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Some time ago, the attitude towards law enforcement officers left much to be desired. Now the attitude is changing for the better. Many associate this with the reform, thanks to which the prestige of law enforcement agencies has increased and many have become interested in how to become a policeman.

In addition to a number of visible changes, including the form and wearing of tokens, the government is trying to increase the prestige of serving in the police by increasing monetary allowances.

The requirements for candidates have also been tightened, so becoming a policeman is not easy, but real. The main thing is compliance with the requirements put forward, the successful passage of a medical commission and psychological tests.

Some are attracted by the power vested in the police, others want to serve in the police for the highest duty of honor and justice, for some, service in the bodies is the work and purpose of life, contrary to popular beliefs about law enforcement officers.

To become a policeman, one desire is not enough, you will definitely need a higher specialized education, lack of criminal record, physical health. Serving in the armed forces upon admission to work, in some cases, provides a number of advantages.

What needs to be done to become a policeman?

Before applying to the police personnel department with a job application, decide in which unit you want to work. Each candidate has individual requirements.

According to the law of the Russian Federation, only citizens of the Russian Federation without a criminal record can work in the police, regardless of gender, nationality or religion. The age limit for admission to work is from 18 to 35 years old, this is one of the most stringent requirements for candidates.

Women are subject to the same stringent requirements as men, no benefits and concessions when entering the police force. It is more difficult for women to achieve the right to serve in law enforcement agencies, but if there is a great desire, physical training, the goal is quite attainable.

The simplest thing that awaits the applicant is an interview. If a person at the interview behaves appropriately, correctly answers the questions asked, the candidate receives approval from the members of the commission.

The next step is to collect documents for the device to work. You will need:

  1. profile
  2. biography
  3. diploma
  4. passport

An application for employment with the police is filled out, a questionnaire and an autobiography. The biography is checked especially carefully, not only the extinguished criminal record is unacceptable, but also administrative penalties. Checked on this line and relatives. A diploma or diplomas confirming education and a passport are provided.

In addition to these documents, you will need:

  1. Recommendations At least 2 police officers with a positive reputation over the years of work in the police (at least 3 years).
  2. Employment history. It will be required if previously worked.
  3. Certificate TIN.
  4. Documents on military registration for those liable for military service.

The main documents will need information on the income and property of the applicant, spouses and children under 18 years of age. In addition, consent is given to verification and processing of data.

The next stage is the medical board. It will take patience, as the medical commission takes up to 5 days. The medical commission is one of the difficult stages, here many candidates for work in the police are “rejected”. Some joke bitterly, saying that it is more difficult to go to the police commission to the police than to the astronauts.

It will take a lot of time to obtain certificates from dispensaries about the absence of diseases that interfere with the work of the police (tuberculosis, mental illness, drug addiction, sexually transmitted diseases). Candidates are tested for addiction or predisposition to alcohol.

Tightening is associated with the fact that the police officer must act as a model, be resistant to stress and the temptations of life. This will make sure that in a non-standard situation the policeman will prove himself competently, adequately and will not be confused.

Another difficult stage - psychological examination. This is not a simple compatibility test, but a test on 600 questions, plus a lie detector is connected. After the examination, a number of rooms go through:

  1. psychiatrist
  2. surgeon
  3. optometrist
  4. Laura
  5. therapist

Do not forget about fluorography, cardiograms of the heart and ultrasound, you may need to take pictures of the head in order to make sure that there were no injuries.

When the medical commission is completed, you will have to face financial papers. They will offer to fill out a tax return, provide information on bank accounts, income and property, securities and shares.

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The last event is the delivery of standards for physical fitness. The standards include: push-ups from the floor, press, long-distance running. The police work only the most powerful and hardy.

Difficulties and advantages of working in the police

No matter how the attitude towards the policemen changes for the better, one will have to face a biased attitude of the population, even if the police officer risks his health or life. Many see this as self-interest. But such is life, it is impossible to please everyone.

Some relatives, and even friends, hide behind for the mercenary purposes of working in the police, sacredly believing that much will get away with them. This can seriously undermine the policeman’s reputation and lose his job if proven protection. The law is mandatory for everyone, and the court can punish any person, be he archaeologist, a doctor or a policeman.

The policeman has an irregular working day, they can be recalled to work at any time. On weekdays, the policeman must monitor the order, keep everything under control.

A decent salary and early retirement after years of service offset a number of work difficulties. Under new legislation, after a 10-year term of service, the state allocates a lump-sum allowance for the purchase of housing for law enforcement officials. Housing can also be purchased at a preferential program at 7% per annum.

If the experience is 15 years, with all the calculations, leave will be up to 2 months. Police officers and their families can take advantage of the benefits of medical care and spa treatment.

There is a good opportunity to climb the career ladder. It all depends on the personality of the policeman, diligence in work and self-improvement. Obtaining a higher rank and awards will affect retirement.

If tests and psychological tests have been successfully passed and the medical commission gave the go-ahead, those who wish to work in the police are given the opportunity to pass a probationary period of 3 to 6 months. During the internship, the mentor officer must teach and vouch for the beginner to serve in the authorities that he will strictly comply with the prohibitions and restrictions that are imposed on police officers, in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation.

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Prove yourself and show your best qualities during your internship. After successfully completing the internship, you will receive the position and title you claimed. The internship period is included in the length of service.

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Becoming a policeman is not so simple, therefore, if law enforcement is a vocation, be firm in decision making, perseverance and perseverance. If you can’t realize your dream, do not be discouraged. Can open IP and go in for private business. Life goes on. Good luck

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