September 1 - Day of Knowledge

Pupils celebrate September 1

Glad to welcome you, dear readers! The topic of conversation will be the holiday of September 1 - Knowledge Day. Consider the history of the holiday, preparing children for school, gifts for teachers and children.

On the first fall day, teachers, teachers, students and schoolchildren celebrate Knowledge Day. In the calendar, the holiday officially appeared only in early 1984.

In Russia, there was no fixed date for the start of the school year. In educational institutions, classes began at different times. In rural areas - in late autumn at the end of agricultural work. In urban gymnasium - in August.

In 1935, members of the Council of People's Commissars issued a decree on the start date of the educational process on September 1. At that moment, we determined the duration of the school year and introduced holidays of a fixed nature.

The date of September 1 was not chosen by chance. In Russia on this day they celebrated the New Year and embarked on science. After the order of Peter the Great, the New Year holidays were moved, and the beginning of studies was left so as not to interrupt the educational process for a long time. But the church played a decisive role in the matter. In those days, schools were church, and the church was in no hurry to change the calendar.

In Soviet educational institutions, the beginning of studies was considered a solemn day. Everywhere a festive line was held, within the framework of which children who first crossed the threshold of the school were honored. Since the holiday was not on the calendar, the people called it the "first call".

On the first day of study, we did not conduct full-fledged lessons, instead, we arranged a classroom hour, during which students shared their emotions and impressions with teachers summer holiday and vacation, recorded the class schedule, met with teachers.

In 1980, the first of September was established by the Day of Knowledge and assigned the status of a holiday. The date remained academic until in 1984 it was celebrated in a new format.

From that moment, the classroom hour was replaced by a lesson in the world, focused on fostering citizenship, pride in the Fatherland and patriotism. Over time, educational institutions refused such lessons, as a result of September 1, they began to carry out entertainment events.

Now in schools, the first of September is not considered a school day. By tradition, schools hold a solemn ruler, to which students come in elegant clothes with balloons and bouquets. And the first graders are the culprits of the celebration. When the Union became history, Knowledge Day made official holidays in countries that left the USSR - Turkmenistan, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and other states.

There is no start date in America. All states have their own rules. Australian and German schools sit at their desks in February and October, respectively. In Russia, they are thinking about making the school year schedule flexible due to the large territory of the country and different climatic conditions.

How to prepare a first grader for September 1

Continuing the topic of conversation, I will tell you about the preparation of a first grader by September 1. The first trip to an educational institution is accompanied by stress for both the child and parents. Each member of the family has a lot of questions and everyone wants to make a contribution.

In fact, everything is easier if you prepare in advance, pack up and take a deep breath. The advice and recommendations of psychologists, teachers and experienced mothers, which I have collected in this part of the article, will help in the preparation.

  • In the summer, children sleep for a long time and stay up late. A few weeks before the holiday, transfer the child to school mode. Teach to go to bed earlier, otherwise in September there will be problems.
  • During the last week of summer, do not arrange long trips, trips or noisy events for your child. Do everything so that the child before school begins to relax in a relaxed atmosphere. As a result, the body will prepare for an important event.
  • Take a walk with the child along the school corridors, visit the classes in which you have to study, for a moment look at the locker room, gym, dining room and toilet. This will calm the baby and he will not get lost in the school maze.
  • If possible, introduce the child to the teachers. Go to the teacher's room and say hello. By the beginning of studies, teachers are already in the workplace.
  • Chat with the class teacher, tell the child about the characteristics of health, fear and shyness, communication skills. This information will facilitate the fate of the teacher, and you will be calmer.
  • Collecting a briefcase for the holiday Knowledge Day is better with a child. He himself will not cope with this task, but with your help everything will work out. Otherwise, the baby in the portfolio may not have a pen or pencil, and he will be ashamed to lend, because other children are unfamiliar to him.
  • Put a pack of juice or a bottle of water, some cookies or a bun in the backpack of the newly-made schoolchild, so that the baby can eat or quenched thirst.
  • I do not advise feeding a child before the Day of Knowledge. Some parents pamper their children with cakes, pastries and goodies in the morning, and then run into problems. Start the day with breakfast, and transfer the celebration to lunch.
  • If the child is attached to a toy, put it in a briefcase. In difficult times, your favorite bunny will morally support the baby. Do not forget to tell your child that your favorite animal should be in the bag.
  • It is impossible to imagine a holiday without a student uniform. Get clothes from a natural breathable fabric. Ask your school or other moms about the weather in the classroom. The information received will help to dress the child in accordance with the school temperature.
  • Take care of the flowers. I recommend a small bouquet to buy a child, otherwise it will bring discomfort, and the holiday will irreparably go bad.
  • Take care that the baby has wet wipes with him, with which he can wipe his hands. A piece of paper, on which indicate the surname and name of the child, your phone number, will not hurt.
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Before starting school, try to constantly mentally support the baby. Talk about school, remember a few moments from school life, or show funny photos. As a result, the baby will tune in to a positive wave.

