What to do on maternity leave to earn money

We earn on maternity leave

Many women who are preparing to become a mother are interested in the question of what to do on maternity leave in order to earn money. No wonder, after all, not everyone succeeds before maternity leave save money, and during maternity leave will have to rely only on a modest allowance.

In order not to be in a difficult financial situation, women and girls have to give up all their efforts in search of an occupation that will bring financial and moral benefits. After the birth of a child, women focus on maternal responsibilities, as a result of which the social component suffers. Work on maternity leave helps to avoid such a fate.

List of popular ways to earn money on maternity leave

I will consider noteworthy ways to earn extra money before and after childbirth. I hope that the tips will help improve the financial situation and earn money that will contribute to the normal care of the child, because children's goods can not be called cheap pleasure.

  1. Tutoring. If you know a foreign language, do tutoring. In this case, it is not necessary to conduct full-time classes. Skype offers endless possibilities for working at home.
  2. Translations of texts and documents. The services of specialists are used by students, notaries, publicists and managers. Such work is well paid.
  3. Needlework. Often, before giving birth, expectant mothers master the knitting technique or improve previously acquired skills. Knit socks, hats and other items of clothing. If you have mastered the skill perfectly, children's christmas dresses and holiday dresses. The cost of copyright knitwear is always high.
  4. Tailoring. Start with diapers and bumpers for cots. In the future, the range of manufactured products is expanded.
  5. Writing Abstracts. Many students are looking for people who write a thesis, report or abstract. If you are well versed in a particular field, offer student writing services.
  6. Writing texts. Has the skills of a copywriter? Be engaged in preparation of subject material for network resources. The main thing is that you like the topics you plan to work with.
  7. Operator work. Work at home near the phone, receive calls or call customers. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the choice of the employer, there are a lot of fraudsters in the network. I recommend looking for vacancies in large companies.
  8. Text editing. Good knowledge of the native language will bring income. It is about working as a remote corrector. Many sites and publishers are happy to hire a specialist.
  9. Mystery shopper. If the above options are not suitable, try to work for mystery shoppers. This interesting work involves visiting various institutions, recording dialogs with employees and compiling reports. A visit to one store or cafe can bring good money.
  10. Paid Surveys. For example, view a new film or several promotional videos, and then express an opinion in writing. The fee for one task reaches several hundred rubles.
  11. Online Store Consultant. An active and sociable mom is suitable for the vacancy of an online store sales assistant.
  12. Design. If you have the skills of a designer, try using them to find customers who order advertising modules or website layouts.
  13. Hobby work. If you like to create soft toys or weave products from beads, organize your own business, which after decree will become a family business.

I shared a list of maternity leave classes to earn. It will take a great desire and ability to correctly distribute personal duties and time. Compliance with these components will bring free time that you spend on caring for babies and supporting professional demand.

List of maternity leave classes

Maternity leave is a crucial period in a woman’s life. You should carefully prepare for the appearance of the child. It's about arranging an apartment, shopping, pregnancy planning.

Below is a list of maternity leave classes. I hope you will like my recommendations and ideas.

  • Make a list of things that should be bought for the appearance of the child. Write a list of things that need at the hospital.
  • Go shopping with your mom, girlfriend, or sister. However, you can go shopping with your husband. Strong arms sure to come in handy, because there will be many bags.
  • Sign up for courses for women in position. There you will find useful information about childbirth, feeding the baby and caring for him. In the courses you will communicate with other expectant mothers and find new friends.
  • Before giving birth, go to the pool and do yoga. In addition to communicating with other people, classes will help strengthen the body, as a result, it is easier to transfer childbirth.
  • Visit a gynecologist and listen to his recommendations. You can visit the hospital and meet with a doctor who will take birth.
  • The prenatal period is the best time for self-education. You can learn a little foreign language using sites and discs. If this is not interesting, read it. Fiction will help you learn a lot and become smarter.
  • Do not disregard needlework - embroidery, knitting, sewing. Each of these fascinating activities will help to pass the time merrily and create something interesting and warm for the unborn child.
  • If the window is warm, do not sit in the apartment. Go out into the fresh air more often or go to visit relatives in the village.
  • If it’s winter outside, you should not despair. For example, you can compose fairy tales, write poems or paint pictures. And it is not necessary to be an artist or a poet.

This is an incomplete list of activities that deserve attention from women on maternity leave. Can to keep a diaryGo to the cinema or do some cooking. Pay attention to the last option. It will help create a lot of new recipes, improve culinary skills, become a good wife for husband.

Video tips
What to do on maternity leave?

The main thing is that in the decree before childbirth you can still earn if To find a jobcorresponding to professional skills. You can’t count on a full salary, but even a small income will be of help.

  1. Do you speak languages? Get involved in writing articles or translating.
  2. Is a lawyer or an economist by education? Give recommendations to customers over the phone.
  3. Journalists can write articles at home.
  4. Even a woman who worked as a web programmer can earn money from home.

Work on maternity leave is remote in nature. Therefore, before sending the material, be sure to get paid. If the employer does not agree to prepayment, it is not worth cooperating with him. The golden mean in the matter of payment is a partial prepayment.

I think now you will agree that the prenatal period is suitable for development, relaxation and earnings. In any case, do not forget about the child who is destined to become the main treasure.

What to do on maternity leave after childbirth

As a rule, a woman who has become a mother does not wonder what to do on maternity leave after childbirth, since the child takes all her free time. However, when the baby grows up a little, the mom has a little time.

  • Figure recovery. The question is relevant for almost all young mothers.You can’t go to the gym with your child in your arms, but you can buy a simulator and perform simple exercises at home.
  • Courses and training. If, after completing maternity leave, you intend to change your occupation and build a career in another area, during maternity leave sign up for courses and study another specialty.
  • Side job. Caring for a child is a difficult test for a family in terms of finances. Therefore, you can find a side job. A young mother can do translations or writing texts. This will bring extra money to the family budget and help her husband.
  • Creativity and hobbies. Over time, adapt to new conditions of life and restore shape. If you are bored of constant household chores along with walking and caring for a child, then it's time to demonstrate your creativity and hobby.
  • Cookery. In the decree, many hobbies are directly related to children. Even such activities can bring joy. For example, you have to cook daily. Create website or blog culinary themes and publish your secret recipes.
  • Photographing. Children grow quickly and every day is unique. Having mastered the art of photography, take good pictures and create interesting albums.
  • Design. Children's tastes and preferences are constantly changing. It's about toys, entertainment, and even the room in which they live. Try to show imagination and with the help of creative ideas re-arrange the nursery.
  • Needlework. Making gifts with your own hands is a great way to showcase your creative skills. This activity has an excellent alternative - making christmas toys.

Do not forget that the most important occupation is the development of the baby. Play with your child more often and try to make every day unique and fun.

What to do on maternity leave?

Sociologists conducted an interesting study, in which they determined the salary of a housewife. Taking into account all her activities, including washing, cleaning, ironing and cooking, as a result, a decent amount of a thousand euros per month was obtained. Even an experienced manager will envy such a salary.

The results of the study did not surprise me. A housewife with a child in her arms does not have a weekend. She does tedious work every day and only occasionally hears words of gratitude addressed to her.

After the birth of a child, the housewife additionally lays on his care. The result is an unpleasant picture, characterized by reduced incomes and increased costs. That is why I told you what to do on maternity leave in order to earn money.

The best way to earn money on maternity leave

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I wish you success, good health and as much patience as possible. I hope your undertakings will bring a good result. See you!

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