How to care for a money tree at home

How to care for a money tree

Madagascar, African and South American countries are famous for their outlandish flora. Here in the natural environment many varieties of trees and shrubs grow, which, thanks to human efforts, appear in countries with harsh climates, for example, a money tree. In the article, we will consider how to care for a money tree at home.

The leaves of the money tree are collected in a socket. They are characterized by a rounded shape that resembles a coin. Beautiful birthday present for sister. Inside the leaves there is a pulp that is covered by a dense skin. Due to the external structure of the leaves, various associations arise regarding the money tree. Therefore, in the people it is called a fat tree, a tree of luck or a fat girl.

Secrets and rules of care

Photo of a large money tree

A money tree is unpretentious in care and even a novice can grow a beautiful plant at home. But for good growth, the flower must be provided with optimal conditions. To do this, it is recommended to follow a few simple rules of care.

  • The soil. For the plant to take root, you need the right soil. In the natural environment, succulents grow on light drained soil. It is not difficult to make such a soil. Combine two parts of peat with two parts of leafy earth and three parts of sand, mix. Fill the pot with the resulting mixture.
  • Pot. It is recommended to plant a money tree in a shallow pot made of clay or plastic. Before filling the substrate, make 2 cm thick drainage at the bottom of the pot.
  • Lighting. Money tree feels good in the shade and in slightly darkened places. In conditions of excessive lighting, when the sun's rays fall on the fat woman, the leaves turn red, dry out and fall off.
  • Temperature. 20-25 degrees - the best temperature for growing succulents. Even at 4 degrees Celsius, the money tree feels pretty well. A lower temperature is fraught with death.

These are not all the points regarding money tree care. Below we talk about watering, fertilizing and transplanting. I will also pay attention to the intricacies of the formation of a beautiful crown.

How to water a fat woman

In the case of the money tree, plentiful, but moderate watering is appropriate. Before carrying out the procedure, make sure that the soil in the pot is dry. A flower is more afraid of excessive moisture than dried soil.

Excessive watering is fraught with decay of the root system, which leads to death. When watering, try to ensure that water does not fall on the leaves. Provide sufficient water throughout the spring-summer season. And remember that the earth should be moist, but not wet.

With the onset of cold weather, it is allowed to dry the soil 5 centimeters in depth. In winter, the plant is at rest and does not need a large amount of water, since enough moisture is concentrated in the leaves.

The well-being of the flower also depends on the water used.For watering a money tree, better standing water at room temperature is better. Melt water is also allowed for use, since there are few impurities in it. Experienced growers are advised to periodically spray leaves and wipe with a damp cloth.

How to transplant a money tree at home

Photo of money tree branches

For a money tree transplant procedure, spring is ideal. Since the fat woman is a slow-growing plant, replanting is recommended every 24 months.

The time indicator is also affected by the conditions of detention. If the flower is in optimal conditions, does not experience a deficit of light, moisture and nutrients, it grows rapidly. Then the money tree is transplanted once a year.

  1. At the bottom of the pot, drain 2 cm thick. Add a substrate to the container so that it fills the pot for a quarter. If desired, put a few coins on the bottom of the pot to activate the positive energy of the fat woman.
  2. Carefully remove the money tree from the old container, clutching the trunk. Shake the ground lightly and lower it into a new pot, filling up the soil. Do not trample the soil. Better wait until she settles, and fill up.
  3. After the procedure, water the plant. Further care is reduced to regular loosening of the soil. This will provide the root system with access to oxygen.
Video tips
How to plant a Money Tree. Part 1.

Transplanted exotic recommended to keep on the balcony. Just put the pot unlike pelargonium in a place protected from the rays of the sun.

How to plant a money tree in order to have money in the house

Money tree looks attractive. Thanks to the green fleshy foliage covering a powerful stalk, the fat woman easily decorates any window sill. But for the flower to "work" and attracted money to the house, when landing and choosing a place, it is recommended to adhere to several rules.

