How to clean your face at home

How to clean your face

People experience inconvenience from their appearance if their skin is far from perfect. The main problem is acne or acne, which occur due to the active work of the sebaceous glands.

Poor body care and poor nutrition are the causes of various defects on the face. A popular way to get rid of them is skin cleansing, which can be done independently at home.

Contraindications and Precautions

Like any other procedure, cleaning at home has contraindications, and when carrying out observe safety measures:

  • At the end of the procedure, use anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents.
  • Do not visit the solarium and do not stay in direct sunlight for 3-5 days.
  • Refrain from brushing your skin in the summer, as high temperatures cause the emergence and spread of pathogenic bacteria.
  • Do not carry out the procedure in case of violation of the regenerative and restorative qualities of the skin.

Preparation of the skin for the procedure

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Regular cleansing keeps the face young for a long time. Preliminarily go through the preparatory stage, on which the effectiveness of the procedure depends:

  1. Clean the skin.
  2. Make a steam bath.

The main disadvantage of the procedure is the appearance on the face of redness, which is noticeable for several hours or days.

Start the preparation by washing with soap or gel. Apply sugar, coffee, or other soft scrub to remove dead skin cells.

Steam the skin using a hot decoction of herbs. When finished, treat your face with an antibacterial composition and proceed with direct cleaning.

Folk remedies

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Make peeling, which non-aggressively affects the skin of the face, based on natural ingredients.

Steaming masks

Before applying, take into account some recommendations:

  1. The procedure is performed using herbal compresses, water vapor or paraffin baths. The main condition for carrying out is the absence of rosacea nets and satisfactory tolerance of high temperatures.
  2. Before applying the mask, maximize the ducts of the glands to remove pustules and dark spots.
  3. The steaming time depends on the initial temperature of the liquid. In order not to increase blood pressure, give preference to warm solutions. Spray for 5 to 7 minutes, then apply the composition.

Steaming mask for oily skin

Active work of the sebaceous glands leads to unhealthy skin color and enlarged pores. A steaming mask will help normalize their activity and saturate the epidermis with oxygen.

  • Dead Sea Mud (20 g);
  • Grape oil (5 ml);
  • Tea tree oil (2 drops).

Put the dirt in a bag and lower it in warm water for 10 minutes. Heat the grape and tea tree oil in a water bath and add to the mud. Spread the finished composition on the face with a spatula and cover with a damp cloth to prevent the mask from drying out. Perform the procedure once every 2 weeks.

Mask for dry skin

The procedure improves microcirculation, collagen and elastin synthesis, smoothes wrinkles and removes toxins.

  • Gelatin (15 g);
  • Honey (5 g);
  • Olive oil (10 ml).

Pour gelatin with hot water and mix well. Add olive oil and honey.Apply the finished mixture to the skin and cover with cling film. Wash with cool water after 20 minutes.

Mask for sensitive skin

The mask evens out the complexion. Use before sunbathing.

  • Oatmeal (10 g);
  • Chamomile (5 g);
  • Plantain (5 g).

Grind plants with oatmeal. Pour the powder with hot green tea. Apply the resulting mixture evenly to the skin and cover with a damp cloth. Rinse off the mask with cool water after 15 to 20 minutes.

Oat masks


The mask has a lot of advantages, but there are contraindications. Do not use if you suffer from celiac disease - intolerance to cereal crops.

Recipe number 1


Honey (30 ml);
Oatmeal (20 g).


Grind the cereals in a blender and combine with honey, heated in a water bath or in a microwave. Apply the mixture to problem areas and rinse with cool water after a quarter of an hour. You can increase the effectiveness of the mask if you first steam the skin with herbal infusion before applying.

Recipe number 2

Additional products will help moisturize the face and eliminate and prevent peeling.

  • Honey (20 ml);
  • Oatmeal (20 g);
  • Avocado (50 g);
  • Olive oil (10 ml).

Mix the components and apply the resulting composition with massage movements on the skin. After 30 minutes, remove with a cotton pad and wash in cool water.

Recipe number 3

The oatmeal mask for oily skin is effective thanks to the lemon, the juice of which refreshes and rejuvenates.

