How to treat cystitis in women, men and children at home

Pain attack in a woman with cystitis

Cystitis is an infectious disease whose pathogens live in the human body. The disease is extremely unpleasant and brings a lot of discomfort. The main cause of urinary tract disease is the bacterium E. coli (Escherichia coli, Escherichia coli). Another typical causative agent of the disease is saprophytic staphylococcus, a representative of the microflora of the skin. These pathogens enter the bladder in an ascending way through the urethra.

No woman is immune from a single case of cystitis. Sometimes the urination disorder is repeated. Then you need to be examined by a doctor and not try to quickly cure cystitis at home.

Cystitis is very dangerous during pregnancy, when the hormonal background and the functioning of the immune system change. An enlarged uterus displaces the bladder, which leads to a violation of the outflow of urine and infection.

Suffer from cystitis and men. If a representative of the stronger sex has symptoms, it is imperative to consult a doctor. In most cases, cystitis in men is a secondary disease, when urolithiasis is the primary, diabetes or prostate disease.

Home Cystitis Tips

Do you frequent the toilet? Urination has become less productive, with pain, and there is an admixture of blood in the urine? Most likely it is cystitis.

  1. In case of exacerbation of cystitis, go to bed, cover with a blanket and apply a heating pad in the lower abdomen. Do not use a heating pad if there is no blood impurity in the urine.
  2. Increase the amount of tea drunk per day. Add a little milk to the drink. From beer and coffee to refuse.
  3. Doctors recommend consuming fruit drinks from blueberries, lingonberries and cranberries. They contain substances that prevent the attachment of bacteria to the walls of the bladder.
  4. Effective in the fight against cystitis decoctions from the buds of birch, bearberry or oats. If blood is released during urination, a nettle broth will help. Herbal treatment is most effective in the form of a collection. Ready-made collection is sold in pharmacies.
  5. Diets that provide the rejection of marinades, canned food and spices help get rid of the disease. Vegetables, dairy products and fruits are a must.
  6. You will have to forget about the sauna and the bath with cystitis. A regular wash with warm water and an intimate hygiene product will reduce discomfort after going to the toilet.
  7. If the pain is severe, a no-shpa or a special candle will help.
  8. Treatment for infection involves the use of antibiotics. Among them are monural, biseptol and nolicin. Take pills for three days.

If, in addition to painful urination, there is a high fever and lower back pain, it is possible that the infection got to the kidneys and you need to help a doctor.

Treatment of cystitis in women

Many women suffer from cystitis. Some manage to get rid of him forever, for others he appears again and again.

Often the cause of cystitis is non-compliance with hygiene rules, high sexual activity, rare visits to the toilet. You can get sick on the river, having bathed in cool water.

  1. If acute cystitis, it is necessary to adhere to bed rest. Diet should promote frequent urination. With the disease, concentrated urine enhances the recurrence.
  2. Exclude from the diet foods that cause constipation and hyperemia of the pelvic organs: spices, alcoholic beverages and other products.
  3. Pay special attention to normal bowel function. Doctors recommend using decoctions of herbs, taking shared baths. In some cases, it is worthwhile to purchase an anesthetic and an antispasmodic.
  4. The most effective method for treating a chronic type of disease is chemotherapeutic drugs. Since the causative agent of the disease is Escherichia coli, acute cystitis is treated with antibacterial drugs.

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Cystitis in women: symptoms and treatment at home

Treatment usually takes about a week. If we are talking about chronic cystitis, it will take more time to fight. In the latter case, chemotherapeutic drugs are used.

Remember, in an acute attack, you do not need to “heat” the germs in hot bathrooms and fire heaters. This increases their number.

Stages of treatment

  1. Before starting treatment, the sensitivity of bacteria to drugs is determined. Based on the information received, the optimal course of treatment is chosen.
  2. In some cases, therapy is prescribed that involves the simultaneous use of several types of antibiotics.
  3. Local treatment of the disease consists of washing the bladder with special solutions. The main goal of therapy is the removal of necrotic tissue and purulent formations. Affect the surface of the mucous membrane covered with ulcers.
  4. The mucous membrane has a suction capacity. Therefore, the introduction of disinfectants and antibiotics provides a small effect.
  5. Local treatment of cystitis is focused on the removal of decay products and the protection of ulcerated areas of the mucous membrane from exposure to urine. The bladder is recommended to be washed with a solution of potassium manganese, furatsilina and boric acid. The exact proportions will be prescribed by the doctor.
  6. It is allowed to use room temperature for washing. The volume should not exceed the capacity of the bladder and is determined by measuring the volume of urine after one urination. After washing, lie down for about an hour.

