How to make a black face mask - recipes and tips

How to make a black face mask

Getting rid of black dots seems to many women an impossible mission. This problem takes a lot of time, effort and money, but it is never completely solved. Black Mask is a Chinese cosmetic sensation that promises to rid the skin of acne in just a few sessions. Is this new product so good, as the advertisement says, and how to make a black face mask at home?


Indications and contraindications for black masks

Black face mask

This cosmetic product has one purpose - eel control, comedones. Proper use of a black mask at home allows you to adjust the oily skin, gradually reduce the number and regularity of rashes. Preliminary extrusion of acne is excluded. Applying a film mask after this can injure an already irritated dermis.

The principle of the cosmetic

  1. The sticky mixture is distributed over the skin, adhering to it.
  2. The active component “pulls” to the surface all the excess.
  3. Removing the black film formed after the mask dries removes dirt from the skin.

Indications for use

  • Oily skin type.
  • Contaminated pores.
  • Open and closed comedones.
  • Inflamed acne.
  • Unhealthy leaf color.


  • Allergy to any component indicated in the composition.
  • Purulent inflammation.
  • Damaged skin areas (bleeding scratches, wounds, open inflammations, ulcers).
  • Wrinkled skin.

Rules for the preparation and use of masks

  • Mixing components in a metal dish is not recommended. It is better to use a glass, wooden or ceramic bowl.
  • A mini-test will help prevent a large-scale allergic reaction. Put a little prepared mixture on your wrist and evaluate the condition of the skin after 30 minutes.
  • Do not over-mask the face.
  • Use the selected recipe in a whole course (1.5-2 months) to achieve the desired result.
  • When choosing a recipe, consider the type of skin and its condition.

Features of homemade face mask films

Black Mask Ingredients

Black bamboo mask-film from the Middle Kingdom cleans the skinbut the merit of this is a balanced composition and nothing more. Bamboo charcoal, of course, differs from activated carbon, but as a sorbent the latter is certainly indispensable. It is simple to prepare a miraculous black mask at home on your own, and no more money will be spent than on the most budgetary scrub.

It is permissible to use as the main component:

  • Activated charcoal.
  • Black cosmetic clay.
  • Therapeutic mud.

Any of the components can be purchased at a pharmacy or beauty shop. The active ingredient is designed to absorb all the excess accumulated in the pores. Auxiliary components nourish the skin, moisturize, rejuvenate. To achieve the greatest effect, the face must first be steamed, wiped with a tonic.

The main difference between home masks, films and purchased masks is freshness.If a cosmetic product does not need a long shelf life, then there is no need to add components that are harmful or useless to the skin, which significantly affect the final cost of the product. Variety of ingredients is also available, which makes it possible to prepare the most active mixture each time precisely for the “current” skin condition.

Activated Carbon Mask Recipes

Egg white mask

Activated carbon performs its function perfectly, but note that it absorbs everything. Together with sebaceous secretion, exfoliated cells and acne, the skin loses some of the nutrients. For this reason, recipes must necessarily use nutritional components. Black charcoal-based masks are the most effective, but can be difficult to remove due to excessive grip on the skin.

Coal and Egg White

You can make the film mask more tender by replacing gelatin with egg white, which also acts as a sticky and quick-drying substance. The recipe is simple, but no less useful, in addition to the cleansing effect, it has anti-inflammatory and therapeutic. Be sure to take dry wipes - they are part of the mask.


  1. Beat egg white.
  2. Add crushed 2 tablets of activated carbon.
  3. Pour crushed aspirin tablet.
  4. Add a teaspoon of powdered chamomile flowers.
  5. Mix all the ingredients.
  6. Apply the mask to the face and put on top the prepared dry cosmetic towel (make cuts for eye and lips).
  7. Spread the rest of the mixture over the napkin.
  8. Remove mask film after 15 minutes.

The remaining mixture is washed off with water. You can limit yourself to only the first two ingredients, calming the skin after cleansing with a nourishing cream.

Coal and Gelatin

Activated carbon helps to cleanse pores, absorbs excess sebum, mattes the dermis. Gelatin, being a split collagen protein, renews cells, nourishes, smoothes and tones the epidermis, provides elasticity. The complex effect of these products on the skin will bring an unexpected effect from the simplest and cheapest black mask.

How to cook

The basic recipe is based on a mixture of gelatin and coal.

  1. Grind 2 tablets of the last, add 1 tbsp. l gelatin, 2-3 tbsp. l water.
  2. Mix the components, bring to a homogeneous mass in a water bath or in 10 seconds in the microwave.
  3. Apply on face evenly, keep no longer than 20 minutes.
  4. Carefully remove the film from the bottom up, rinse the residue with water. Soothe skin with a light cream.

The proportions are permissible to change at your discretion.

