How to properly and beautifully pluck eyebrows at home

We pluck eyebrows on our own

Expressive eyes are the key to success. Makeup helps makeup, makeup and well-groomed eyebrows. I will tell you how to properly and beautifully pluck eyebrows at home.

You can pluck and shape eyebrows correctly in a beauty salon, only the procedure is carried out regularly and costs money. To cope with the task really and independently at home.

Plucking eyebrows is not an art. The procedure is simple if the sequence of actions is known. Unobstructed conduct depends on training, which includes the choice of instrument, minimization of sensitivity and determination of shape. If you have little experience, the following tips come in handy.

Step-by-Step Action Plan

  1. Shape selection. Straight, rounded, broken or curved. Contact a beautician to choose the right option for your face. Having chosen a template, you can pluck it correctly without help.
  2. Shape tracing. With a light pencil over the eyebrows, depict the planned shape. This will help identify areas for processing. Then mark the points at which the eyebrows end. If in doubt, attach a pencil to your face so that one end touches the nasal wing and the other touches the outer edge of the eyebrow. I recommend correcting it from the nose by slightly pulling an eyebrow.
  3. Advice. Nature correctly lays the shape of eyebrows. Correctly removing excess vegetation, successfully emphasize the eyebrows. Do not forget, the high position visually increases the eyes and makes the face expressive, so do not remove the top line. After the procedure, treat the skin with an antiseptic or apply a cotton pad soaked in cold water.
  4. Lighting. It is customary to pluck out at the window, where, due to daylight, thin hairs are clearly visible.
  5. Sensitivity reduction. Often the procedure is accompanied by pain. No wonder, because there are a lot of nerve endings near the eyebrows. To reduce the sensitivity before the procedure, steam the face, grease with a cream and wipe with a tonic with a degreasing effect. Cosmetic ice will help in the matter.
  6. Tweezers. Special tool for plucking. Beauties face difficulties when newly acquired tweezers do a poor job. Choose the tool responsibly. Be sure to bring the tips together and analyze the line of the joint. Slots, gaps or bumps are a signal to refuse a purchase. Ideally, the tips of the forceps should have the same length and even edges.

Video workshop

How to choose and make a beautiful shape of eyebrows - video workshop

How to pluck eyebrows with thread

For plucking, you can use cotton thread. Synthetic threads are not suitable, as they stretch and slide.

  1. Wash and sanitize your hands and skin. Treat the skin in the area of ​​the eyebrowspowderyotherwise the thread will “pinch” the skin along with the hairs. Comb your eyebrows up to separate the hairs.
  2. Unwind 50 centimeters of thread from the spool. The length is averaged, then correct it yourself. Tie the ends of the thread firmly, and stretch the resulting loop between the fingers.
  3. Twist the loop several times in the middle so that a bundle forms from the threads.The result is a figure eight with multiple twisting between the ends.
  4. Spread the loops of figure eight between the index and thumbs on each hand. The center of the figure eight should move in both directions when bringing the fingers together or apart.
  5. So that during the procedure the movements are confident, practice managing the “symbol of infinity”. Having learned to smoothly shift the center, changing the size of the triangles between the fingers, conduct a qualitative correction of the eyebrows.
  6. Before starting the procedure, sit in front of the mirror and position the twisted loop in front of the eye. Moving the fingers of one hand closer, move the center of the figure eight, as a result, the triangle will decrease. Attach another triangle, formed around the fingers of the second hand, to the point where the hair is located.
  7. Smoothly move the corner of the triangle to the base of the hair, spreading the fingers of the first hand. The twisted segment will shift and grab the hair.
  8. It remains to pull out the vegetation along with the root system. Repeat the procedure with other hairs, giving the desired shape.
  9. The procedure is painless, but often accompanied by redness of the skin. Use cool compresses to eliminate irritation.

I recommend plucking hair one at a time. So avoid the situation when the shape of the eyebrows is different and without additional correction to solve the problem will not work. Doing everything right, pluck out a small number of hairs, which emphasizes naturalness. Otherwise, instead of beauty, you get two tiny strips.

Video instruction

Remove unwanted hair with ... thread! - All be kind. Release 727 dated 12/23/15

The need for a second procedure will appear in a month, since the thread of the hair does not break, but removes it with the roots, unlike tweezers. After mastering the algorithm, check out the post, how to make a hairstyle for yourself. I think the material will come in handy.

