Holiday Knowledge Day - September 1 and Teacher's Day - October 5

Books and apple - symbols of knowledge

Every resident of the country knows that the first autumn holiday is Knowledge Day September 1. The history of the holiday began in 1984. Then Knowledge Day became a public holiday in the USSR. Until 1984, not all educational institutions began the school year on September 1.

History September 1

During the reign of Peter the Great in urban gymnasiums and schools, studies began in August, September or October. In rural schools, literacy began on December 1. During the Soviet Union, Knowledge Day also did not have an exact date. Only in 1935 the government ordered the start of schooling on September 1 and set the duration and date of completion of the school year.

Interesting Facts

  1. Officially, the Day of Knowledge was recognized in 1984.
  2. The appearance of the event participants is elegant. Hairstyles for girls who went to first grade are usually decorated with white bows. Teachers are given bouquets.
  3. In educational institutions, a solemn line is held. During the event, congratulations on the holiday, wish patience, perseverance and perseverance. At the end of the line, they conduct a lesson in Peace.

Although Knowledge Day is an international holiday, its history is different in different countries. In particular, schoolchildren from Germany begin to study in early October, Australians in February. In the United States, the start date of the next school year is completely absent and is determined independently by local authorities.

Day of Knowledge. September 1. Secondary school number 5. Grade 1. Now we are first graders.

How to choose gifts for Knowledge Day

A gift for a student on Knowledge Day can be given at school or at home. This is not the main thing; children value the attention given during the presentation of the souvenir more.

  1. If the child went to first grade, present a thing that is useful at school: a beautiful pen, a set of pencils, paints, a pencil case and even a modern briefcase.
  2. A wonderful gift for September 1 will be a book, a computer, player or a printing device. Without these objects, the life of a modern student is hard to imagine.
  3. Present the gift with short congratulatory words so that the child remembers them. If there is a problem with eloquence, place your congratulation in the form of a holiday card.
  4. Make a gift beautifully in the original or traditional wrapping paper with a nice ribbon or bow.
  5. You can pack a gift in the form of school supplies. The present itself should have a certain relation to the Day of Knowledge.

DIY Notebook Cover

If you want to please and surprise the child, make a souvenir with your own hands. For example: a cover for a notebook with pockets for school equipment. You will need: a notebook, scotch tape, scissors, wrapping paper, glue, a ruler, a knife and a stamping tool.

  1. Wrap the cover of the notebook with wrapping paper, fold the edges and secure with tape. To hide the curled edges of the wrapping paper, use double-sided tape to attach one page of the notebook on both sides to the cover.
  2. We make a pocket. Determine its size and add one and a half centimeters to the hem. Cut the workpiece from plastic, draw bend lines on it and cut off the excess corner. Get a smooth junction.
  3. You can make a stretch pocket. Larger harvesting required. With a stamping tool, draw several fold lines on all sides of the pocket and fold the accordion.
  4. The pocket can be equipped with a valve. Cut a long strip of plastic and paste it inside the pocket.It will remain to attach the clasp from a regular button.

Teacher's Day - October 5

Teacher's Day is a professional holiday for school teachers. His teachers and students celebrate. For schoolchildren, this is a great opportunity to organize a happy day for your beloved mentor.


  1. In the Soviet calendar, the holiday of teachers appeared in the distant 1965. At that moment, the first Sunday of October was appointed as the day of celebration.
  2. On Saturday, before the holiday, students went to classes with bouquets, classes were decorated with balloons and wall newspapers. Activists prepared concerts, funny skits, poems and songs.
  3. In 1994, the Russian president decided to fix the date for the celebration of Teacher's Day. The choice fell on October 5th.

Modern students do not forget the traditions of the Soviet past. Following the example of their parents, they are sent to schools with gifts and bouquets on holidays. Some students make gifts on their own: greeting cards, medals, souvenirs.

If you still go to school, remember Teacher’s Day is a great occasion to thank people who have dedicated their lives to school work and career in it. When you become an adult, you will realize how much a teacher’s contribution to a person’s destiny and career is.

Education workers are honored at the state level. On Teacher's Day, educational workers are awarded prizes and certificates. On October 5, the results of the "Teacher of the Year" contest are summed up.

Flashmob for Teacher's Day

Teacher's Day . Flashmob !!!

Gifts for Teacher's Day

On October 5, Russia celebrates Teacher's Day. On this date, teachers are presented with a variety of gifts. What kind gifts for teacher's day buy? Which present will please the teacher? What is better not to present to the teacher for the holiday? Answers to these questions are expected below.

Let's talk about the banal gifts that teachers fill up during the holiday: tea sets, candy boxes, flowers.

  1. If you do not want to impress the teacher with an original and interesting gift, stop at one of the options listed above. The main thing is that the teacher does not have allergies or diabetes.
  2. Each student in the class can bring one flower. As a result, the teacher will receive a large bouquet of chrysanthemums or roses.

It was a turn of original and interesting gifts. Enough to make a little effort and engage imagination.

  1. The teacher will appreciate the gift made by yourself.
  2. If you want to make a wonderful gift, find out hobby teacher. If he likes painting, feel free to give an album with the works of a famous artist. If the teacher is a cook, it’s appropriate book of recipes.
  3. You can give a teacher an original little thing related to pedagogy. For example, give a geography teacher a lamp in the shape of a globe.
  4. You can purchase an interior item that fits into the teacher’s office. The list of such gifts is presented by table lamps, clocks, organizers.

What should not be given to a teacher?

If you are smart and imaginative, you can please you with a gift from your beloved teacher. But, remember, it’s better not to give some gifts to teachers.

  1. Dear gifts. The teacher can perceive such a present as a bribe. It is better to refuse to buy expensive things.
  2. Perfumes and cosmetics. Such things are given to loved ones.
  3. Clothes and underwear. Guessing the style, style and size of the garment is problematic. It may happen that the gift does not suit the teacher, and he puts it in the closet, ignoring it.
  4. Alcohol. Even if the teacher is a man, handing vodka, cognac and other alcoholic drinks are not worth it.

If you carefully read the material, then you can buy your favorite student or teacher the right and appropriate gift that will bring joy and happiness. See you soon!

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