How to increase immunity for an adult and a child at home

How to increase immunity for adults and children

Continuing a series of publications on health, I will tell you what human immunity is and how to increase immunity for an adult and a child at home. Everyone knows that the body has an immune system, but not everyone knows the functions and principle of this system.

What is human immunity

Immunity is a system that protects the body from foreign substances and controls the destruction of its own cells that are out of date or out of order. There is no doubt that immunity is important for human health, since it is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the body.

The body is constantly attacked by microorganisms that live inside the body or get from the external environment. We are talking about bacteria, worms, fungi and viruses. Alien substances leak into the body: preservatives, technogenic pollutants, metal salts and dyes.

Immunity may be congenital or acquired. In the first case, we are talking about the immunity of an organism of a congenital nature, due to the characteristics that are inherited. People do not suffer from diseases that occur in animals. Acquired due to the development of immunity to diseases and is temporary or lifelong.

Immunity can be natural, artificial, active or passive. In the case of the active type of immunity after the onset of the disease, the body produces antibodies on its own, and with passive they are administered with vaccinations.

Video about strengthening immunity at home

How to strengthen immunity [Ideas for life]

At first glance, it seems that the principle of the immune system is simple, but it is not. If a person visits a pharmacy for medicine to cough, he will not pay attention to the drugstore shelves, as he is interested in buying a specific syrup or tablet.

Also with immunity. Protective cells destroy foreign organisms, leaving their cells unattended. The body studies the effect of foreign bodies, then on the basis of the collected information it develops protection.

Often there are failures in the immune system, due to a decrease in immunity. Such difficulties are encountered by people who have undergone surgery, severe stress or physical exertion. There are problems in young children and older people who do not follow the diet and sleep patterns.

The body can withstand the ailments and negative factors, provided that the person has a strong immune system. Therefore, further discussion will focus on the intricacies of strengthening immunity.

How to increase immunity to an adult

People are interested in the issue of strengthening the immune system, by which it is customary to understand the totality of tissues, organs and cells that protect the body from external and internal influences of an aggressive nature. In this part of the article I will tell you how to increase immunity at home.

The fact that immunity needs to be strengthened is signaled by external manifestations - fatigue, insomnia, allergic reactions, fatigue, chronic diseases, aching muscles and joints. A regular sign of weakened immunity are regular colds, including bronchitis.

  • During recovery, get rid of bad habits, including smoking, prolonged lying on the couch, short sleep, overeating, drinking.For the sake of increasing immunity, it does not hurt to go in for sports and perform physical exercises.
  • People, faced with the problem of weakened immunity, go to the pharmacy for stimulants or resort to traditional medicine. This approach is not very effective in terms of solving the problem and is often accompanied by complications. Folk recipes are safe and effective, but they are recommended to be used after consultation with an immunologist.
  • Active life is the key to health. Go to the pool, gym or just go, especially if the work is sedentary. Half-hour walking will bring many benefits to the body.
  • It is possible to increase immunity to an adult by normalizing sleep. The systems and organs of the body function normally if the duration of sleep is 7-8 hours.
  • The onion mixture or nut tincture, all kinds of mixes from natural products, vitamin compotes based on herbs, tinctures and decoctions strengthens the immune system.
  • Vitamin broth. Pass two unpeeled lemons through a meat grinder, movein a thermospour five tablespoons of chopped raspberry leaves and five tablespoons of honey. Then 100 grams of dried rosehips, pour a liter of boiling water and boil for twenty minutes. Filtered broth fill the contents of the thermos and wait three hours. Drink a prepared vitamin drink for six decades half a glass in the morning and evening.

The procedure to strengthen the immune system is simple, but effective. I do not guarantee that with the above steps you will protect yourself from various ailments, but reduce the likelihood of their occurrence completely.

How to increase the immunity of a child

Health and Nutrition

Children do not have a fully formed immune system. And to become healthy and strong, you need parental help and relevant knowledge.

Folk remedies

  1. Food. The diet of the child should include fruits and vegetables. They are rich in useful trace elements, vitamins, fiber.
  2. Dairy products. Kefir, milk, cottage cheese and homemade yogurt. They have a lot of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, and these microorganisms support the immune system.
  3. Minimum sugar intake. It reduces the body's ability to withstand germs by 40%.
  4. Increased sleep duration. According to doctors, newborns need to sleep 18 hours a day, babies 12 hours, and preschool children 10 hours. If the child does not sleep throughout the day, put it earlier.
  5. Daily regime. Sometimes observing the daily routine helps to increase the immunity of the child's body by 85%. The child should wake up, eat and go to bed at the same time, regardless of the day of the week. Also outdoor games along with walks will not interfere.
  6. Hygiene rules. We are talking about regular hand washing before eating or upon returning from the street, about two-time brushing, constant bathing.
  7. Secondhand smoke exclusion. It is scientifically proven that second-hand smoke increases the likelihood of a child having asthma, ear infections, bronchitis. Toxins contained in cigarette smoke adversely affect the development of the nervous system and intelligence level. Therefore, the child is advised to avoid secondhand smoke, and parents, if they suffer from nicotine addiction, quit smoking.
  8. If the baby is sick, do not neglect the help of a doctor and do not treat yourself. Often with colds, mothers infuse children with antibiotics. They do not advise doing this, because the common cold in children often has a bacterial and not a bacterial origin. Antibiotics destroy the intestinal microflora, which reduces immunity.
  9. If it was not possible to solve the problem without antibiotics, restore the microflora with kefir.

Video tips from Dr. Komarovsky

Local immunity - School of Dr. Komarovsky

You will easily understand the recommendations for strengthening children's immunity. And don't forget to love the kids. Often on the street you can see how mothers scream at the kids, yank and push. The child must feel the love of parents.

Interesting facts about immunity

It's time to consider some interesting facts about immunity, and then summarize the above.Despite the abundance of information about the human immune system for doctors, it still remains a mystery. Each year, doctors reveal the next batch of new and interesting facts. And although they are constantly studying the secret of immunity, in science there are still many white spots.

People in every possible way protect the body and regularly rest on the sea coast, but the lifestyle that has been leading for many years determines physical health and well-being by 50 percent. The list of enemies of the immune system is wide. It contains stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, inadequate exercise and poor nutrition. What to talk about bad habits.

Thanks to the efforts of doctors, it is possible to control immunity through medications that stimulate the activity of protective cells. It would seem that he drank a pill, and the strength of immunity doubled, but this is not so. The balance of health is based on a delicate balance between the leukocytes and bacteria that inhabit the body. Activation of the division of protective cells often leads to an imbalance. Get involved in taking such medications is not worth it.

For the twenty-first century, scientists prophesy the emergence of an era of allergies. The reason for this is radioactivity, product quality, air pollution. Every decade, the number of allergic people on the planet is increasing. Allergic disorders affect a fifth of the world's population. It is not surprising, because the immune system of urban residents often fails.

Tea, the world's most popular drink, provides relief from sore throats, colds, or fevers and is considered a formidable weapon against infections. American doctors claim that tea contains a substance that five times increases the level of resistance of protective cells.

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The main part of the protective cells is concentrated in the intestine. And the food that a person eats enhances or suppresses the immune system. That is why it is advised to regularly eat fruits, dairy products, vegetables and cereals, washed down with clean water.

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