Where to go and where to celebrate the new year 2020 abroad

New Year 2018 abroad

Everyone thought about celebrating the New Year abroad. But where to go and where is it better to meet the New Year 2020? You can spend an unforgettable vacation and fly to where it is warm, there are beaches and palm trees. Alternatively, you can choose a ski resort, meet a year in a chalet by the fireplace, and the next day go skiing.

Where to spend cheap New Year?

Vietnam, Czech Republic, Thailand, Germany

Abroad to New Year you can go on a budget, if you distribute finances correctly and start planning your trip in advance. Consider the relatively economical options.

Fairytale Czech Republic

The Czech Republic and its capital Prague attract thousands of tourists annually. This is an amazing place where a holiday awaits in every tavern, on the street and in the hotel. Christmas markets are an occasion not only to purchase excellent goods at affordable prices, but also an opportunity to join the local culture.

☞ The price of New Year's tours to Prague starts from 40 thousand rubles for two adults for 7-8 days (if booked in advance).


The country, accessible to visitors all year round, is the birthplace of Santa Claus. You can go here with children, giving them an amazing journey into a fairy tale. You can stay in Rovaniem, where is the house of Santa, recreated from fairy tales. Nearby is an amusement park, from which children will be delighted.

☞ The cost of a trip to Finland for two for 5-6 days - from 32 thousand rubles.

Sunny thailand

Thailand attracts attention with clean beaches, warm sea, amazing traditions. Every year tourists come here from all over the world to enjoy the warmth in the middle of winter, stock up on positive and get new impressions. A trip to Thailand on New Year's holidays will cost more than the rest of the time, but overall will remain affordable.

☞ Cost for two for 7-10 days - from 70 thousand rubles.

The Baltic states

Feel free to go to rest in amazing Riga, fabulous Vilnius, unusual Tallinn. Holidays are widely celebrated, fun and interesting, but food and entertainment prices are much lower than in other European countries.

☞ On average, for 4-5 days for two, you can pay from 32 thousand rubles.


The prices are reasonable. The most popular holiday destinations for the Christmas holidays are Berlin, Munich, Cologne, but you can also go to tiny towns where there is an equally festive atmosphere. Before the celebrations, fairs and Christmas markets are held in Germany, where you can make profitable purchases and at the same time get acquainted with German traditions.

☞ For two, a trip to Germany for 3-4 days will cost 40 thousand rubles and above.

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Mysterious vietnam

For the New Year's Eve, such popular resorts as Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Phu Quoc, which are presented in the European style and decorated with Christmas trees, Santa Claus and a fun celebration, will suit you.

☞ Rest in this place for two varies from 45 thousand rubles for 5-8 days.


One of the most affordable options with excellent service. The main feature is skiing in Pamporovo and Bansko. Brightly held celebrations in Sofia with festivities.

☞ The cost of the tour is from 55 thousand rubles for 5-7 days for two people.


Here tourists will be met by numerous concerts, fairs, entertainment programs. Theme meetings of the New Year are in demand, for example, stylized as the Middle Ages.

☞ The cost of a week's rest for two is from 40 thousand rubles.

When planning a trip to Europe for the New Year holidays, remember that Christmas is celebrated on a large scale here, and the New Year is celebrated more modestly.Therefore, travel so as to get to the fabulous Christmas celebrations.

New Year 2020 at sea

Egypt, UAE, Israel, Jordan

The new year 2020 can be found on the seashore under warm sunshine. Where to go? Let's consider several options.


The best places for a winter holiday are Nuweiba, Dahaba, Sharm El Sheikh. The Red Sea will be pleased with air temperatures up to 24 degrees, water usually warms up to 23 degrees. The places are picturesque. Starting in mid-December, the streets of popular resorts are decorated for the New Year holidays, the figures of Pope Noel - Egyptian Santa Claus are being established.

☞ Independent trip for two for a week - from 50 thousand rubles.