  • Bought in the sprouts store immediately do not put in the ground. Give him the opportunity to get used to the new environment. If summer is outside, wrap the roots with a damp cloth. If the room has normal humidity and temperature, put the sprout on the windowsill.
  • A major role in this matter is played by the pot. The money tree has a feature. It is allowed to repeatedly plant in one pot. After updating the soil, treating the container with an antiseptic and trimming the root system, the fatty woman is returned to the old flowerpot. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a high-quality and beautiful flowerpot, because the tree is destined to become a family talisman and amulet.
  • At the bottom of the pot, make a layer of gravel, and on top put a few coins with the arms up. Use coins of the same denomination. To appease the plant, please drain it with river sand and moss.
  • If the purpose of planting a fat woman is material well-being, I advise you to strengthen the effect of coins with paper notes. Having received a sudden income, select three new bills, wrap them in a bag and put them under a flowerpot. Not a word about coins and bills.
  • When the plant has grown, decorate. For this purpose, chains, coins, golden ribbons are suitable. Since the flower is an oasis of well-being, I advise you to treat it accordingly. Provide the green pet with love and respect.

Keep a flower pot on the south or east windowsill. For watering, use water infused with small coins for 10 days. Talk with the tree, pay attention and it will fill the house with love, luck and financial well-being.

How to form a trunk and crown

In order to get a small tree from a fat woman with a lush crown, it is necessary to carefully monitor it from the beginning of growth, forming a trunk and crown. To do this, it is recommended to remove the lateral processes until the tree reaches the required height.

Wait until the trunk reaches 15 cm and the height is 30 cm. Then pinch the top. This will contribute to the growth of lateral shoots, which will lead to an increase in crown.

It is important that only one shoot grows in a flowerpot. As a result, the plant will have a hard and thick trunk. Even if you got an adult money tree with a stiff trunk, still take care of the splendor of the crown and the height of the fat woman.

If you start the process early, there will be no stumps from twigs on the tree. Often, adult branches must be removed to shape. Be sure to treat the cut points with ground cinnamon or activated carbon crushed in a mortar.

As for pinching, everything is simple. After several pairs of leaves appear on the branch, look for a kidney between the last leaves and carefully remove them with tweezers. At this point, several new kidneys will appear. This is evidence that the branching process has begun.

Video instructions

Money Tree. How to form the crown of a fatty or money tree. part 6.

If there is one kidney, repeat the procedure. And in order for the money tree to develop and branch symmetrically, periodically turn the pot so that all parts of the fat girl have access to sunlight.

Than fertilize

Crassula is a modest plant that needs more nutrition at the initial stage of life. For this purpose, use liquid or granular attenuated fertilizers for cacti and other succulents.

The concentration of fertilizer is determined by the soil. If the earth is saturated with organic matter, half the dose indicated on the package is used. In mineral soil, the concentration is higher.

Adult plants feed during peak growth, which lasts from early spring to mid-autumn. Fertilizers are used in low concentrations. They are added to the soil once a month.

Throughout the fall-winter season, starting in November, the fat woman is at rest. At this point, additional money supply is not required for the money tree.

Flowering money tree at home

Photo of blooming fat girl

For a fat woman, flowering is a natural process. At the same time, succulents are rarely flowering plants, and there is a reason for this. In the tropics, which are a natural habitat for the money tree, there are no short days. Therefore, the fat woman grows well and blooms in good light throughout the year.

In our region, autumn and winter are characterized by short days, and the sunlight received in the summer is not enough for flowering. But sometimes a money tree throws flowers in apartment conditions.

Enchanting flowering and fat girl are two different things. Very rarely, flowers cover the crown. Usually several single inflorescences appear. If the flowering is plentiful, a translucent haze of small and delicate flowers envelops the crown.

Money tree flowers are characterized by a light color - white, cream. Sometimes there are specimens in which white flowers have a green or pink hue. There are still species with red and blue flowers, but this is rare.

If you provide a money tree with minimal care, which boils down to proper watering, top dressing and timely transplanting, flowering will not work. But experienced flower growers achieve results. What's the secret?