Treatment of cystitis during pregnancy

Symptoms and causes of the disease

The list of symptoms of cystitis is very extensive. Among them:

  • burning sensation during urination;
  • cloudy urine;
  • an admixture of blood in the urine;
  • heat.

The neglected course of the disease contributes to the transition to a chronic form. The development of a chronic form provokes a cold and a prolonged stay on the street in cold weather.

Treatment methods

If a woman is in a position, getting rid of cystitis is not easy, since it is forbidden to use some antibiotics. It is not worth it to treat yourself. Folk remedies relieve symptoms, but do not completely cure.

  1. During pregnancy, cystitis is treated with installations. After several procedures, the condition improves significantly. The main advantage of therapy is safety for the fetus.
  2. The drug Monural is effective. It concentrates in the urine and accelerates recovery. Some side effects.
  3. A hot-water bottle, iontophoresis and inductothermy will help get rid of unpleasant symptoms. It is fully treated better after childbirth.
  4. The basis of folk recipes is the diuretic effect, when bacteria are eliminated from the body during frequent urination. At the same time as the main treatment, doctors advise decoctions of herbs of horsetail and St. John's wort.
  5. Any treatment during pregnancy must be carried out under the supervision of a physician.

Methods for the treatment of cystitis in men

Cystitis is an inflammatory lesion of the tissues of the bladder, leading to dysfunction of the genitourinary system. In most cases, men aged 40 years are affected.

Slight indicators of the incidence of men due to the anatomy of the urethra. In the stronger sex, the urethra is long, curved and narrow, which prevents bacteria from entering.

Causes of the disease

The main reason for the development of cystitis in men is urological pathology, accompanied by stagnation of urine. In most cases, its normal outflow is impeded by:

  • foreign bodies;
  • stones
  • tumors;
  • prostatitis;
  • urethral structure.

Orchitis, urethritis and prostatitis contribute to the development of infectious inflammation of the bladder in men. Factors that increase the likelihood of a disease: stresshypothermia, diabetes, alcoholism, surgery, spinal injury.

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Cystitis - inflammation of the bladder in women and men

Symptoms of cystitis in men

The list of symptoms is presented:

  • low urination productivity;
  • fever;
  • frequent and painful urination;
  • muddy sochi;
  • pain
  • reduced ability to work,
  • incontinence.

In severe form of the disease, general intoxication is added to the listed symptoms. The transition of pathology into a chronic form is accompanied by a decrease in the severity of these symptoms.


  1. With inflammation of the bladder, men are advised to bed rest. Exclude alcohol, sour, spicy, spicy and salty foods from the diet.
  2. The patient is prescribed a course of antibacterial therapy with penicillin, nitrofuran and cephalosporin.
  3. To eliminate the pain syndrome, injections, tablets, anti-inflammatory drugs are used.
  4. If it was possible to block the inflammatory process, physiotherapy is included in the treatment program. Procedures: UHF, mud applications, electrophoresis, ultrasound.
  5. Be sure to treat the underlying ailment that caused cystitis.

The disease can be avoided. It is enough to lead a healthy lifestyle, observe the rules of hygiene, avoid stressful situations and severe hypothermia.

Treatment of cystitis in a child

The cause of the disease most often becomes the colonization of E. coli in the bladder. A healthy bladder begins to signal the owner about the need to visit the toilet, filling up 70%. With cystitis, you want to empty constantly, because bacteria irritate the walls of the organ. Destroying the child from suffering will help the destruction of bacteria with antibiotics.

  1. Before treatment, they must pass the sowing. In laboratory conditions, a strain of microorganisms that attack the body of a child is grown. Then they are tested on the effectiveness of antibiotics.
  2. Be sure to visit a doctor who will prescribe a remedy for the child for intensive or extensive treatment. When the seeding results are ready, the urologist can change the main medicine.
  3. For the treatment of cystitis in children, the doctor prescribes tetracyclines, penicillins and sulfonamides.

How to prevent relapse?

  1. Vaccine. Scientists have invented a special vaccine. It consists of particles of microbes that are not able to arouse the disease, but stimulate the immune system. The vaccine is called Uro Vax.
  2. Diet. Exclude carbonated drinks, salted, pepper and smoked foods from the diet.
  3. Cranberry juice. This natural product has an antimicrobial effect.
Cystitis in children, symptoms, tests and diagnosis, prevention of cystitis.

A stream of urine flushes bacteria and microorganisms that have managed to enter the urinary canal. For the prevention of cystitis, women need to visit the toilet up to 6 times a day.

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