How to quickly learn English at home from scratch

Despite the fact that at school a foreign language is included in the group of compulsory disciplines, few manage to master it within the framework of the school course. Therefore, the question of how to learn English on your own from scratch at home is an acute one.

You can learn the language at home without outside help. You only need to have a clear motivation and choose the right course. This will achieve results. I have a collection of tips that I will present to your court.

  • First of all, determine the goals for which you are learning a language: passing an international exam, finding a job in a foreign company, communicating with residents of other countries, or confidence in traveling abroad. The methodology is determined by intentions.
  • I recommend starting the study with the development of the basics. Without this, it is unrealistic to learn a language. Pay attention to the alphabet, reading rules, and grammar. Self-help will help to cope with the task. Buy it at a bookstore.
  • Once the initial knowledge has become sustainable, choose the option of contact study. We are talking about remote courses, a distance learning school or Skype classes. If you have strong motivation, and language learning is progressing well, having an interlocutor will not hurt, as external control is the key to successful learning.
  • When mastering the chosen course, pay attention to reading fiction. At first, I recommend using adapted books. In the future, switch to full texts. As a result learn fast reading technique.
  • For learning, novels and detective stories are suitable. Even if the selected book is not a literary masterpiece, it will help expand the vocabulary with new words and expressions. If unfamiliar vocabulary occurs during reading, I recommend writing it out, translating it and memorizing it. Over time, you will see that the vast vocabulary is often repeated in the works.
  • Watch movies, TV shows, and shows in English. At first, even with effective and intensive training, understanding something is problematic. Over time, get used to foreign speech and can understand. Spend viewing every day for half an hour.

Even if you have recently started learning a language, try to talk more often and don't be afraid of mistakes. Learn to express thoughts, and master the technique of constructing phrases with practice.

Ways to learn English as soon as possible

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Continuing the topic of the article, I will share the technique of high-speed learning of the English language. I don’t know for what purpose you learn the language, but if you are on the site, then you need it.

As practice shows, people get into awkward situations due to poor knowledge of the English language. We have to learn the language as part of the school course, but the knowledge gained at school is not enough for work and communication. Many seek to become better in this matter.

Any foreign language is easier to learn in a country whose inhabitants are its native speakers. But not everyone can leave the homeland for such a great purpose. How to be

  1. If you cannot afford a short trip to the United States or England, recreate the English-speaking environment at home.
  2. Learn phrases in the language you are learning daily. Prefer complex phrases containing phraseological idioms. A proverb or speech of a creative person will do.
  3. Put each phrase on the shelves, rewrite it several times, print it on paper and hang it on the refrigerator door or in another prominent place.Speak the learned material out loud, making the correct intonation.
  4. Surround yourself with English. He must accompany you everywhere. Will help in this player. Listening to music or expressions in a foreign language, you will initially understand poorly. Later, learn to catch words that will eventually develop into understandable phrases.
  5. Download the English-language series in the original, but with subtitles, on your computer. Before going to bed, browse through the series, and the next day, discuss with your spouse or child.
  6. An assistant in the rapid development of English will be an electronic book. Download from the Internet and read English-language works. The e-book provides a dictionary that will help to master complex literature, and the voice function will pronounce the correct pronunciation.
  7. Do not forget about learning English on Skype. On the Internet, find a teacher, specify the time for classes with him and communicate as part of the lessons. This technique has many advantages. You can choose a teacher yourself and agree on cooperation on favorable terms. He will offer a lot of interactive lessons based on an individual approach.

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The speed of achieving the goal and obtaining the result depends on perseverance, the level of motivation and the course of study, selected in accordance with the possibilities. Work hard and everything will work out. Eventually get smarter and you will feel free anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Learning English

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The compatriots are of the opinion that a thorough study of foreign languages ​​is inappropriate. Popular films, literary works and scientific works have long been translated into Russian. For the sake of other spheres, areas and segments, it makes no sense to learn a second language.