  1. If you want to increase the likelihood of flowers appearing, transplant the fat girl in early spring. This is due to the coincidence of the transplant with the beginning of the period of active growth.
  2. If you take the plant into the air in the summer, this will contribute to the result. Keep a pot of money tree on your balcony or porch.
  3. After the onset of cold weather, keep the fat woman in a room in which the temperature does not exceed 15 degrees.
  4. Regardless of the time of year, provide the flower with access to bright but diffused light. In winter, light the tree with a fluorescent lamp.

Thanks to these little tricks, you will help your pet bloom. And remember, without the efforts and caring care to see the flowering of a money tree at home will not work.

Types of Money Tree

Succulents in a pot

In the natural environment grows about three hundred varieties of money tree, which differ in shape. Due to its unpretentiousness and spectacular appearance, this succulent has gained unheard of popularity in home floriculture. At room conditions, the following types of fatty plants are grown:

  • Portulakova. A variety of crassula is often called ovoid or oval. It grows to meter height. With proper care, throws white or pink flowers.
  • Shovel. A feature of the species is a tetrahedral creeping stalk with aerial roots. He needs regular watering regardless of the time of year.
  • Tree-like. Most often found in home floriculture. Under optimal conditions, it grows to a half meter height. After 10 years, throws pink or white flowers.
  • Floating fat girl. A branching shrub with incredible decorative qualities, due to tiny pointed leaves located on the principle of tiles. Young plants have upright shoots that lodge over the years. Blooms inconspicuous pale yellow flowers.
  • Fatty Cooper. The herbaceous variety has thin shoots forming curtains. It blooms in summer, throwing out pink flowers that fill the room with a sweet aroma.

Money tree is undemanding in care, but without knowledge of the biological characteristics of a particular species, creating conditions suitable for normal development is problematic.

Money tree propagation

Money tree in a beautiful flower pot

Let's talk about the reproduction of the money tree. There is nothing complicated in this process, and even a novice grower can put this African exotic into the house. They breed a fat girl, like an orchid, in several ways: leaves, seeds and cuttings. Let's consider each method in more detail.

Seed propagation

Getting a young money tree from seeds is a long and troublesome task. But the result is worth it.

  1. To start, prepare the soil. Mix one part of sand with two parts of sheet soil. Fill the plates with the resulting substrate.
  2. Place the seed material in the ground and cover with a film. Remove polyethylene for fifteen minutes daily in the morning and spray the soil using a spray bottle.
  3. After the appearance of the first shoots, and this happens two weeks later, remove the film, but continue spraying.
  4. After hardening, transplant the sprouts of the Crassula into shallow boxes. The main thing is that the distance between the seedlings should be no less than a centimeter.

Transplanted young plants in separate pots. At this point, each money tree will have several leaves.

Propagation by cuttings

In order for the money tree to have a greater impact on the financial condition of the family, experienced growers recommend not stolen, but stole the stalk. Imagine that you got several cuttings in a not quite legal way. Be sure to dry them within a few days. The rest is simple.

  • Prepare a container with ground. Take care of drainage that protects the root system from decay.
  • To cuttings rooted better, make a small greenhouse. Cover each stalk with a disposable cup. It's enough.
  • Remove glasses twice a day and ventilate young fat women.

Remove the glasses after rooting. When the roots completely cover the soil, as their appearance from above will testify, transplant young trees into pots.

Propagation by leaves

The leaves of the money tree are propagated more often than by cuttings. To get started, look for a leaf of a fat girl, and then proceed according to the algorithm below.

  1. Pour a little boiled water into a glass, add a little chopped charcoal and dip a leaf into the mixture. Place the container with the sheet in the shade.
  2. Change the water once every two days to prevent decay. In the near future you will see roots resembling white strings.
  3. Wait a little longer for the roots to strengthen. After that, transplant the leaf into the ground. Act as carefully as possible so as not to damage the roots.Otherwise, the risk of death of the fat woman will increase.

Video transplant experience


Now you know all the subtleties of reproduction of the money tree. Use any of the listed methods to increase the number of copies of African exoticism in your home green corner.

