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Many people want to see other countries and the question of how to make a passport quickly is relevant. Every year, the number of people traveling to other countries for tourism or business purposes is growing. To do this, you will need documents, including a passport.

Passport - a document proving the identity of the owner. It is recommended to store and use it carefully. With it, you can freely leave the homeland and come back.

Passport allows you to explore abroad. Sometimes, due to circumstances, a person urgently needs to leave the country, and a document issued and visa play a crucial role.

Suppose you decide to continue your education abroad and have chosen a university in one of the European countries. Going to study without a document will not work.

Instructions for obtaining a passport

Any resident of Russia who wants to go abroad can use a passport in a traditional or modern format. Life does not stand still, so I will reveal the intricacies of obtaining a new sample passport.

A traditional passport is issued for 60 months. The validity period of the biometric counterpart is 10 years. The receipt involves the payment of an increased fee. There are no other differences.

  • If you want to get a passport and go to Europe in search of a husband or on vacation, submit an application and a package of documents. It will take a long line to defend, which is fraught with a loss of time, and it’s not always possible to take time off from work.
  • Documents can be submitted by appointment, but for this you will need to visit the department for registration of passports. And even in this way it will not work to avoid the queue, as there are many people who “urgently need” or “for a minute”.
  • I advise you to apply for a document via the Internet by visiting the State Services portal. The resource pages contain useful information and a step-by-step action plan. The site has a list of necessary documents: passport, work book, birth certificate.
  • A new version of the passport is available to both an adult and a child who is not 18 years old. The size of the fee is 2500 and 1200 rubles, respectively.
  • Available for registration and the old version, which will leave the country. In this case, the amount of the fee will be 1000 rubles.

At the State Services, look for a sample form and form. Download, print and fill out at home. Do not forget that every day everything rises in price. Therefore, the earlier you submit the paper, the faster you will receive and save.

Useful Tips

Since 2013, a new passport has been issued in Russia. It can be obtained by a citizen residing in the country. The main thing is that it meets the requirements.

In 2015, the authorities simplified the procedure for obtaining a passport and reduced the time for issuing and issuing.

After amending the law, it became easier to get a passport, new opportunities for tourism and recreation appeared. These changes will be discussed.

  1. A person who wants to get a passport does not need to report on labor activity.
  2. The passport issued this year includes the fingerprints of the owner.
  3. It has a built-in microchip with information about the citizen.

According to a government decree, citizens of twelve years of age and older must pass an index fingerprint upon registration. People who do not like the innovation can draw up an old-style document.There is no information yet when the old options will be withdrawn from circulation. Now they are still usable.

The validity of the new passport is ten years. The finger scanning procedure will affect all citizens from the age of twelve. They will refuse your extradition if:

  • Have access to information of national importance;
  • called up for military service;
  • have problems with the law;
  • indicated false information in the questionnaire.

To obtain a passport, provide a package of documents to a special authority. Without this, the planned trip abroad will not take place. Before sending to the department, grab a passport and a photocopy, four photographs, a completed application form (two copies), a military ID and a receipt on payment of the fee.

After collecting the paper and paying the fee, contact the passport center. Come back later and pick up your passport.

Last year, Russians waited one to four months to receive a passport. Changes to the law reduced the time. Now it takes three weeks. In emergency cases, you can receive the document in three days.

Want to go abroad? Follow the advice, collect papers, get a passport and hit the road.

How to get a passport through the MFC

After summer, people travel the world or leave the country to improve their health. This requires a passport, which can be obtained in several ways.

Available for registration and the old version of the document, valid for 5 years. But more often they prefer biometric passports, the validity of which is twice as long.

Which option to choose is up to you. They differ from each other by the period of validity and the size of the state duty to be paid before registration. A receipt is issued at the multifunctional center.

  1. Go to the passport office and take the application.
  2. Make a photocopy of your passport. When applying, you will need both.
  3. Take three color photos. Go to the studio and tell the photographer what photos are needed and for what purposes.
  4. Military liable men would be required to provide a draftee certificate or military ID. It all depends on age.
  5. Having collected a package of papers, go to the center. After delivery of papers to receive a finished copy, wait a month.

After you will be able to freely move around the planet at any time of the year, having received a visa. Having a passport, think where to go for the new year.

Getting a passport for a child

A Russian citizen can cross the state border only with a passport. At the same time, age does not play a role.

Gather documents and look at the regional representative office of the FMS. Take with you a statement, photos of the child and a birth certificate, a document confirming Russian citizenship, a parent's passport and a receipt for paying the fee. Photocopies will not hurt.

An old or new version of a passport is available to every Russian citizen. A new sample is a biometric passport with a chip containing information about the owner. To fake it is unrealistic.

It is suitable for use for ten years, and the shelf life of the old is less than half. In this passport there are more blank sheets on which visas are affixed. To get paid an increased duty.

  1. First of all, look at the FMS and write a statement. You can fill out the questionnaire using computer technology or manually using a pen with black paste.
  2. Since the child is not fourteen years old, parents, representatives, guardians or notarized persons draw up documents. In this case, certificates confirming authority are required.
  3. Take along an application, 2 photos of the child, a receipt, birth certificate and a document proving citizenship. Parents will need a passport and photocopy. Submission of documents without the presence of the child is impossible.
  4. You can pick up a children's passport for thirty days, but sometimes the procedure is delayed for four months. It all depends on the registration and place of residence.

The procedure is no different from the design of an adult. If you intend to go on a family trip and spend new year holidays or summer vacation outside the country, having issued a passport, calmly do it.

Russian passport is an official document proving the identity of a Russian citizen abroad. Therefore, obtaining a passport is a mandatory process for citizens of the Russian Federation seeking to travel to Europe or to another mainland.

The document helps carelessly visit visa-free countries for leisure or business purposes. There are states between which Russia and a visa-free regime apply. Get on a plane and go to the country without undue red tape.

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The passport provides ample opportunities in terms of travel around the world. So fill out a document and explore the world. Have a nice trip!

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