How to cook mulled wine at home - 4 recipes from red and white wine

How to cook mulled wine at home

Mulled wine is a favorite drink of many people, which is ideal for use in the cold season. It is based on fruits and wine, thanks to which it has a relaxing and warming effect on the body. The topic of conversation will be recipes for making mulled wine at home.

There are a number of standards regarding the proper preparation of a drink. However, a delicious mulled wine can be cooked even at home without special equipment or exotic ingredients.

Every hospitable hostess must know the recipe for this drink. The list of treats benefits is represented by the speed and simplicity of cooking, the affordable price of ingredients and an interesting process. The result of the work done will improve the mood and will become the highlight of the conversation with guests.

The classic recipe provides for the use of dry red wine. There are popular options with a base in pink or white, but too sweet do not fit.

Skilled chefs make this fruit-based warming cocktail using pears, apples, citrus fruits. With the help of spices and herbs get an incredible aroma. The list of herbs is represented by vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, star anise. Sweeten taken with honey or brown sugar.

Classic recipe

Special mug for mulled wine

At Christmas, fairs are held in European cities. On the squares there are stalls that sell gingerbread, barbecue, hot dogs and mulled wine. Even a small glass of drink allows you to warm yourself in severe frost, chase away a coldtrying to enter the body through thin outerwear.

To enjoy the taste of treats it is not necessary to go to the city center. You can make great mulled wine at home. I will share the classic recipe, after which you can spend evenings with a glass of alcohol in your hands, sitting in a comfortable armchair in front of the TV.

Servings: +10
  • dry red wine 1.5 l
  • cinnamon sticks 3 PC
  • clove 1 tsp
  • black peas 1 tsp
  • orange 1 PC
  • sugar 120 g
  • water 250 ml
  • port wine 120 ml
Calories and BJU per 100 g
Calories 95 kcal
Proteins: 1.1 g
Fats: 1 g
Carbohydrates: 12 g
55 minutesVideo
  • Preparing the zest of orange. To remove, I use a fine grater or a special knife oriented to peeling vegetables. I put the zest with spices in the pan, add water, put on fire.
  • After boiling, I cook the spices for about 15 minutes. During this time, the cinnamon sticks will fully open, which is signaled by the excellent aroma spreading around the room.
  • Reduce the fire, add sugar, keep on minimum heat. I constantly stir the contents of the pan until the sugar is completely dissolved. Then I pour port, wait 5 minutes, pour red wine.
  • I bring the contents to a temperature of 75 degrees, remove from the stove and leave for half an hour to insist. Before serving, add a few spoons of natural honey.

Be sure to try this version of a warming drink. Empirically, you will understand why this particular recipe is in my notebook in the “Important” column and is constantly used.

White wine mulled wine

Photo of cinnamon and orange for mulled wine

Mulled wine prepared on the basis of white wine has unique gastronomic qualities and a considerable amount of useful properties, which distinguishes it from the red analogue.It helps with colds, because white wine is saturated with caffeic acid, recommended for use by persons with diseases of the bronchi and lungs.

White mulled wine contains many mineral acids that improve the absorption of proteins, and numerous trace elements strengthen immunity and produce a tonic effect on the body.

  • Dry white wine - 400 ml.
  • Honey - 1 tbsp. l
  • Orange - 1 pc.
  • Lemon - 3 slices.
  • Ginger - 1 spine 5 cm long.
  • Cinnamon Sticks - 2 pcs.
  • Anise stars - 3 pcs.
  • Cardamom - 1 tsp.
  • Orange Sugar
How to cook:
  1. Pour the wine into a small container, add honey, heat on minimal heat. I interfere with the liquid until the honey dissolves, after which I add anise, cardamom, cinnamon. I cut the ginger root into slices, remove the zest from the orange and send the ingredients along with the juice squeezed from the orange into a container.
  2. In the future mulled wine I put slices of lemon. After heating, which I judge by the appearance of small bubbles, cover, turn off the gas, leave for 20 minutes, so that the spices reveal the aroma.
Video recipe

Before use, white mulled wine should be filtered. I recommend drinking from transparent cups or glasses, and for a snack you can use grapes, apples, oranges or fruit salad. Perfectly combined with it are sweet pastries, cookies, cakes, biscuitscakes.

Cook red wine mulled wine

Mulled Wine Bottles

The most popular recipes include the use of red wine and its variation, which has excellent properties inherited by red mulled wine.

Gourmets know that moderate consumption of red wine has a positive effect on health and improves the functioning of the nervous system. It contains resveratrol - an active substance, a powerful antimutagen and antioxidant, cholesterol lowering.

