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The acquisition of weapons is a serious and preparatory process. If you think that buying a gun is easy, you are very mistaken. Special license required. Let's look at how to get permission for rifled, traumatic and smooth-bore weapons.

In the article I will tell you what is required to obtain a license, what papers to collect, where to look and in what order.

Step-by-Step Action Plan

The procedure is lengthy and consists of a number of steps. To make it easier to understand, I will consider each stage in detail, focusing on the main points.

  • Initially, collect the documents. You will need a medical certificate, a passport, six photo cards, a hunting ticket and a document certifying that you have passed the test for handling weapons.
  • Not all papers are prepared as soon as possible, among which is a certificate of passing the exam. Go to the training center, sign up for courses, take training and take the test. All this will require 7 thousand rubles.
  • Then go to the appropriate authority for permission, taking with you a package of documents, make a statement and pay a one-time fee of one hundred rubles.
  • From this moment until you get the license you have to wait a month. Upon the expiration of the deadline receive a document or refusal. Refusals to issue applications can be for several reasons, including inappropriate conditions for storing weapons. For this reason, buy a safe in advance.
  • Only after that go to the store and buy a weapon corresponding to the permit. A maximum of two weeks should pass from the moment of purchase to the completion of registration. Register weapons at the licensing center.
  • Will remain to get permission to store and carry. Get it in the same center. You can do this via the Internet by visiting the public services website. In this case, you will have to provide a photocopy of the permission to make a purchase, a passport and a couple of photo cards. Issue permission in 14 days.

A weapons permit may not be issued if there is no permanent place of residence, there is a criminal record or an age of less than 18 years.

Weapons cannot be acquired and registered by a person registered in the clinic about drug addiction, alcoholism or mental illness. An attempt to obtain a license without the necessary papers will fail.

Obtaining permission for smoothbore weapons

Smoothbore gun

Many people wonder about the purchase of weapons. Some wish with it to diversify everyday life - hunting, for which she hobby. For others, it is a means of protection against criminal offenses.

Regardless of the goals, you have to go through the registration process, because only the one who has submitted a package of documents to the relevant authorities has the right to a license.

To do this, you must comply with several requirements established by law. I propose to understand what a smoothbore weapon is and what it will take to become its owner.

Smoothbore weapon - a firearm, a feature of which is considered a smooth bore. This design has a rich history. The world's first firearm was smoothbore.

This principle is used to create small arms for sport shooting and hunting. Often used in law enforcement.

The most widely used models of the twelfth caliber. Models have one or two trunks.At the same time, smoothbore guns can have a pump-action, revolving or tipping type of reloading. Some models are equipped with a longitudinally sliding rotary shutter.

  1. Adult Russians who apply to the Ministry of Internal Affairs can obtain permission. The exception is people suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness and substance abuse.
  2. An obstacle to obtaining a license is the absence of fingers on the hand, low vision and bad hearing. Fingers cannot be returned, but improve hearing or vision is possible.
  3. A person who wants to acquire a gun must know the Weapons Act and applicable safety standards. There should be no criminal record.
  4. The condition for obtaining a license is to ensure the safe storage of a gun or rifle. This is achieved by installing a safe. The market offers products in assortment. Compliance with the rule is monitored by local police officers.
  5. By law, one person can own five units of smoothbore weapons. Each individual copy must be issued a permit.
  6. This can be done in the licensing authority where people apply with the application and the attached package of documents, consisting of a photocopy of the passport, medical certificate, copy of the hunting ticket.
  7. The package must contain a certificate proving that the applicant is not registered with a narcologist or psychiatrist, a receipt on payment of a one-time fee, two photographs and a certificate of completion of courses on security of possession of weapons.

There is nothing complicated and abstruse in obtaining a license. The main thing is that there are no problems with the law.

Obtaining permission for traumatic weapons

Traumatic pistol

Life forces people to think about buying remedies. They opt for traumatic weapons, which are suitable for self-defense, as they do no deadly damage.

