How to learn to quickly read a child and an adult in English and rap

Learning to read quickly at home

The ability to quickly read and memorize what is read is extremely important. An unimaginable amount of information on paper surrounds people. The formation of reading speed occurs at an early age and persists throughout life. Fortunately, techniques have been developed to learn how to quickly read at home, which help even adults.

Step-by-Step Action Plan

  1. Do not look back at the text you read. Read without regression. If you do not understand the material you read, read the separate fragment again after fully reading the text.
  2. Decide in advance which goal you are pursuing when reading the text. Professional or scientific literature is read for information. Concentrate on it while reading. If interested in opening a cafefocus on that.
  3. To make the text better understood, use the following differential algorithm. The expression of semantic meaning are keywords that underline with a pencil when reading. On the basis of keywords semantic series are constructed that help to understand the content of a text fragment. The dominant is an expression of the meaning of the text, the formation of which is made by comprehending what has been read.
  4. Articulation is the enemy of fast reading. Read to yourself. Be sure to suppress the symptoms of articulation, including lip movement and voicing of individual words. It is easy to achieve the result by holding the handle between the teeth.
  5. Pay attention to the development of peripheral vision. This will help with the help of keywords to find even in large text the main information. Accept the text in paragraphs. Over time, learn to keep the entire page in view.

Video Speed ​​Reading Instructions

How to read fast. Speed ​​reading - 15 minutes per book!

After working on yourself you get better in this matter. Make sure the result will help the "method of hands." Move your finger along the readable line, following the movements of the eyes, to determine the speed of reading and evaluate success.

How to quickly learn to read English

Learning a foreign language for adults and children is recommended to start with reading. The first steps are problematic, but they are the most important and responsible. In this part of the article, you will learn the technique of speedy mastering of reading in English and remembering what you read.

At first, combine the individual letters into words, and then make sentences. Learn how to do it correctly over time pronounce words in englishthat will make the sentence sound holistic.

  • Start by learning the letters.. There are 26 of them in the English alphabet. Take a few words and pronounce the letters, as in the alphabet. Beginners ignore this point, considering it important to study sounds. This is wrong, because in practice you have to name certain words and names by letter. We are talking about site names, surnames and names.
  • Start learning sounds. In the alphabet there is vowels and consonants. Start by looking at the consonants, of which 20. The pronunciation of the letters depends on the location in the word. In Russian, some consonants adjacent to a soft vowel are softened. There is no such thing in English.
  • Switch to reading simple words. To simplify the task, special phonetic exercises for processing sounds will help.
  • Learning Combinations. One of the most difficult stages. Face difficulties only during the first lessons. To get started, master the vowel combinations, and then learn the others. Practice each letter combination in words.For complications, write everything down.
  • Combination. Having mastered letters, sounds and letter combinations, start combining. Choose the exercises used in training carefully, gradually increasing the level of difficulty.
  • Phonetics. English phonetics is characterized by an upward and downward tone. In the first case, the incompleteness of the phrase is expressed, and the second is a sign of the completeness of the statement.
  • Stress. Do on parts of speech that are meaningful in grammatical and semantic aspects. The rhythm of pronunciation of stressed words should be basic. Starting to read sentences, connect the words into one whole.
  • Online Learning. Studying fast reading online is an interesting and effective technique. Thanks to vivid pictures and exciting ways of filing, learning turns into a game. Learning online is based on memorizing words from pictures or letter combinations. Each sound is accompanied by a voice. Children will enjoy these kinds of activities. They help to master reading, replenish vocabulary and improve pronunciation.

At first, spend more time reading. Carefully study the material you read, find and analyze patterns and features, translate words.

Video tips
How to quickly learn to read in English.

Learning English is easy. In just a month, you will become closely acquainted with the basics of this art. Having shown patience, backed by desire, over time make a breakthrough in this matter.

How to quickly learn to rap

In the world of rap, it is popular, because it is characterized by catchy texts, frank and emotional rhythm. Since wishing become a rapper a lot, I will tell the technology of speed mastering the technique of reading rap at home.

There is no universal methodology that helps to quickly master the art of rap reading. None of the rappers who succeeded did not go to music school. Everyone can learn. Success requires desire, perseverance and the right advice.

