How to treat herpes on the lips and body with folk remedies

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People are interested in how to treat cold sores on the lips and body quickly at home. They read thematic literature and surf the Internet in search of information that will help get rid of the virus and eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

It is unfortunate, however, there are no medications that will permanently relieve herpes. After penetration into the human body, the virus remains for life.

Therapy is aimed at suppressing the reproduction of the virus. As a result, the relapse rate is reduced, the risk of complications is reduced, and the external symptoms of the disease are weakened.

The effect is achieved by methods involving the use of medications, the choice of which is responsible doctor.

  • The main method of treatment of herpes involves the use of drugs that prevent the reproduction of the virus. Pharmacies offer solutions, tablets and products oriented to external use.
  • The drug, dosage and duration of administration are selected individually, depending on the type of herpes, the frequency of relapses, complications, especially the course of the disease.
  • The reason for the re-manifestation of the disease is considered to be a decrease in immunity. This is facilitated by diseases, stress, overwork and other factors. Therefore, the treatment of the virus is primarily aimed at increasing immunity.
  • A protective protein called interferon, which is produced by the human body, and drugs that increase its production level are used. In the fight against herpes, immunomodulating drugs have also been used, including cycloferon and lycopid.
  • Eliminate the symptoms of the disease and vaccines that stimulate the immune system. They include an inactivated virus culture, which causes the body to give the disease an immune response.
  • Injections do at the end of treatment to form a stable immunity to the virus and stop repeated manifestations for a long time.

The listed methods will not help to get rid of herpes forever, but they will help to make life more comfortable, getting rid of unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

Initially, a slight tingling sensation is felt on the lips, which gradually develops into itching, and ends with a rash of vesicles.

Herpes manifests itself at a time when the human body does not have the ability to resist due to weakened immunity. The cause of the phenomenon usually becomes overheating or hypothermia, recently experienced stress.

According to scientists, 90% of people on the planet are familiar with the disease. True, the lucky ones who did not have to deal with the ailment should not relax, since it is not difficult to pick up the herpes virus.

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The bubble phase at the beginning of the disease is considered to be most dangerous, when the probability of infection from the carrier is high. After it enters the body, the virus remains there forever and sets about subversive activity. It is noteworthy that scientists and doctors have not created an effective medicine.

How to cure herpes with folk remedies

Treatment of herpes with folk remedies at home provides a result and helps strengthen immunity. After the first symptoms of the disease appear, immediately begin treatment. Simple but effective recipes will help.

  1. Fir oil. Effective folk remedy. Treatment with its use cannot be called severe. Oil unpleasant bubbles.Once every three hours is enough. Before heading under a blanket and fall asleep, apply a swab with oil to the affected area for thirty minutes.
  2. Earwax. Herpes symptoms can be eliminated without essential oils, medicinal plants, or special medications. You cannot call the aesthetic option, but it works. Using a cotton swab, remove sulfur from the ear and apply to affected skin.
  3. Garlic. Treatment involves the use of chopped garlic cloves. Apply them to the affected area every two hours. Before going to bed, hold the clove of garlic in the affected area for ten minutes, then grease the pointhoney.
  4. Toothpaste. People use toothpaste to care for their oral cavity and teeth. However, they do not know that it dries rashes. Go to the bathroom more often and use this straightforward medicine that will speed healing.
  5. Valocordin. With the medicine, moisten the bubbles three times a day. The course of treatment is two days.

The listed drugs and drugs are affordable, simple and help to quickly and effectively cure herpes. No one can guarantee that after the completion of the course of treatment the virus will not reappear. But at least you will know how to fight off sudden aggression.

Cold sore lips treatment

The appearance of bubbles on the lips is sudden and does not bring pleasure, especially if you have to communicate with colleagues and friends. Trying to hide the problem, resort to the help of cosmetics, but this is not enough.

Herpes is a kind of iceberg, and the top of the rash on the lips. The rest covers the entire body. Therefore before usepowder or cream, be sure to check out the technique for treating herpes on the lips.

Herpes is a viral skin lesion that manifests itself as a bubble rash on the lips. Often a rash is found on the buttocks and in the genital area. In this case, the disease is accompanied by itching and burning. Later, the bubbles dry out or open.

In general, herpes is a chronic disease that periodically recurs. The appearance of vesicles is preceded by fever, malaise, and headache. After about a week, the rash disappears.

The virus is transmitted by contact. If you "caught a cold" on your lips, discard kisses, set aside separate dishes and a clean towel. Otherwise, herpes will become a family disease. Do not touch the rash with your hands, especially if the bubbles burst, otherwise the infection will get into your eyes.

  • After signs of the disease appear, lubricate the vesicles with antiviral ointments three times a day. In addition, take medicinal drugs inside.
  • Vaccines help eliminate the causes of herpes and prevent relapses. An excellent effect is given by general strengthening agents together with interferon inducers.

