What is the use of soluble chicory for the body

Chicory benefit and harm

In the old days, people used chicory to fight all kinds of diseases. The leaves, flowers and roots of the miraculous plant were used as a highly effective sedative and strengthening healing agent. In the 21st century, the beneficial properties of soluble chicory made it more popular than tea and coffee.

The root system of the plant is rich in vitamins, protein and tannins, organic acids and minerals.

10 useful properties

  1. Positive effect on the nervous system. With the help of a soluble drink, it is possible to forget about insomnia and normalize mood, it provides indispensable help with nervous excitability.
  2. Helps improve intestinal microflora. The composition of the medicinal plant includes inulin, which ensures the growth of beneficial bacteria inside the intestines, which protect the body from the effects of microbes and viruses.
  3. Helps to lose weight. Soluble chicory normalizes metabolism, slows down the absorption of fats and cleanses the body of toxins.
  4. Useful for diabetes. The composition of the plant includes substances that reduce glucose.
  5. Diuretic. Helps eliminate swelling, remove toxic substances and waste from the body.
  6. Useful for colds. Helps fight heat sore throat and other diseases of the throat.
  7. Prevents stagnation of bile.
  8. A great alternative to coffee. After drinking a cup of drink in the morning, you can cheer up and get a dose of energy. In the evening, at the end of the day, chicory will be an excellent sedative.
  9. Antimicrobial agent. Easily copes with harmful bacteria that live on the oral mucosa. As a result, the likelihood of occurrence is reduced. gum disease.
  10. Helps in the treatment of diseases of the liver, kidneys and spleen. Restores appetite boosts immunity and strengthens the heart muscle.

If you have not consumed chicory, be sure to try. It will help to heal the body and save a lot of money, because it costs much less than tea or everyone’s favorite coffee.

Chicory during pregnancy

Expecting a child is the best reason to say goodbye to bad habits. If before you could safely drink strong coffee in the morning, during pregnancy, remember that caffeine is extremely harmful for both mother and baby.

Being in position, women pay attention to chicory, which tastes very much like coffee. Let's see if it is possible to drink a drink at this moment and whether it is beneficial for the girl.

7 benefits of pregnancy

  1. Contains inulin. With regular use, it helps to get rid of constipation, which during pregnancy is not uncommon.
  2. Improves appetite, normalizes liver function and pancreas, relieves of annoying heartburn and dysbiosis.
  3. Contains vitamins to help overcome insomnia, depression and mood swings.
  4. It cleanses the body of toxins, heavy metals and supports the heart, which has to work in an intensive mode during pregnancy.
  5. Increases milk absorption.
  6. Improves a metabolism. Can be used as an assistant while fighting overweight. This does not mean that you can use high-calorie desserts with impunity.
  7. On the basis of chicory, a tincture is prepared, which is used as a highly effective medicine for irritations and inflammation of the skin, among which eczema.

Summing up, I note that with the help of soluble chicory, pregnant women can improve the body and eliminate various problems.

Paulper chicory with breastfeeding

Chicory tastes very much like coffee, but without caffeine.

  • Helps with a weakened immune system. The elements that make up the body destroy microbes, which is good for health and overall well-being.
  • Improves the quality of breast milk.
  • Cholagogue and diuretic.

There are no contraindications to the use of chicory during breastfeeding, but this does not mean that caution can be forgotten.

Chicory is a source of vitamin C, which sometimes causes allergies. If the child has the corresponding symptoms, the drink should be immediately removed from the diet.

Mother's milk is considered the best nutrition for infants. Its composition and level of quality is largely determined by the nutrition and lifestyle of the mother.

Chicory for pancreatitis and gastritis

The secret of the popularity of chicory is that the root of the flower is rich in vitamins, glucose and tannins. A powder is made from it, on the basis of which a wonderful drink is further prepared. Is it possible with pancreatitis and gastritis, we will understand this topic.

With pancreatitis

With pancreatitis, the use of soluble chicory is welcome, since it contains inulin, which can establish the work of the pancreas. I offer 3 recipes based on chicory root.

  1. Grind the root and fry thoroughly. Pour a glass of water into a small container, add 20 grams of the resulting powder, boil for ten minutes and strain. Take a spoonful a quarter of an hour before meals.
  2. Mix root, burdock, dandelion and elecampane in equal proportions. Pour boiling water so that a glass of water falls on a collection spoon. After 8 hours, the broth is ready for use.
  3. Pour a spoonful of chicory powder in half a glass of boiling water and add a little fresh milk.

With gastritis

With gastritis, soluble chicory can be consumed, but there are limitations. For example, with gastritis with high acidity or with an erosive form of gastritis, when the mucous membranes are damaged, the drink is forbidden to drink. Before use, consult a doctor.

How to drink chicory with gastritis?

  • Pour a spoonful of powder into a cup and pour boiling water. Sugar and milk to taste. The daily dose is 3 cups.
  • Infusion. Pour 5 tablespoons of powder into a thermos, add half a liter of boiling water, seal the container with a lid and wait two hours. Drink 0.25 cup infusion before meals.
  • Decoction. Pour a liter of water into the middle pan, add 0.5 cups of powder and boil under the lid for 30 minutes. Strained fluid to eat with a tablespoon.

In conclusion, I add that the plant is useful and does not harm when consumed in moderation. To avoid undesirable consequences, it does not hurt to consult a doctor.

Chicory benefit. Useful properties of the root of chicory stems. Chicory for diabetes.

Contraindications and harm to chicory

As you already understood, this herb has such a large number of useful properties that it can not be counted. True, there are some contraindications.


  1. With varicose veins. With such a disease can not be consumed in any form. The same applies to patients with various vascular diseases.
  2. With hemorrhoids. Even a small cup of chicory can harm and neutralize the effect provided by medicines.
  3. With gastritis, chicory should be consumed after consulting a doctor. After a detailed examination of the patient, the doctor will determine the stage of the course of the disease and will be able to voice the verdict.
  4. If you want to lose weight. The plant improves appetite, and constant overeating - way to gain weight.
  5. Allergic to Vitamin C.
  6. Children under three years old.
  7. Children after three years before bedtime, otherwise they will not be able to fall asleep due to increased activity and vigor.

There are few contraindications, but do not forget about their existence. If health is in order, you can freely drink and heal the body.

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