If you doubt the need to learn foreign languages, read the material and learn about the benefits of learning English. I taught him for three years and I find this skill useful. I read, communicate and perceive live speech. Over the years, decent experience has accumulated.

Having mastered the English language, you will be able to perceive the world in a different way. This will not happen immediately, but by improving knowledge and skills, you will gain a generally accepted perception of the world.

Consider the main advantages.

  • Broadening the horizons. The English-speaking audience of the World Wide Web is larger than the Russian-speaking part. Outside the window, the information era, where it is considered the key to success not only in business but also in life, foreign ownership expands development opportunities.
  • Watching movies in the original. As a result, it will be possible to enjoy the sound of the voice of the beloved actor, and not the translator, who voices the roles. A play of English words and original humor will never slip away.
  • Understanding of music. Popular charts are full of foreign music. Knowing the language, you can understand the meaning of the song, feel the composition and get acquainted with the personality of the artist.
  • Communication with foreigners. Fluency in language facilitates the unification of cultures. People travel and communicate with residents of other countries. It is much more pleasant and convenient when you can talk with foreigners. So the trip brings more pleasure.
  • Opening paths to success and wealth. After reading several works on success, it turns out that not everything comes down to money. The success of Westerners is based on the perception of the world and internal philosophy. You can read the translation of such books, but then you can understand only the essence of the doctrine. Only the original helps to absorb knowledge.

When studying a foreign one, you find a huge number of foreigners around you. I like to talk with people who have come to Russia from afar.It helps to make friends and makes the world a home. If you do not already know the language, it is never too late to start learning.

Why is English an international language?

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The final part of the article will focus on the factors that made English become international. English in terms of the number of speakers holds the fourth position in the world. But this does not prevent him from remaining international. What contributed to this will tell the story.

From 1066 until the 14th century, England was ruled by French kings. As a result, the structure of the Old English language has changed. It is about simplifying the grammar and adding new words.

Two centuries later, the rules of writing appeared, which survived to our times. At that time, 6 million people spoke English. Thanks to the English colonies, the number of native speakers increased and the formation of the international language began.

Britain was a maritime nation. After the discovery of America by Columbus, expeditions went to the South American shores. Researchers were interested in values ​​and treasures, and so that each voyage would succeed, colonies were formed on new lands. The first such settlement was organized in 1607 in Virginia.

After some time, residents of many countries began to migrate to America in search of a better life. Since they spoke their native language, they could not do without an international language, and its role went to English.

The English, living in new settlements, brought tradition along with language. Local residents were forced to speak it. The development of English as an international language was promoted by British colonial policy.

British imperialism lasted three centuries, and by the 19th century the influence of the country spread to the whole world. Later, the colonies gained independence, leaving English as the national language. This has contributed to the strengthening of international status.

How to Learn English on Your Own. Little tricks

Today, English is an integral element of the world community, economics, culture, technology and science. It doesn't matter if you want to become a doctor, policeman, reporter or financier, English will help you succeed.

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Knowing the language, you can communicate with foreign friends and colleagues, draw information from an inexhaustible English-language source.

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  1. Elena

    I can only say for myself, I couldn’t learn English on my own, even in two years. Therefore, it is better to deal with a tutor. Fortunately, there are no problems now. You can choose a teacher for every taste and budget.

  2. Angelina

    I believe that you need to start learning English with words, the simplest grammar. You can buy a Russian-English dictionary and just study it.Or there are various kinds of applications on the phone / PC / tablet that can help at the initial stage of learning English. But, first of all, I would advise you to find yourself a good teacher who could ask the right course of study and adjust the learning process for you. Personally, I studied English on Skype with the teachers of the englishdom school (first with a Russian-speaking teacher, and then with a native speaker). I will say that I was really lucky and I was able to see the results of the outcome. So I can advise a beginner in English - I’ll get ready for study, for results and just go to the goal.

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