Additional ingredients (optional)

  • Milk, fruit or vegetable juice, green tea - as part of the mask replace water.
  • A few drops of nutritious, but not very fatty oil, for example, wheat germ.
  • Black or green cosmetic clay in the amount of 1 tbsp. a spoon.
  • A few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice.
Video recipe

Activated Carbon Gelatin Face Mask 🌴 POLI NA PALME

Black mask based on coal and aloe (without gelatin)

For sensitive skin, it is better not to use a mask film, but to dispense with the recipe without gelatin. Prepare pharmacy charcoal, water, or milk, your favorite nutritious ingredient used in homemade cosmetics.

Verified Recipe

  • 2 tablets of coal;
  • 1 tsp aloe juice;
  • 0.5 tsp finely ground sea salt;
  • 2 drops of tea tree or lavender essential oil;
  • 1 tbsp. l water.

The consistency of the mask should be creamy, so as not to drain from the face. Water can be replaced with fresh yogurt without additives, essential oil - vegetable. To enhance the effect of the mask and make it hardening is permissible by supplementing the recipe with white clay.

Video cooking
Deep cleansing of the skin. Activated carbon mask for wen, acne and black spots

Mask film of coal and glue

For preparation non-waterproof glue is used: for children's crafts, lizuna, clerical PVA, medical BF-6.The component is used so that the mixture gets a film effect when dried.

Making a mask is easy

  1. Crush 2 tablets of activated carbon.
  2. Add a few drops of glue to get a thick consistency.
  3. Add a nutritious ingredient, such as grape seed oil, citrus fruit juice.
  4. Apply on face and leave for 15 minutes.
  5. Remove with a confident movement from the bottom up.

Homemade black film masks based on activated carbon have fantastic efficacy in combating acne and black dots. Their recipes can be adapted to any skin type. Regular use will help achieve absolute cleansing of the pores.


DIY black mask making with clay

Clay is a unique product indispensable in cosmetology. Clay with black pigment is an excellent base for a mask that removes comedones and evens out complexion. It is better to apply it on a previously steamed face - this will facilitate the work of the sorbent and several times increase the amount of nutrients absorbed by the skin. To keep a mask of black clay on your face you need no longer than 7 minutes with dry skin, no more than 12 - with normal, 20 - with oily or combination.

Classic mask with clay

Mix 2-3 tbsp. l black clay with water until thick mashed. In a mask for dry skin, replace the water with milk, sour cream or egg yolk. When preparing the mixture for normal or combined dermis, use herbal decoctions as a liquid.

Apply the mask on the face with an even layer and wait for the amount of time indicated above. If the mixture dries too quickly, you can sprinkle with thermal or mineral water without gas. After gently rinsing, apply a nourishing cream to the face.

Black clay and decoctions of herbs

There is no need to come up with a new recipe - the foregoing is taken as the basis. Replace the water in it with an herbal decoction that is well perceived by your skin and ready.

The most useful for the dermis decoctions of chamomile, St. John's wort, sage, string, calendula. You can replenish the nutritional supply of the mask with lemon juice, applesauce, oils, honey, aloe juice suitable for your skin type.

Having created a unique recipe, you can reduce the frequency of trips to the cosmetologist and independently cleanse your face painlessly.

Anti-acne mask! I'm testing a mask for problem skin. Feedback.

Mud Films

It’s not difficult to acquire healing mud abundant in nutrients. Its variety can be seen in any cosmetology online or offline store.

The mask deeply cleanses and nourishes the skin, eliminates acne. You can use with any type of skin. Apply a thin layer, avoiding the mixture on the eyebrows and hair. After 20 minutes, when it was transformed into a film, carefully and slowly remove it from the bottom up.

How to use a black mask

Mask ingredients

To get the maximum effect and positive emotions from the use of homemade black masks, you need to follow several rules for working with them.

Important Tips

  • Perform the procedure after steaming the face - more than 50% of the result depends on it.
  • Spread the prepared composition along the massage lines with a convenient brush.
  • Do not apply used mixtures on eyebrows - such masks are difficult to wash off. Gather your hair in a strong bun or under a shower cap.
  • Carefully "go around" the area of ​​the eyes and lips.
  • Remove the mask from the bottom up, so as not to provoke early wrinkles by stretching the skin.
Masks with activated carbon and black clay are not recommended for people with rosacea and dry skin.

The abundance of vellus hair and facial wrinkles on the face can also cause a negative impression of the procedure.

Advantages and disadvantages of film masks

This cosmetic product is interesting in the way of application, it is impressive in the effectiveness of the fight against acne.


  • Democratic value, when it comes to the home option.
  • Natural composition in which you are sure of each component.
  • Awesome effect: the contents of black pores can be seen after 20 minutes, looking at the back of the mask.


  • Discomfort when removing the resulting film.
  • If you use a mask based on black mud or a purchased option with alcohol in the composition, the mixture will irritate with smell.

An alternative to a black mask is hard to find. This is a painless and accelerated facial cleansing with a professional result obtained at home. Sorbents like activated carbon, unlike scrubs, deeply cleanse the pores, while the dermis is not injured, as with the mechanical extrusion of eels. Bottom line: homemade black mask film - a real panacea for acne.

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