a noisy and cheerful walk, accompanied by sonorous crackers and outdoor games.

To understand where it is better to spend New Year's holidays, we will consider several options.

  1. Family circle. Many meet New Year in the home circle. They sit in front of the TV, watch New Year’s TV shows, admire the Christmas tree decorated christmas toys, listen to congratulations and during the chimes raise chimes. This is what people do who do not like long night wakefulness and noisy companies.
  2. Restaurant or night club. Going to one of these places on New Year's Eve, you will find yourself in a fun and interesting entertainment program. This option is perfect for couples in love and lovers of noisy companies.
  3. Rent a house or apartment. This option is popular among people who have a small “gold reserve”. Most often the house is rented, because in addition to the feast, he will offer billiards, dignity and other entertainment.
  4. Walk around the city. The presented option is the most economical. Noisy company you can go through the streets of your hometown, making stops near the Christmas trees. If grab Christmas costumes, get a real carnival.
  5. Extreme and exotic. Celebrate the New Year in unusual places. Some climb to the top of the mountain, others plunge into the water. Some go to an exotic country or to an ordinary lost village. Depends on the imagination.

I shared my opinion. You may have your own view of this situation. In any case, with each passing day, the New Year is approaching, and it is time for the meeting place to begin to ponder now.

We celebrate the New Year abroad

I don’t know about you, but I am preparing for the New Year in advance. Some people celebrate the New Year holidays with their family without leaving the apartment. Someone like to spend them in a restaurant with friends. I constantly want unforgettable memories and wonderful experiences. Only abroad will give them.

Travel agencies offer a great selection of New Year tours. There are so many of them that my eyes run wide. You can spend New Year's holidays anywhere in the world. Let's talk about celebrating the New Year abroad. This will help determine the place of celebration.

I will share my impressions of the countries in which I managed to visit. Let's start with Europe.

  • Czech. If you are tired of the bustle of the city, you can relax from it in Prague - the capital of this wonderful country. Prague is full of old castles and low attractive houses. With confidence I say a New Year's trip to Prague is a real fairy tale.
  • Finland. Helsinki is a wonderful place for winter tourists. Going on an excursion, for a short period of time you can appreciate the most interesting places. Finland cannot boast of many architectural monuments, however, the country's cities make up for this shortcoming through museums, holidays and festivals.
  • Sweden. Some travelers see similarities with Petersburg in Stockholm. But, this city is unique. Stockholm is an assembly of city and village blocks of different eras. In my opinion, the capital of Sweden is a kind of museum, the main exhibit of which is the Royal Palace, which is distinguished by grace and luxury. As part of a visit to this place, you can look into the armory and the real treasury. In general, Sweden is perfect for a family New Year's trip.
  • France. If you decide to go to France, I can immediately say that you will spend the New Year holidays in a fun and pleasant atmosphere. The streets of French cities will delight with garlands and illuminations, friendly people and omnipresent fun. In addition to attractions, France will offer excellent cuisine. Do not forget about Christmas sales, which begin after the New Year and last until February. If you want to combine the holidays with the purchase of jewelry, perfumes or clothes, you should go to Paris.
  • Germany. New Year in Germany is a special celebration. Local residents have preserved various customs and rituals, which must be observed. On the eve of the New Year holidays, the Germans decorate houses with wreaths of pine branches, and after sunset they light garlands and lights. The festive table is traditionally decorated goosefried with apples.
  • Egypt. If you do not want to celebrate the New Year in a cold atmosphere, go to Egypt. Here the warm sun, yellow sand, wonderful service awaits. And although Egypt is an Islamic state, tourists are allowed to celebrate in their own way.
  • Sea cruises. Travel agencies offer travel along the Scandinavian coast. As part of such a New Year's trip, you can visit Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries.
  • Islands and exotic countries. Such a New Year's holiday is an expensive pleasure. If money allows, you can go to China, Vietnam or Thailand, visit the Maldives or Sri Lanka.

I suggested some ideas for celebrating the New Year abroad. There are many options. It all depends on the preferences and size of the wallet. If the monotony is tired, select one of the available options and go there. Believe me, you will not regret it.

4 original New Year's Eve venues in Russia

In Russia, it is customary to celebrate the New Year in a family or friendly circle. There are many people who do it this way. But, there are some Russians who want to change the situation by jumping out of the bounds of tradition. However, they do not want to travel far and spend a lot.

In this case, the best solution is a cozy restaurant. Here the atmosphere is festive, and the program is interesting, and christmas cake delicious. As an alternative, a recreation center located in the vicinity of the city or not far from it is suitable. But this is sometimes not enough.

New Year's Eve provides elements of a fairy tale, adventure and mystery.

  1. Ski resort. If you like outdoor activities, and you are waiting for a miracle, buy a ticket to the domestic ski resort.
  2. Trip to the sea. In the vicinity of Sochi is a wonderful resort Krasnaya Polyana. Going here, you will breathe clean air and celebrate the New Year in a wonderful atmosphere.
  3. Homeland of Santa Claus. If you wish the New Year holidays to be interesting for all family members, visit the city of Veliky Ustyug, which is considered the birthplace of Santa Claus.In addition to picturesque landscapes and a wonderful atmosphere, he will offer accommodation in a village hut and relaxation in a bathhouse.
  4. gold ring. Having visited one of the cities of the Golden Ring, you will celebrate the New Year in a wonderful place. It doesn’t matter if you are with family, friends or your beloved one. Each of the settlements, including Murom, Yaroslavl and Kostroma, will allow you to admire the beauties of domestic nature, get acquainted with the history of the country, and have a wonderful rest.

I will add that in our country it is customary to celebrate New Year twice. According to the old style, this event falls on January 7th. If at this time you have a vacation, go to Petersburg.

In this case, you don’t have to decorate the house, and you can spend your free time relaxing at the hotel and city tours, during which you will visit the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Hermitage and the Kazan Cathedral.

New Year 2017

New Year is a beloved, cheerful and bright holiday. There are many wonderful places on the planet that you really want to visit.

  • New Year's Eve can be celebrated at the ski resort. For example, in Europe there are many of them. Of course, not everyone can afford a trip to Austria or Switzerland. But, you can go to Romania or Slovakia. Here, there are high mountains, and white snow is present.
  • If the first option does not fit, go to the recreation center. So you will meet the New Year sitting on the sofa in a cozy house, drinking chilled champagne and eating delicious biscuit. Many of the bases will offer to take part in this New Year procession, which will delight you with wonderful emotions.
  • And is it not yours? In this case, go to one of the European capitals. Such a trip will allow you to spend the New Year holidays away from home in a noisy multinational company. I’ll say with confidence that you will be amazed at Viennese balls, Prague landscapes or the Brandenburg Gate.

If you don’t like these options, just stay at home, decorate housing, cover the New Year's table and spend the holidays in a warm and friendly family circle.

Only you can choose a place. The main thing is that it was fun, noisy and interesting. I want to say that when choosing a particular option you need to be guided by your desires. In this case, the holiday will be a success.

The best country to celebrate the New Year

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When the chimes begin to beat, take a glass, drink some champagne, be sure to make a wish and wait for a pleasant gift that will be given by Santa Claus.

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