Money Tree Breeding Problems

Crassula leaves closeup

Many indoor plants that are undemanding to care at home. They seem to be specially created by nature for beginner gardeners and easily tolerate their flaws. The list of such plants also includes a fat woman. This unpretentious green pet, like spathiphyllum, does not cause the owner much trouble.

But this does not mean that people involved in the cultivation of unpretentious plants do not encounter problems. Sometimes a healthy fat woman withers, discards foliage, or even dies. Let's see why this happens.

Why leaves fall

Falling leaves is the most common problem overtaking a grower. I will consider the causes of this phenomenon and tell you how to act in a similar situation.

  • Excess watering. It leads to wilting of leaves, which subsequently fall off. In this case, it is recommended to stop watering until the earthen lump is dry. After that, water the flower in moderation and gradually bring the amount of water and the frequency of watering to the established norm - once a week.
  • Lack of moisture. Provides a similar effect. Only in this case, the foliage first turns yellow and curls, and then falls off. The solution to the problem is the resumption of watering and periodic spraying with stagnant water.
  • Over lighting. If the leaves fall due to excess light, move the flowerpot with the money tree to a bright place where the sun does not fall. If this is not possible, create a shadow for the fat woman using paper.
  • Heat. With the onset of cold weather, they turn on the heating system and use heating devices. Streams of hot air along with low humidity cause great damage. Move the flower to another place and spray regularly.
  • Incorrect feeding. Sometimes, the host’s blemishes during fertilizer lead to thinning of the crown of the Crassula. The solution to the problem involves replacing the soil in the pot. Other ways to save the plant will not work, since it is problematic to neutralize the excess salts in the soil.
Why does the BABY fall leaves. Money Tree Problems and Their Solution

Remember, even a completely healthy flower can shed leaves. This phenomenon is observed during the breeding season, when the fat woman drops healthy leaves in order to obtain young shoots. Do not forget about aging. It is natural if a middle-aged flower discards leaves.

Why does the trunk and leaves turn yellow

This unpleasant phenomenon, when the appearance of the money tree is significantly impaired, is due to a lack of light. Helping your pet is easy. Move the flowerpot to another place. If this is not possible, it is recommended that you think about installing an artificial light source. In the summer, keep a flower in the garden. A loggia is also suitable, but provided that the rays of the sun do not fall on the leaves.

Why leaves turn black and fade

The appearance of rounded black spots on the surface of the leaves of the money tree is a sign of “sunstroke”. The solution to the problem involves shading. If the spots are soft, the flower is affected by a fungal infection. In this case, remove the affected leaves, treat with the appropriate preparation.

It’s not scary if you remove a lot of leaflets during the rescue operation. This will make room for new kidneys, which will positively affect the density and splendor of the crown.

Why money tree leaves are thin, soft and wrinkled

The answer is simple - Fusarium rot. This is the result of stagnation of water, which leads to excessive watering.To prevent the spread of infection, treat the soil with a suspension of Fundazole and bring watering back to normal. Transplant the plant later by removing rotten roots.

Diseases and Pests

Despite the unpretentiousness in leaving, the fat girl does not like the lack of attention. If the money tree is not provided with proper care, it will not lead to anything good, and diseases will not be long in coming. What to say about pests.

  1. In poor lighting conditions, the plant stem becomes ugly. Further inaction leads to death. Therefore, keep the pot on the windowsill, especially if the room is dark.
  2. If the leaves change color or fall off, this indicates the presence of a fungal disease in the money tree. A similar effect is provided by the use of cold water during irrigation.
  3. The presence of rot on the base of the stem is a messenger of root rot. To save the plant, act decisively. The top is recommended to cut and grow a new tree.
  4. Crassula rarely comes into view. If necessary, use tools to combat a specific pest. Usually a mealybug is the source of the problem. Treating it will help treatment with alcohol or an insecticide.

Incredibly beautiful dieffenbachia. Perhaps this particular flower is not yet in your green corner. She will make the money tree a good company. Good luck in floriculture!

The most common money tree problem

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