How to prepare for high school student by September 1

The first of September is on the horizon. For parents of first-graders this day is a real holiday. For everyone else, Knowledge Day is a quiet horror that spoils the mood of schoolchildren who, during the summer holidays, are accustomed to a carefree life and empty the pockets of their parents who are trying to equip and dress their children. I associate this date with new expectations and hopes.

In this chapter of the story I’ll tell you about the preparation of a high school student by September 1. The preparation of the boys for the holiday is practically no different, with the exception of some points related to clothes and hairstyles.

  1. Refresh your wardrobe with trendy and comfortable items of clothing. At the disposal of any high school student should be trousers, a blouse, several T-shirts and t-shirts, fashion skirt. I advise you to buy sneakers and shoes.
  2. A week before starting your studies, gain confidence. Reminding yourself of your merits will help you achieve your goals. Remember, you had to go to school before.
  3. It does not hurt to get in touch with school friends on the eve of the day of knowledge. Having gone on holiday as a friendly company, you will feel more confident, and the atmosphere in such conditions is more joyful and cheerful.
  4. Final preparations for going to school begin the night before. Collect the necessary things in a bag, make a list of what to take. Before going to bed, take a shower, and in the morning, having gathered, surround yourself with a pleasant smell with deodorant or spirits.
  5. Go to bed early. Good sleep will have a positive effect on morning health and help you look good.One hour before going to bed, turn off the appliances and electronics to make the atmosphere in the room calm.
  6. Get up earlier in the morning. It is possible that it will take a little extra time if you make a mistake or forget an important little thing at home.
  7. Do not forget to have breakfast. On this important day, the body will need a lot of energy. If it’s not customary to have breakfast, grab a cereal or muesli bar.
  8. Wash with cool water early in the morning. As a result, you will fully wake up and awaken the skin, which will make the appearance vigorous and fresh.
  9. On the morning of the first of September, dress and dofashionable hairstyle. Try to keep your hairstyle simple, beautiful, and in style. Straighten your hair or make curls. The main thing is to create a cute, stylish and simple image.
  10. Do not use a lot of makeup. I recommend making yourself attractive with foundation, mascara and blush. If necessary, use a dull lipstick.
  11. Reread the list before leaving the house to make sure you grab the necessary documents and things. It remains to get to the school threshold, preserving an unrivaled image.
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Makeup and hairstyle on September 1

Do not forget to bring a sincere smile. Only she can make the day truly festive.

What to give on September 1

The final part of the article will be devoted to the issue of gifts for September 1. Since Knowledge Day is a holiday, gifts should be given to both children and teachers.

Parents prepare their children for the school year in advance - purchase backpacks, notebooks, pencil cases and school supplies. The most anticipated holiday for first graders who will not wait for the moment when they go to school with their older brothers and sisters.

  • Parents buy school uniforms on their own and children do not participate in the choice. It is better if you go shopping with your baby and listen to his tastes and preferences. Similarly, choose a gift for the teacher.
  • Traditional a gift to the first teacher considered a bouquet of flowers. Florists are advised to choose a floral gift based on the age of the recipient. The bright, completely unblown flowers will suit the young teacher. A mature teacher will be delighted with a bouquet of bright large flowers.
  • If the first teacher of the child is a man, it does not mean that you can not give a bouquet. I recommend the male teacher to give strict bouquets of lotuses, poppies, daffodils or tulips.
  • If you strive to please the teacher for the holiday with a bouquet of zest, bring it yourself. Add a sprig of wild rose or mountain ash to the bouquet. A good option for a floral gift is a bouquet of sweets and sweets. But you have to spend a little on originality.
  • If the bouquet does not seem enough, add a box of chocolates or a beautiful card. In any case, make the main emphasis on the bouquet, as it acts as the most democratic as a gift to a stranger.
  • After completing the solemn ruler, arrange a holiday for the student. Go to the cinema or entertainment center. Please the children with ice cream, cake, biscuit or another treat.
  • Even if a child goes to the fifth or seventh grade, do not deprive him of joy, because the holiday is the Day of Knowledge, like his birthday, once a year. An excellent gift for the student will be a diary in which he can draw up a daily routine or record important information, like adults.
  • Parents give pocket money to children. If you use this practice, give your child a wallet. This will help the baby to store funds carefully from an early age.

If you have the finances, give the baby a tablet, netbook or mobile phone. Just be sure to explain to the child that teachers are not allowed to use the phone during the lessons.

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School years are the most interesting and diverse. Cast aside doubts and anxieties and strive to get as many unforgettable impressions and emotions from the holiday as possible. See you!

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