The use of medications is accompanied by the occurrence of side effects, including vomiting, nausea, peeling and acute pain. It all depends on the type of medication used.

If herpes manifests itself during pregnancy, it is allowed to treat using the listed drugs only as prescribed by the doctor and under strict control. You cannot postpone treatment for a long time, otherwise the virus will adversely affect the development of the child.

If medications are not to your liking, use folk recipes and prepare herbal infusions, decoctions, compresses and grindings at home. It will turn out to select the most effective means experimentally.

  1. Celandine. Treat cold sores on the lips periodically with celandine juice. From the plant, prepare an aqueous tincture and wipe the affected areas of the skin.
  2. Blue vitriol. Dissolve a little copper sulfate in a glass of boiled water. Get a blue liquid. Apply a cotton ball soaked in a solution to the bubbles.
  3. Violet. Rub the affected areas with fresh juice of a three-colored violet.
  4. Apple and garlic. From one ripe apple and several cloves of garlic, gruel and mix. Use the finished product for compresses.
  5. Melissa. Decoctions are no less effective in the fight against herpes.Pour one and a half glasses of boiling water into a small saucepan and pour two tablespoons of lemon balm herb. Stir and boil for about five minutes. Having insisted one hour, drink half a glass three times in knocking.
  6. Elder. AT thermos pour a dessert spoon of elderberry flowers, pour a glass of boiling water and leave for a third of an hour. It is recommended to use the product as tea in a glass half an hour before meals.
  7. Alcohol. The preparation of the infusion involves the use of alcohol, vodka or cognac. Take one part of the lemon balm herb for five parts of the alcoholic drink. Ready infusion, cauterize the bubbles.
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If you are sitting at home and not in contact with people, you can wait for the moment when the attack leaves itself. If you are an active and cheerful person, start treatment immediately. So quickly cope with the disease and return the appearance to normal.

Herpes Body Treatment

Herpes on the body occurs as a result of activation chickenpox virusliving in the nerve cells of a person who suffered a disease in childhood. Evidence of the development of infection is the appearance of vesicles and ulcers on the skin. A disease on the body is often called herpes zoster.

The activation of the virus contributes to a weakening of the immune system. It is not surprising that people with an age who have weakened immunity experience the disease. Other factors contribute to the development of viral infection: liver disease, high emotional stress, diabetes and chronic ailments.

Eight manifestations of herpes are distinguished, each of which has its own degree of damage.

  • The first type is characterized by the presence of a rash on the lips.
  • The second type is accompanied by the appearance of an unpleasant rash in the genital area.
  • The third type is characterized by a rash along with severe itching.
  • The fourth type contributes to the appearance of lymphogranulomatosis and mononucleosis.
  • The fifth type is genital infection.
  • The sixth, seventh and eighth types negatively affect the functioning of the nervous system. Scientists have not fully studied their effect.

There is no way to completely and permanently get rid of the disease. But, the constant use of pharmacy drugs and folk remedies eliminates the symptoms and stops the development of infection.

  1. Antiviral drugs. It is recommended to combat body herpes with drugs such as valaciclovir, famvir and acyclovir. The listed drugs block the growth of viral cells and resist the infection of healthy tissues. They are characterized by long-lasting action and lasting effect.
  2. The duration of medication and the form of use depends on the type of infection and the degree of damage. Antiviral agents are considered effective during the first days after the occurrence of vesicles.
  3. Immunity enhancers. Cycloferon and polyoxidonium. To speed up the process helps replenish the lack of vitamins and minerals.
  4. Ointments and creams. Providing antiseptic and healing effect. Do not disregard painkillers in the form of creams.

I recommend contacting a dermatologist, especially if herpes first manifested itself. The doctor will draw up a highly effective strategy to combat the "aggressor".

People who are constantly faced with the disease, I advise you to take note of several ways to prevent the development of herpes. The paramount task is the restoration of immunity through vitamins. To achieve the goal, eat more vegetables and fruits in order to return the body's protective functions to normal.

Forget about baths, saunas and pools, as water procedures are contraindicated for people suffering from herpes. Respiratory diseases can trigger a relapse.At the time of exacerbation, appear less often in public places.

If a trip by bus or metro is unavoidable, lubricate the lips with a potion made from butter and honey in equal proportions before going out into the fresh air. Limit alcohol and cigarettes.

Remember, herpes is a cosmetic problem and a signal from the body about problems. If possible, take a sick leave and start treatment at home. This will prevent relapse and help the body. Otherwise, the body will be attacked by another type of virus.

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If you manage to take a vacation, do it. The body, having rested from working days, will more effectively cope with infections and viruses. Good luck

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