Learn to write lyrics first. Any rapper will say that the key to success is a sincere and understandable text. Some rhyme emotions, while others write banter. The main thing is that the text reaches the hearts of the audience.

Lines to the next song often come unexpectedly. Always carry a mobile phone with sound recording, a voice recorder, or a notebook with a pen. Rap is considered a form of improvisation, so use simple rhymes. Having familiarized yourself with the rules of rhyming, easily and quickly create texts worthy of public attention.

  1. Do not rhyme verbs with verbs or nouns with nouns. Use different parts of speech. The combination of a verb with a noun or adjective is considered the best.
  2. Use approximately the same number of syllables on each line. As a result, the finished text will sound smooth and rhythmic.
  3. Each line should make sense. Write logical and related texts. Do not use the first word as a rhyme. It’s better to spend some time and choose the words that will fit into the composition.

After writing, be sure to show the text to friends or relatives. After reviewing the results of your work, they will give an assessment. The response to the text will largely depend on calligraphy. Therefore, it is worthwhile master the technique of beautiful writing.

In rap, the feed is considered the most important and difficult. Sometimes, contrary to the quality of the text, the finished composition sounds bad. Remember, rap is a game of intonation and rhythm.

  • Correct intonation. The key to a successful performance. Put emotions into each spoken word. The combination of emotional reading with beautiful text will lead to success.
  • Reading technique. It is determined by diction and speed of pronunciation. To develop diction, I recommend taking advantage of articulation gymnastics. I advise you to pronounce tongue twisters with foreign objects in your mouth. Nuts or sterile balls will do.
  • Pronunciation speed. At first, the speed is low. However, focus on quality, and only then work on increasing speed.
  • Rhythm is the basis of rap. Spend more time developing the skill. When reading, beginners use one rhythm. Professionals change it, preserving the dimension of the text.
  • Use the metronome. It will help in developing a sense of rhythm. For this purpose fit and clock. Guided by the blows of the device or the hands of the clock, start the next line. Over time, take your sense of rhythm to a new level.

Video training


If you set the goal to learn how to read rap, move in its direction, simultaneously performing exercises. And remember, rap is the music of the heart, complemented by rhythm.

The benefits of reading for children and adults

The final part of the story is devoted to the benefits of reading for children and adults. Scientists have found that the constant development of the brain maintains a clear mind throughout life. Provides such an effect of regular and thoughtful reading.

People are very busy. It is not surprising that there is no time for reading. Leisure comes down to watching TV or chatting on the Internet. Young people do not let go of mobile phones and tablets.

People who are constantly reading are more likely to find a girl or a guy, build a career. Such people live longer and look younger.

  1. Reading expands vocabulary. Reading literature of various genres, an adult and a child study words that are rare in everyday speech. Even if the meaning of the word is unfamiliar, it can be determined by the content. Reading improves literacy.
  2. Reading is the key to communication. Only a well-read person can express thoughts briefly, beautifully, clearly and clearly. After reading a number of classic works, you will gain the talent of a storyteller and become an excellent conversationalist.
  3. Increase erudition. Along with new information during reading, a person gains confidence due to the demonstration of deep knowledge and erudition. All this is accompanied by the recognition of others, which increases self-esteem.
  4. Reading is a cure for stress. The rhythm together with the richness of the book text calms the psyche and eliminates the symptoms of stress. The greatest effect is provided by reading literature before bedtime.
  5. Regular reading improves thinking and memory.. During reading, a person reasones that helps to understand the idea of ​​a work. It represents the characters, the atmosphere in which they are located, clothes and other items. It trains logic and develops memory.
  6. Reading rejuvenates the body. The secret is that the body ages under the influence of brain aging. Reading it develops, which pushes old age.
  7. With the help of literature, people create ideas. They draw them from the text while reading. All that remains is to put the idea into practice.
  8. Habit development. A systematic reading before bed helps to develop a habit. When a person picks up a book, the body realizes that a dream will come soon. This helps you sleep better and feel more alert in the morning.
  9. Reading positively affects concentration. The skill is useful in various fields of activity. Reading improves objectivity and gives the ability to make informed decisions.

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I hope the techniques will help you learn to quickly read and memorize what you read. See you!

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