Guests are greeted by the city of Eilat, located on the Red Sea coast. Water warms up to 21-23 degrees, and air temperature reaches 22-23 degrees. You can go to the desert, if you want to meet a celebration outside the box.

☞ Cost of travel to Israel - from 22 thousand for one adult for 3-5 days.


Choose the resorts of Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah. The air temperature during the day will be up to 26 degrees. Local residents arrange a secular holiday on December 31 with numerous fireworks that twice fell into the Guinness Book of Records.

☞ The price of a festive weekly tour - from $ 1,500 for two. Subject to early booking, this price will include accommodation, flight, transfer, meals, insurance.

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Amazingly beautiful place where you can relax inexpensively. One of the most popular resorts is Aqaba. Among other advantages are friendly locals, low crime rate, picturesque sights, beautiful weather and cheerful celebrations. The air temperature during the day is up to 22 degrees, and the water temperature in the Red Sea is up to 23 degrees.

☞ The cost of a weekly tour varies from 1.7 thousand dollars for two adults, subject to early booking.


The main resort of India with beautiful weather. Temperature during the day - up to 32 degrees, and water temperature - up to 28 degrees. New Year's celebration is held in a big way. For a good rest, the Northern region is better suited, and the southern part is in demand among wealthy tourists.

☞ Tour for two for a week - from a thousand dollars. The most expensive expense item is flight.

Sri Lanka

The place is ideal for winter holidays - the minimum daily temperature difference, low probability of heavy rains, air temperature of 29-32 degrees, and water temperature - 26-28 degrees. Locals celebrate the New Year with tourists, celebrating on the coast with fireworks and entertainment programs.

☞ The cost of a week's rest for two is from $ 1,500 when choosing a modest home, and from $ 2,000 if you want to stay in a three-star hotel.

Where to go for the Christmas holidays abroad

Finland, Andorra, Cuba, Vietnam

Going on a Christmas vacation abroad is a great reason to have a good rest, admire the picturesque corners of the planet, get acquainted with new sights. There are a lot of fabulous places, I voiced some of them earlier.

Andorra, Grandvalira

The place is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts, because it is a valley of ski resorts. In mountain villages, tourists are offered comfortable hotels where you can rent equipment for snowboarding, skiing. Jewelry, stuffed olives, wine, cheeses, olive oil, tobacco, cigars, watches or electronics are usually brought from the trip.

☞ Cost for two - from 40 thousand rubles per week.

Cuba, Varadero

The place is often called paradise. A tiny town will delight everyone, and its highlight is a 20-kilometer beach, which is recognized by UNESCO as one of the cleanest in the world. Noisy parties are regularly held on the coast.From the trip it is advised to bring coral jewelry, spices, herbal tincture, coffee, rum, cigars, machetes.

☞ Cost for two - from 50 thousand rubles per week.

Vietnam, Phan Thiet

Here the Christmas holidays will be held without the usual attributes for us - only exotic, heat, clean coastline, delights in local restaurants, crocodile farms. You can please relatives and friends all kinds of souvenirs: crocodile leather products, pearls, green tea, coffee, wooden and stone figures, fish sauce, silk.

☞ The cost of a vacation for two - from 100 thousand rubles for 8-14 days.

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How to spend the New Year abroad on a budget, where to go: recommendations from an expert.

Useful Tips

To excellent celebrate New Year 2020 abroad, heed the advice.

  1. Please note that prices are constantly growing. If you plan to relax on New Year's Eve, book hotel rooms, plane tickets or tours in advance.
  2. The most affordable options are dismantled until October. It is important to book not only a hotel room or rent an apartment, but also to choose a place for a meeting. If it’s a cafe or restaurant, book a table. It so happens that there are simply no places. This is especially true for popular resorts.
  3. The closer the holiday, the higher the price of the tour. If you want to celebrate well and not spend too much money, everything should be ready a few months before the trip. Rest is sure to be bright and colorful.

Do not forget to look at New Year's fairs, which will please you with favorable prices for various goods.

Where do you plan to celebrate the New Year?

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