How to build nails at home

How to build nails at home

At the end of the twentieth century, extended nails were a curiosity. Today, for girls, nail extension is a common cosmetic procedure. In the article I will tell you how to build nails at home with gel, silk and acrylic.

According to women, this is convenient, and sometimes necessary. There are frequent cases when there is no time for manicure or nails due to high fragility do not grow. Extension helps to solve problems.

There are disadvantages to building. It negatively affects the state of natural nails. It should be noted the cost of the procedure, the calculation of which takes into account the work of the master, depreciation of equipment and consumables. Fortunately, you can put your nails in order at home, saving time and money. And with experience, an excellent result is obtained that is not inferior to the salon analogue.

Women have been building nails since the second half of the last century. For half a century, a cosmetic procedure has become indispensable for women seeking to lengthen their nails or correct defects. At the initial stage, they were built up with acrylic, now the gel is popular.

The extended nails have any form and help to get perfect manicure. They are beautiful, durable and protect natural nails from mechanical damage. On the vast surface of the extended nails, skilled craftsmen demonstrate their own art.

Many young ladies consider home building costly. This is partly true, because buying a tool kit is expensive. If you do not have the necessary amount, I advise you to cooperate with girlfriends and purchase a kit for the company. Spend less money and you can exchange not only tools, but also the experience gained during the work, which is important.

How to build gel nails at home - step by step instructions

Red extension nails

The gel is suitable for beginners to build up, because it has one remarkable quality: when hardened, it evens out and eliminates minor flaws. Despite loyalty to the lack of experience, the tool needs to be handled carefully.

  • First prepare the workplace. An ordinary table will do. An ultraviolet lamp can be freely installed on it, and there is enough space for manipulation.
  • The main thing is that there is a socket near the table, and direct sunlight does not fall on the surface. The gel quickly hardens under the influence of ultraviolet light and in daylight, the pour point will not allow the formation of nails.
  • Before starting the procedure, prepare natural nails. Trim them carefully and use a nail file to shape and length. Remove the cuticles and sand the surface with a block. After carrying out these manipulations, remove pollen from sawing off with a napkin or brush.
  • The next step involves degreasing. If this is not done, the gel will adhere poorly to the nail plates and exfoliate. Use a special tool. Masters call it a primer, because it provides preliminary training.
  • Attach a mold to the prepared nail, which should fit under the edge of the nail plate.To fix it, wrap the free edges with the adhesive around the pads and gently press. The form for building is made so that even a novice can determine the correct position. The main thing is that there are no holes.

The foil template provides the length and shape of the nail, the correct position. If installed incorrectly, extended nails protrude to the side. Check the position of the mold on top and in profile.

  • After setting the template, proceed to applying the gel with a small brush. As a result, the nail plate should be covered with a continuous, uniform layer. Then turn on the lamp and dry the applied gel under violet rays for 30 seconds. Do not usehair dryer.
  • Then again take the brush and continue the formation of the nail. Extend it according to the pattern, guided by a length indicator. Using a mesh, make the length of the nails the same. Then again hold it under the lamp for about a minute to completely fix the gel. When the extended nail becomes hard, remove the template from under it. It is disposable and will no longer be required.
  • Using a file, smooth out irregularities and adjust the length. Perform this procedure immediately or after building all the nails. The second option is preferable because it allows you to achieve symmetry.
  • I advise you to color, extend or decorate the extended nails. Masters to achieve the effect of the decoration of several types of multi-colored gel. At home, confine yourself to standard staining.

Step-by-step video instruction

Gel nail extension on molds.

If you have a good tool, a home gel extension is a doable task. In compliance with the technology, the extended nails hold well, but after a few weeks there will be a need for correction, which is due to the growth of natural nails and the displacement of the gel layer. Make it easy. Ultimately extended nails combined with make a hairstyle the image is unique.

How to build nails without gel - silk extensions

Checking extended nails

Silk building also helps to get beautiful marigolds. This technology provides a more natural result in terms of appearance. Natural nails get minimal damage. The basis of silk building is the use of small pieces of silk, fiberglass or rayon.

The cosmetic procedure is performed by masters, because beginners, due to a lack of experience during building, choose an overly aggressive approach to nail processing or overdo it with the amount of adhesive.

Silk is a light and thin material, which is ideal for brittle and weakened nail plates. Its use does not prevent natural nails from breathing, which cannot be said about gel or acrylic.

How to grow nails in 30 minutes? Says EXPERT

Due to the high fragility, silk is not suitable for girls who play sports or handmade. In all other cases, silk building is an excellent option.

Advantages and disadvantages of nail extension silk

Silk extensions have advantages, including: low maintenance, excellent repair quality, minimal harm to natural nails. Silk nails look natural and realistic. For comparison, using acrylic to achieve this result is problematic. Find online photographs of finished work and compare the results. The difference is noticeable.

Silk building and shortcomings are not without. This is a low strength and short-term result. Silk nails last no longer than a week.

If you decide to grow your nails with silk, I advise you to do it in the salon, which minimizes the likelihood of damage to natural nails. Otherwise, it will take a long time to carry out the operation at home.

  1. First of all, thoroughly clean natural nails, degrease and polish so that the material adheres well to the nail plate. After the nails, cover with a layer of special adhesive.
  2. On the glue, apply a piece of silk fabric corresponding to the length and shape of the nails you want to receive. Using an orange stick, smooth the silk gently, and remove excess with a nail scissors.
  3. Apply a layer of activator gel. As soon as the coating dries, sand and varnish as desired. But many beauties refuse to use decorative products, preferring "clean" silk nails.