How to choose the shape of eyebrows

If you want to emphasize attractiveness, choose the right shape of eyebrows. To do this, I advise you to get acquainted with their varieties and study the principles of the choice of form, depending on the case.

Stylists conditionally divide the eyebrow into three segments - the body, head and tail. To determine the type, connect the head with the tail line, which will help to know the direction of the eyebrow. The result is a falling, upward or parallel half-line. In this case, the arc, which is located above the line, tells the shape.

Eyebrow Types

  • Direct. The type is characterized by the location of the beginning and end on the same line. Visually expand the elongated face and smooth the sharp chin.
  • Rounded. Characteristic for residents of the Far East. The form is suitable for beauties with rough outlines of a face. Soften the right angles and stiff outlines of the square chin.
  • Ascending. Visually lengthen the face. If you overdo it a little with the height of the line, you get the effect of unnatural surprise or a hysterical look that will alienate others.
  • Broken down. Give the face a playful expression. The form is beautiful, as evidenced by the popularity among the ladies. Combine with a round face, hide imbalances, making the look expressive.
  • Falling. Characterized by highly raised inner edges and lowered outer ends. They make the face sad and sad, visually increase the age of the owner. Correct design requires a lot of time, since you have to regularly pluck the hairs.
  • Eyebrows "house". Make your face surprised and stupid. Choose this type carefully. The triangular shape is suitable for beauties in whom the center of the eyebrow is overestimated by nature.
  • Oval. The most correct form, since it does not affect the proportion of the face. Flowing eyebrows open the eyelid andrejuvenate appearance.

The most delightful and close to the natural version of the eyebrows - with a wide base, slightly raised middle and narrowed edge.

How to care for eyebrows

In conclusion, let's talk about eyebrow care. Every day, before going to bed, I put a little castor oil on my eyebrows or comb it with a brush. I recommend a combination of procedures: apply oil with a brush. As a result, eyebrows will receive nutrition and massage. A mascara brush or toothbrush is suitable for this purpose.

Combing. Comb your eyebrows towards your temples. An excellent effect is exerted by massage performed in the same direction. Starting from the nose, with vibrating or point movements, move towards the temples. Massage will make your eyebrows dark and prevent hair loss.

Nourishing masks. Periodically apply a nourishing mask of vegetable, olive and castor oil in equal amounts. Warm ingredients slightly, mix and apply on eyebrows with a cotton pad. The effect is amazing.

Tinting. Eyebrow tint slightly, otherwise make the look vulgar. I tint the shape, emphasizing the natural beauty with a hard pencil, which is darker than the color of the hair. Tint with strokes, drawing the missing hair. Next, go over the eyebrows with a brush, as a result, the lines from the pencil will become less noticeable and smoother.

Shadows. For tinting, shadows, which paint your eyes. Take a thin brush and blend the cosmetic product along the direction of eyebrow growth. Choose a shade of shadows in the same way as with a pencil. I like the last option more, because the shadows make the eyebrows natural.

Stacking. Remember, eyebrows need styling. At the cosmetic store, buy a special eyebrow gel that will help smooth and make it shiny. If you plan to do evening makeup, use a gel with twinkling elements. Believe me, evening lighting will make the image spectacular and mysterious.

If there is no special gel, but the eyebrows rush to the sides, try to curb with the help of hair gel. Apply the product on a small brush and gently walk through your hair. The same effect is created by hair spray, which is applied to the brush and comb the eyebrows.

Beautiful Eyebrows! Secrets, Care, Correction

When should you not pluck your eyebrows?

Allergy. Rubbing the face with lotion or using alcohol-disinfected tweezers often causes redness or a rash.

Pustules. Do not pinch your eyebrows if there are pustules around. During plucking, the infection is transferred to other parts of the face. As a result, instead of a beautiful appearance, a general defeat will result.

Before going out. Low temperatures, wind, hot sun and dust will cause irreparable damage to unprotected skin. It will not bring pleasure, as you will receive dry and flaky skin.

The first plucking of the eyebrows is best entrusted to the master, who will correctly choose the form and correctly carry out the procedure using disinfected tools and painkillers. Carefully monitoring the actions, master the technique of eyebrow care and learn how to independently change the image. And this is the key to attractiveness and originality.

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