The availability of such weapons has caused conflicts, the emergence of which is due to its use - in some cases, people died. As a result, traumatic patterns in the hands of a drug addict, alcoholic or street bully have become dangerous to the health and life of others.

For this reason, the government has tightened the requirements for the purchase, storage and carrying of weapons that have received the status of weapons of limited destruction. People wishing to acquire personal protection were ordered to acquire a license.

  • A person who is under 18 years old will not be able to get “traumatic”. The remedy will not be sold to a person who has an outstanding criminal record or who has been prosecuted for administrative offenses.
  • Collecting documents to obtain a license is a long and troublesome task. It is not surprising, because weapons are a serious matter requiring an appropriate attitude.
  • First, go to the clinic and get a medical certificate. Medical policy facilitate the task. Doctors will indicate on paper what vision, hearing and mental health you have.
  • After that, with the act of verification, visit the local inspector and get a signature with which he will confirm your preparation for the acquisition of weapons. It is about buying a roomy safe, accessories and cartridges.
  • An important event for obtaining permission is considered to be taking courses on handling traumatic weapons. There are no problems with this, since every city has a training organization.
  • In the courses, master the shooting technique and gain skills in handling weapons. After completing the course of study, you will receive a certificate that is attached to the package of documents.
  • In addition, obtain a certificate on the connection of housing to the alarm type. If the weapons vault is located on the ground floor, take paper evidence of equipping windows with bars.
  • Take the papers to a regional licensing center. After 4 weeks, get permission to go to the weapons shop and buy traumatic weapons.
  • The absence of a document will not allow you to make a purchase.Be sure to register the purchase within two weeks. This will ensure the right to wear, the validity of which is 5 years.

If you live in a troubled area in whose territory crimes are committed, get a protective tool. It will not always help out, but it will allow you and loved ones to feel calmer.

Rifle permit

Citizens of Russia to obtain the right to purchase weapons are required to contact the licensing and permission center. In the future, it will be possible to register through the portal of public services, leaving an application online.

  1. A person who has provided a passport or other document that certifies citizenship and identity can obtain a license. Persons without permanent residence or with temporary registration will not be able to obtain permission.
  2. A medical certificate is required. There are a number of medical contraindications that prevent licensing. These include mental disorders, addictions and poor eyesight.
  3. Not to do without a hunting ticket. To obtain it, contact the regional society of fishers and hunters. See the procedure for issuing a document on the portal of the department.
  4. Sometimes they require a certificate of passage of a personnel service or a photocopy of an agreement on providing housing protection.
  5. You can get a license if you create conditions for storing weapons. Take care of safety and exclude access to third parties. The purchase of a safe or the manufacture of a metal box helps to satisfy the requirement.
  6. There are requirements for installing a safe. Installation is carried out on a hard surface, otherwise the weapon will be carried away with the storage.
  7. After collecting the papers, take them with the application to the licensing and permission center, whose staff will consider the application for a month.
  8. Some people are denied permission. You can appeal the decision in court. See the public services portal for appeal procedures.

If there is no way to beat the thresholds of authorities, use the services of companies and private entrepreneursthat help in obtaining permission. Talk to your hunting friends. If they come across this case, they will help.

In conclusion, I’ll talk about the storage and carrying of weapons. Believe me, this information is no less useful than the one related to obtaining a license.

According to the law, people who have legally and in the prescribed manner obtained a license can store weapons and ammunition. Storage of the arsenal is allowed at the place of residence, observing the conditions for ensuring safety. For these purposes, a safe, a metal cabinet or a box upholstered in iron is suitable.

Carrying civilian weapons is permitted in the process of hunting, sporting events and training firing. Carrying in bags and storing in the car glove compartment is prohibited. Violation of the rules entails criminal or administrative liability.

The license is not perpetual. A few weeks before its end, I advise you to extend or re-register weapons, put them up for sale or dispose of them.

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