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Spinner is a modern toy that gained popularity just a couple of years ago. She is liked by both adults and children. You can learn about what varieties are and how they affect the human psyche from this article.

What is a spinner and how is this word translated

Spinner in the hands

Translated from English, the word "spinner" means "spinning top". “Spin” - “spin”. You can meet other definitions, for example "fidget spinner" - this means "spinning top". Either a thumb twist or a hand spinner. Translated into Russian - “manual spinning top”.

In fact, this is an ordinary toy that can be rotated in the hand. Its design consists of one or four rotation bearings. The first is located in the center, and the rest at the edges.

The point of developing this “fun” is to help hyperactive children learn how to concentrate.

What is the spinner for and who created it

When the toy became popular and in great demand, the question suddenly arose: “Who is the author of the product?”. An interview with Katherine Hettinger was published in the English press, where the woman admitted that she came up with a toy for her child back in the 90s of the last century, when she suffered from serious illnesses, and could not fully pay attention to the baby.

This invention was patented, but expired in 2005. To extend it, it was necessary to pay, but there was not enough money. At that time, she did not cause anyone much interest, and therefore Katherine now does not receive a shilling profit.

Improved the design of Scott McCoschery. Its product resembles the original functionality, but it is intended to calm the nervous system during telephone conversations.

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What are SPINNERS really for?


Material for manufacturing is selected:

  • Brass.
  • Plastic.
  • Steel.
  • Aluminum.
  • Wood.
  • Ceramics.

Strength depends on the material chosen, and acceleration is determined by the composition of the bearings.

Types of spinners:

Type nameDesignEfficiency
SingleThis is a small block and a bearing located in the center.The rotation takes a long time.
WheelThe design decision is a wheel located in the center.Despite the simplicity of the design, it is considered safe and the continuation of the rotational movements is quite long.
Tri-spinnerIt resembles a flower of three petals, the location of the bearing in the center and in each rotating blade separately.This is the most common option, with lightness and the effect of prolonged rotation.
Quad spinnerIt consists of four blades, with which you can create any configuration.Smoothness and stability of rotation are provided.
PolyhedraThese toys have 4 or more blades, have a lot of weight.
ExoticSpinners of this plan have non-standard designs: with numerous gears, with a heart, in the form of an animal or plant. The fantasy of developers is unlimited. Moreover, they have LED backlighting and look spectacular in the dark. Beautiful appearance and organic performance.

How to choose the right spinner for yourself

Spinners spin

To make a choice, it is recommended to adhere to the following criteria:

Evaluation criterionSelection options
For a child

  • Security of execution.To prevent the baby from accidentally injuring himself, it is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection of the product for sharp corners and burrs.

  • No need to choose a spinner with a metal body.

  • The plastic base and polished edges of the toy will be a great choice.

  • The cover must ensure the tightness of the bearing underneath.

Bearing Design *

  • Steel. They require regular cleaning, lubrication and thorough maintenance.

  • From ceramics. Reduces the percentage of vibration during rotation and ensures quiet operation.

  • Ceramic, compared to steel, are more expensive.

Hybrid (steel and ceramic)

  • If more steel parts were used in the manufacture, the device is cheaper.

  • If there are ceramic parts in the construction, to a greater extent than steel parts, a smooth ride will be ensured, but at the same time the price of the product will be higher.

Body material

  • Plastic. The most affordable spinner, except for the 3D model. The latter device is expensive, so the manufacturer produces products with a large number of plastic parts, which degrades its quality and reduces cost.

  • A spinner can be made of wood only by a master. Handwork is expensive.

  • Metal products are the most durable. To make them weigh less and cost less, brass or aluminum is used for these purposes. High price for titanium models.

Other materialsThe choice depends on the wishes of the buyer, and the materials used may be different: cardboard, leather, glue or chocolate dessert.
Vibration characteristics

  • Vibration depends on the material of the housing and bearing. With strong rotation, the sound and vibration are more noticeable.

  • If you need a quiet rotation, then you can make a choice in favor of slow-moving devices.

* Spinner with a quality bearing will last a long time. Over time, vibration will significantly decrease, and the sound from the operation of the device will be imperceptible.

How to twist

There are several ways to torsion:

  1. With a little effort, pinch the device between the thumb and forefinger in the center, while starting to spin the blades with the ring finger.
  2. Hold with one hand and untwist with the other.

To learn different tricks at home, it is important to practice, feeling the course of movement. It is possible that among the cherished desires of many people is to make movements behind their backs, above their heads and juggle with a structure. The main thing is to keep the hand on weight and not touch the blades during rotation.

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How to spin a spinner and do tricks? - guide from Game2Day

What a spinner for 3,000,000,000,000 rubles

No such product was found on the market. A toy made of precious material will cost a lot. At a minimum, this model would be part of the world collection, and its value lay in the exclusivity of the instance.

By functional features, it would not differ from others, except perhaps by its financial status.

If there is a desire and the opportunity to purchase fun at a high price, you should contact the manufacturers of these structures directly.

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Useful Tips

Recommendations for parents on the purchase of a spinner:

  • No need to buy a toy for a child under 3 years old. This can negatively affect the mental development of the baby.
  • Check the availability of the certificate. Do not buy a handicraft turntable, it will cost less, but it is possible that it will quickly become worthless.
  • If the spinner has luminous parts, you need to check the reliability of the installation of batteries.
  • Do not forget to check the design for integrity.
  • It is equally important to decide on the purpose of acquisition.

A large assortment of turntables is on sale, and the choice of each customer is individual. The purchase of a device is a personal matter of every citizen, the main thing is to remember about security.

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