If with the help of silk building, try to temporarily cover the damaged nail plate, I do not advise using varnish. As a result, a damaged nail can grow unhindered, and you will get the opportunity to track growth and, if necessary, make adjustments. Below you will find a video that will reveal the secrets and subtleties of silk building.

Video instruction

Silk Nail Strengthening

How to build acrylic nails

Any beauty salon will offer acrylic extension services. Masters will make the nails beautiful and well-groomed, and thanks to the author's design also unique. This kind of procedure can be carried out at home.

Acrylic extension helps to increase the length of nails in apartment conditions and apply a beautiful pattern to the surface. But despite the low complexity of the procedure, preparation and tools are indispensable.

Carrying out a cosmetic procedure provides for the availability of a comfortable working space. All events and manipulations are conveniently carried out on a spacious table. Such a working surface is enough to accommodate tools and install the lamp.

  1. Wash your hands and treat with alcohol. Remember, acrylic building is done only on non-greasy surfaces.
  2. Using an orange stick, remove the cuticle. If this is not done, it will cause a lot of inconvenience, and the nails will be sloppy.
  3. With the help of files, process the surface of the nail and remove the gloss. The technology under consideration involves working with a rough surface. During the treatment of the nail plate, proceed carefully, otherwise damage.
  4. Glue the forms on short nails and press so that there are no voids. If you are conducting a cosmetic procedure for the first time, I advise you to make nails that are half a centimeter longer than natural.
  5. The surface of the plastic template to give the necessary shape, process a file. Next, cover the surface of natural nails with a degreasing agent and wait until it dries.
  6. The next step involves working with a brush and acrylic powder. Moisten a brush in the monomer, and then make acrylic lumps from the powder. Do small strokes with pressure.
  7. Distribute the lump on the plate to make a film whose thickness towards the edge of the nail should increase. The extended nail on the tip should be thicker than above the natural one.
  8. The next step is to smooth acrylic nails with a brush and monomer. Do not forget, on this surface there will subsequently be a design.
  9. After drying, file with nail files and polish. It will remain with the help of varnish to apply the image to the surface. Under the influence of ultraviolet acrylic nails turn yellow. Therefore, protect them from such radiation.
Nail extension (acrylic). Form "Ellegant", author Natalya Golokh

Using the above instructions, you can easily grow nails without the help of a master. During the creation of the design you will need a classic manicure set and varnish in several colors. Just remember, acrylic does not like decorative products, which include acetone, as this substance destroys its structure.

Can pregnant women build nails

A woman always seeks to look unsurpassed and the period of bearing a baby is no exception. By and large, this cosmetic procedure during pregnancy harmless. The materials for building contain chemical compounds that theoretically can harm an unborn baby, but their concentration is not enough for this.

Pregnant women It is not prohibited to carry out the procedure when using quality materials. They should not contain methyl methacrylate - a substance that is prohibited in America and Europe. At high concentration, it leads to serious malfunctions in the development of the fetus. At the same time, Korean and Chinese manufacturers still use it.

Pregnancy - a responsible period. Therefore, I advise you to carry out the procedure in a room with ventilation. Use all kinds of antiseptics. During the procedure, I expect the expectant mother to be in a medical mask, and after completion, wash her hands and rinse her nose.

  1. During pregnancy, it is not forbidden to use the gel for building. It does not have a pungent odor, but evaporates during hardening. Before entering the maternity hospital, be sure to remove the extended nails, as doctors will examine the nail plates.
  2. As for acrylic, it has a pungent odor. Therefore, building should be carried out in conditions of enhanced ventilation. Otherwise, breathe in pairs, which will not benefit either you or the unborn child.

During pregnancy, the structure of nails under the influence of hormones changes. As a result, the girl’s nail plates become brittle or strong. As for the extended nails, they are poorly attached and easily torn away.

I do not recommend ramp up in this interesting period and wait with beauty until better times. Nail dust causes severe irritation of the nasal mucosa and leads to an allergic reaction. Due to calcium deficiency, natural nails become brittle, which once again proves the undesirability of the procedure.

Extended Nail Care

White extended nails

Care is simple. Visit your beauty salon periodically and make corrections. The master will easily and quickly correct the length and apply the material to the part that has grown.

Between visits to the salon, look for your extended nails on your own. It’s easy if you adhere to generally accepted rules.

  1. If there is no nail polish remover in the arsenal that does not include acetone, be sure to buy it. Acetone is a solvent that can spoil the appearance of extended nails.
  2. Wear rubber gloves when using aggressive detergents. They will protect the nail plates and skin of the hands from the harmful effects of chemistry.
  3. Often in between visits to the salon, it becomes necessary to process the edges of the nails. Nail files used in the case of natural nails will not work due to their high softness. Need files that have low abrasive characteristics.
  4. Artificial ones seem durable, but this does not mean that they cannot be broken. I do not advise them to pinch, crush or nibble. Damaging the extended plate, you will provide a lot of trouble with a natural nail.
  5. The materials used during building are not friends with high temperature, the impact of which leads to the appearance of cracks and yellowness. This does not mean that you need to abandon the sauna or solarium. The main thing is not to expose them to a sharp change in temperature.
  6. After building, the cuticle grows more slowly. Sometimes it is necessary to remove it yourself. It is better not to resort to the mechanical method, damage the nail. Buy a special cuticle removal tool. Apply it to the skin that is attached to the nail, wait a bit, and then move it away with a wooden stick.
  7. Regularly moisturize the skin around the nails with oils. Penetrating deeper, they nourish the nail plate and improve growth.

In conclusion, I add that it is not recommended to remove the extended nails on their own. It is better to wait a bit and look into the salon than to treat damaged nails for a long time.

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