  • Oatmeal (30 g);
  • Lemon juice (20 ml);
  • Honey (20 ml).

Heat honey in a water bath, add fresh lemon juice and oatmeal. Before use, steam the skin of the face and apply the mask to problem areas.

Video recipe
Facial skin cleansing at home and folk remedies

Home peeling

The procedure rejuvenates the face and improves metabolic processes in the epidermis.

Recipe number 1

Salt peeling removes age spots, removes dead and dead cells, making the skin soft and velvety. Mix a tablespoon of sour cream with the same amount of salt, apply the resulting composition on the face.

RECOMMENDATION! The drying properties of the peeling negatively affect the neckline and neck. After the procedure, use a nourishing or moisturizing cream.

Recipe number 2

Peeling with oatmeal and honey is no less effective.

  • Oatmeal or chopped cereal (2 tablespoons);
  • Chopped almonds;
  • Cream (1 teaspoon);
  • Rose oil (1 drop);
  • Green tea or boiled water (1 teaspoon).

Using a mixer, mix cream, rose oil and green tea, add the composition to oatmeal and almonds, let the mixture brew for at least 15 minutes. Moisturize your skin with a napkin, apply the product and leave for 15-20 minutes. After a while, rinse the peeling with cool sparkling water, pat it dry with a paper towel and apply a moisturizer.

Deep cleaning

The procedure is simple and every woman can perform it at home.

  1. Disinfect hands and face.
  2. Treat the skin with a scrub or peeling, rinse with warm water.
  3. Steam your face with a herbal decoction of chamomile to expand your pores.
  4. Remove black dots with a touch of your fingers.
  5. Wipe the skin with an alcohol tonic to disinfect the surface and narrow the pores.
  6. Apply a moisturizer.

Video instructions

Home Peeling. Malysheva About Home Peeling

Pharmacy skin cleansers

Pharmacy products will help to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin of the face. Before use, consult your doctor about the presence of contraindications.

Creams, lotions and other products

  • Hydrogen peroxide. Apply before cleansing. Dampened skin will become loose and black dots will be removed from the depths of the pores. After the procedure, apply an antiseptic to the face to sanitize the treated areas.
  • Tramp. Cleansing is not inferior to a similar procedure in the cabin. But the tool has a significant drawback: it provokes hair growth.
  • Zinc ointment. Apply to a problem place before going to bed. The product is very dry, so after use, use a moisturizer.
  • Retinoic ointment. It will relieve acne, make skin younger, soothe and relieve redness. Use only at bedtime.
  • Aspirin. Add to sour cream to get a full face mask: 1 tablet diluted in 1 spoon of fermented milk product, mix and apply on the skin.

Cleaning strips

Effective Remover black dots. The composition located on the surface softens the sebaceous plug, which, when the strip is removed, leaves the pore.

Instructions for use:

Stick a strip on the problem spot and after a while tear it off with a sharp movement. Follow manufacturer's recommendations.

Salon face cleaning methods

Professional cosmetics and qualified specialists effectively cleanse your face in specialized salons and clinics. The procedures are preceded by a conversation with a doctor who selects effective methods and means, reducing the likelihood of side effects.

  • Mechanical cleaning - removal of imperfections by the master with the help of a special tool and a sponge (strainer). At the end of the procedure, the face is moistened with napkins.
  • Vacuum cleaning - removal of the pore contents by a vacuum tube. The epidermis is steamed before the procedure. The method is suitable for oily skin.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning - rejuvenates, tightens and elasticizes the skin of the face. It is performed by a special apparatus (scrubber), which processes problem areas within 15-20 minutes.
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Useful Tips

Do not go to bed with makeup on your face.

  • An important component of prolonging youth is self-massage of the face and neck.
  • Drink more fluids daily, but not at night.
  • Follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Pick in cosmetics that match your skin type.
  • Do not abuse fried, fatty and spicy foods.
  • Do not drink a lot of carbonated drinks.
  • Complete the cleansing procedure with a moisturizer.
  • Poor-quality decorative cosmetics - a taboo, do not provoke the appearance of new problems.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • Provide the body with a good rest.

Following these simple tips, it will be possible to maintain the beauty and purity of the face for many years.

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