Foie gras - what is it?

What is foie gras

There are hundreds of delicacies in the world, many of which are associated with unrivaled French cuisine. For example: croissants, frog legs, foie gras. In the article you will learn what foie gras is, who created this dish and how to cook it correctly at home.

Fuagra - "fatty liver" in translation from French. Foie gras is a pink-colored dish with a creamy aftertaste, prepared from the liver of a well-fed poultry - a goose or a duck.

Origin history

France is considered the birthplace of this aristocratic treat, but for the first time the foie gras appeared in ancient Egypt. Observing residents of the country of the pharaohs noticed that the liver of wild ducks, who gained weight before a long flight, or fatten geese, is characterized by a delicate taste.

After some time, food began a journey around the world, and reached France. Through the efforts of French culinary experts, the classic recipe has been greatly improved. In the XVIII century, the French Marquis, in preparation for the reception of high-ranking guests, ordered the cooks to cook an unusual meal that would surprise the invited elite.

After much deliberation, the chefs tested an ancient Egyptian recipe by combining ground bird liver with fat, and applied the resulting mixture as a filling to a tender dough. The dish was greatly enjoyed by the guests and gained incredible fame. As a result, foie gras became the pride of French cuisine and the country established its industrial production.

How do foie gras?

Due to foie gras, disputes flare up regularly. Animal advocates argue that liver paste is a barbaric dish because geese and ducks are tortured and killed for its sake. Connoisseurs and gourmets are ready for anything for the great taste and delicate aroma of sophistication.

Goose liver pate is a national French dish. France ranks first in the supply of foie gras on the world market. Recently, delicacy production has opened in the USA, China, Bulgaria and Hungary. In a number of European countries, the production and sale of liver paste is prohibited by law. Among them are Germany, Poland, Turkey, Czech Republic.

According to the culinary experts, the pate owes its taste, aromatic and other consumer characteristics to special production technology. Goose liver is the main ingredient in the classic 18th century foie gras recipe. In the 21st century, in most cases, the liver of ducks of the Mulard and Barbary species is used. Goose is a demanding bird to care for, which leads to an increase in the cost of the final product.

  • To get a delicacy, birds are fed in a special way. In the first month, the diet of birds is normal. When they grow up, they are moved to small and completely isolated cells, which limit their ability to move. Along with this, the diet of geese and ducks is changing, the basis of which is saturated with starch and protein food.
  • A fixed lifestyle and special nutrition lead to a rapid increase in the mass of birds. From the eleventh week, ducks and geese are fed forcefully. Each bird eats about 1800 grams of grain daily. As a result, in two weeks the liver increases many times and reaches a weight of up to 600 grams.

Experts say:

  1. The foie gras has excellent taste.
  2. Rich vitamin and mineral composition.
  3. Regular use prolongs life.

The main benefit of liver paste is represented by a large number of beneficial acids. These words contain some truth, as evidenced by many centenarians living in southwestern France.

How to cook foie gras at home

For most people, foie gras is a delicacy, an object of admiration and adoration. Many have heard about this delicacy, but I'm sure that only a few tasted it. Therefore, I will consider the classic recipe for making foie gras at home.

In fact, foie gras is a paste of duck fatty liver. Buying the main ingredient is extremely problematic, and the cost is “biting."

Asked how much foie gras costs, I’ll say that you will have to pay 550-5500 rubles for this delicacy in the store.

You can cheat a little and buy ordinary liver or paste. The recipe uses the original foie gras and 2 sauces.

  • Fatty goose liver - 500 g.
  • Port - 50 ml.
  • Salt, white pepper.


  • Apple juice with pulp - 50 ml.
  • Soy sauce - 1 spoon.
  • Honey - 1 spoon.
  • Salt pepper.


  • Blackcurrant - 1 cup.
  • Honey - 1 spoon.
  • Sherry - 100 ml.
  • Salt, white pepper, refined oil.
  1. Preparing the liver. Gently remove the bile ducts, nerves and films. Then, I thoroughly wash it, put it in a bowl, salt, sprinkle with pepper, pour in port. Sending for an hour in the refrigerator.
  2. While the oven is warming up to 180 degrees, I grease a small form or a frying pan with vegetable oil. I use it to lubricate the food foil in which I wrap the liver.
  3. After wrapping in foil, I move the liver into a baking dish, make several holes with a toothpick and send it to the oven.
  4. I bake foie gras for about half an hour, periodically draining the released fat. I take the finished product out of the oven. According to the classic recipe, the baked liver after cooling along with the foil is put in the refrigerator for two days. I do not do that.
  5. I take out the finished liver from the foil, cut into slices and serve with my favorite side dish or sauce.

I warn you, the delicacy is very "heavy" for the stomach. Combine it with a light vegetable side dish, mushrooms or sauce.

Cooking fruit sauce

To prepare fruit sauce, pour apple juice into a saucepan, add honey and soy sauce. I put the dishes on the stove, turn on a small fire and, stirring, cook until the sauce thickens.

Cooking Berry Sauce

To prepare the berry sauce, I send the fresh black currants to a pan with red-hot goose fat and fry for about a minute. Then add honey, pour in wine and mix. I keep the frying pan on moderate heat until the sauce acquires a thick consistency.

Video recipe
Foie gras recipe.avi

Prepare foie gras in several ways. Culinary experts of different nationalities are constantly making attempts to create a unique recipe. However, the crown of superiority belongs to the French geniuses of cuisine. It is not surprising, because for France, foie gras is a symbol and a national treasure.

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The French bake foie gras, fry them in slices, boil them, prepare tender pies, preserve and consume raw. The important thing is that in any form the delicacy looks appetizing and has an excellent taste.

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