  • Semi-sweet red wine - 750 ml.
  • Hibiscus - 150 ml.
  • Ground cinnamon - 3 tsp.
  • Vanilla - 1 stick.
  • Orange - 0.5 pcs.
  • Lemon - 1 slice.
  • Carnation - 4 pcs.
  • Apple - 1 pc.
  • Anise - 2 pcs.
  • Honey - 4 tbsp. l
  1. I pour the wine into a saucepan and heat it slightly over minimal heat; I can’t bring it to a boil. After I introduce hibiscus, honey, sugar, slices of citrus fruits, chopped apple, spices.
  2. Before boiling, remove the pan from the heat, cover with a lid, leave for 10 minutes. After filtering, pouring into glasses and serving to the table with a thin slice of lemon. I use oranges and apples to decorate dishes.

Red mulled wine an excellent helper with bronchitis. Moreover, it allows you to have a great evening. It is enough to get together with your family. He will make family conversation fun and joyful.

How to cook non-alcoholic mulled wine at home

High-quality mulled wine warms perfectly and intoxicates well. If used correctly, a new taste dimension is created. True, it is impossible to please children with refreshments if you do not brew your favorite drink without alcohol, replacing it with fruit juice.

  • Fruit juice - 1 liter.
  • Apple - 1 pc.
  • Lemon - 3 slices.
  • Honey - 2 tbsp. l
  • Cinnamon Sticks - 2 pcs.
  • Star anise - 2 amount.
  • Other spices to taste.
  1. I cut a fresh apple with a peel into large slices, a lemon in thin slices. Lemon can be replaced with lime, grapefruit or orange.
  2. I spread the prepared fruits in a saucepan, add honey, cinnamon, star anise, my favorite spices - nutmeg and cloves. Then pour in the fruit juice. I advise you to take cherry, currant or pomegranate.
  3. I put the pan on minimum heat and heat the mulled wine for at least 5 minutes. Before boiling, cover, turn off the heat, leave for 15 minutes. The aroma of spices is fully revealed, the taste will become incomparable.
  4. I serve hot non-alcoholic home-made mulled wine in cups or glasses with the addition of apple, lemon and some spices.

Combines with fresh fruits and pastries. Even pancakes make up a good company.

Useful Tips

In the old days, fragrant mulled wine was associated with American or Scandinavian Christmas. Over time, he began the conquest of our country and soon became popular. With a good recipe, you can cook it at home.

  • Spices are a must. Commonly used allspice, ginger, nutmeg, cloves. Some chefs add fruits, natural juices, honey.
  • Good wine is required. Dry ideal. Sweet varieties spoil the taste, so they are not used.
  • The ingredients need preliminary preparation. Fruits are poured over with water, and citrus fruits are wiped with a brush to eliminate wax coating. Finely chopped is not recommended, otherwise there will be problems with filtering. It is customary to put small fruits whole, chop large ones with medium cubes, and divide citrus fruits into slices or cut into circles.
  • Spices use whole. It is problematic to filter with milled ones, they have a bad effect on transparency and fasten it to teeth like sand. Take sticks, buds and peas.
    Spices should emphasize the taste of wine, and not clog.
  • Metal dishes are not suitable for mulled wine. Use ceramic, glass, enamelled or silver containers. True, not everyone has silver dishes and is rarely used, since clean silver I don’t feel like it again.
  • Regardless of the recipe, you can not bring the wine to a boil, otherwise the alcohol will quickly evaporate.

    The result is a spoiled taste of mulled wine. Ideally, heat the wine to 80 degrees. A signal about the need to remove from the fire is white foam on the surface.

  • Often use sugar or honey. To completely dissolve the ingredients, stir occasionally. Filter before tasting, then pour into glass goblets. Drink exclusively hot.
  • There should be no more than two cups of mulled wine per person. This amount is enough to warm up, cheer up and energize, but not enough intoxicated.

The history of the drink originates in ancient times. For the first time, the ancient Romans began to cook it. Then it was significantly different from the treats that are served today in restaurants and cafeterias. Ancient Roman technology involved mixing cool wine with spices and herbs.

ON A NOTE! The usual mulled wine for us began to gain popularity in Europe in the Middle Ages. Then used red wine and herbs. Bordeaux was mixed with galangal grass, which tastes like ginger root - spicy, aromatic, with a light citrus flavor.

Now they are preparing mulled wine with or without water. The second important difference is alcohol. There are recipes for combining wine with cognac or rum. The main thing is that the alcohol content in the finished product is at least 7%.

Now you know the intricacies of making mulled wine. Using the described recipes, you make a drink for yourself and the kids. As a result, each member of the family will remain satisfied and happy. Good luck

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