How to clear karma and mind

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When a mountain of troubles falls over a person, and not a single thing goes smoothly, he asks questions: what happened, maybe someone jinxed why I should suffer and suffer. Thus comes the understanding of higher justice. A person has to pay for unseemly deeds and thoughts. As it turns out, it is impossible to do disgusting indefinitely, get angry, spilling out all the negativity. This does not go unpunished.

There comes a moment, and everything returns like a boomerang. There is a higher justice or, as it is also called, karma. You can believe it or not, but rummaging in your memory, you will surely find a lot of facts confirming how, having done someone bad, you will soon encounter trouble yourself, and, conversely, doing well will give you joy.

What is karma and why clean it

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Karma is the totality of good and evil deeds in this and previous human lives. The fate of each subsequent embodiment of the soul in a new body is determined by this combination. There are several types of karma that affect the life path of a particular person.

  • Generic. On the actions of the current image of the individual, his actions, the influence of the blood clan of relatives. Each carries his load of acts, transferring them to family members. So they pass from one generation to another, forming tribal karma, curses.
  • Personal. A person in the current incarnation commits a set of good and bad deeds. In subsequent incarnations, this is taken into account and affects the life process.
  • Family A person, entering into marriage, shares the karma of his half, expands the boundaries of opportunities, events, karmic lessons. In this connection, the responsibility of everyone for the following incarnations increases.

There are several types of karma:

  • Karma of the home country;
  • Your nation;
  • Habitat;
  • Labor collective;
  • Houses;
  • Cash;
  • Planetary.

Karma acts on the following reincarnations of the human soul and determines how its fate will develop in a new body. But this does not mean that nothing can be changed. Everyone has the right to choose what to do in a given situation, which means that there is a chance to correct a lot. The negativity of past deeds is crushing by an exorbitant load and does not allow to live normally, delivering a lot of suffering, physical and moral pain.

It is shown as follows.

  1. One disease replaces another.
  2. Troubles follow on the heels.
  3. The environment seemed to conspire and endlessly injure the soul.
  4. Mental illnesses are frequent.

The worst thing is that criminal acts do not go unpunished and there is no one to give a bribe or take advantage of important connections. To pay off sanctions, be aware on the spiritual level of your misconduct and repent. For this, karma and mind cleansing is done at home.

Cleansing helps:

  • Pull to the surface the best qualities that are hidden in secret corners;
  • To throw off the husks of negativity, vices;
  • Open streams of good energy;
  • To fill the gaps in spiritual development, opening up new vivid possibilities of the soul.

Deep karmic cleansing gives the probability of a full, joyful, prosperous life.

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How to know that it’s time to clean karma

Karma for numerous soul incarnations accumulates an exorbitant burden of wrong steps, crimes, evil thoughts and indifference, sins before oneself, society and God. If she did not realize that this is the path to self-destruction, then a person will live much worse than in the previous guise. He will be overcome by illness, terrible disappointment, failure, suffering, mental anguish.

And breaking this vicious circle is impossible until the sins are worked out. It will take more than one life to complete the cleaning, but several transformations will be required. But start and with the current existence positive changes will occur.

A man needs to stop and delve into himself. To understand that the matter is in himself, in his lifestyle and actions. Blame yourself for your own failures.

Key points to help determine that karma needs to be cleansed:

  • There is no peace in the family - quarrels do not end;
  • Endless diseases, and all family members;
  • Unusual diseases are often found;
  • Constant lack of money, unforeseen expenses;
  • No love.

Preparation and Precautions

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Before proceeding directly to cleaning, preparation is necessary. Turn to knowledgeable people, esotericists who will conduct the rituals, tune in the right manner, teach special manipulations. You can do it yourself. You should start with the house, apartment, where everything is saturated with the energy of the person living in it. The house must be clean. Cleaning, at least superficial, will have to be done daily, to fill the house with fresh air.

Aromas help you tune in to work with the soul. To break through the thickness of the growths of negativity, open the door to the best in yourself, you can, breathing in the smell:

  • Pine needles;
  • Cedar;
  • Garden apple;
  • Mirra;
  • Cinnamon
  • Incense.

By cleansing your habitat from the energy of evil, you help yourself.

The next item of preparation are: body, soul, skin.

  • Skin is a face in contact with the outside world. It should be kept clean, radiate health, so it needs daily care and purification.
  • The body requires external cleanliness, but get rid of addiction to harmful products, intoxicating substances, from everything that causes irreparable damage. Do not forget about the physical support of the body, which will facilitate the path to spiritual purification.
  • The soul lives in the body. Try to get rid of sinful thoughts, unkind thoughts, resentment, longing.

When working on yourself, do not forget about precautions. In his effort not to go too far into himself, forgetting everything around him. Direct actions to change and improve yourself to others.

Effective Ways to Cleanse Karma and Mind

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There are several options for cleansing karma. Everyone, relying on their own internal beliefs and principles, can choose the right one for him.

Purification of consciousness

To get rid of obsessive thoughts that interfere with thinking about the positive, sleep soundly, you need to clear your mind. You can’t just brush aside the problem. She pops up in the head, interferes with life. It is necessary to clearly determine for yourself what exactly causes discomfort, does not give rest. Once the source of the negative has been identified, neutralize it. To do this, you need to tell someone about him - a friend, a psychologist, a priest.

Describe the problem on paper, digest it well in thought, and burn it. Often such simple actions help to get rid of a long tormented problem forever. To consolidate the result, do something good that will bring moral satisfaction.

According to some experts in the field of esotericism, hand washing puts protection against the penetration of negative into the mind.


Cleansing the mind, putting thoughts in order helps repentance. It is available when a person has understood the sinfulness of his life. After awareness comes the insight and revision of life views, a change of priorities, there is a clear desire to live according to biblical covenants and church canons. For the remission of sins in the church there is a sacrament of repentance. After this, the heart is open for love, the soul requires good deeds and is ready for the beautiful.

Prayer help

The universe is a living, informational field. All our desires and words will be heard. Therefore, one can also cleanse karma through prayers. They are sent to the universe to be heard.

  • A more effective petition is said out loud.
  • Direct prayer to change the spiritual meaning of your consciousness and being.
  • Decree is a stronger form of supplication.
  • The repetition of dictates enhances their effect on the soul, on the possibility of internal changes.
  • As you pray, add visualization and breathing exercises.

The sayings of prayers and decrees chosen for themselves are carried out for forty days. You cannot skip days. If for some reason there was a skip, you must start again. Prayers help to trigger a reset of consciousness, but prayers alone will not clear karma of negativity. Be sure to confirm your desire to change with actions and actions.

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Mantra recitation and meditation

Mantras and meditation help to harmonize the physical component with the spiritual. Since ancient times, people have noticed an unusual effect on the body reading poetry, recitative, music. They were credited with a magical beginning. Mantras on a subtle level are able to clear the mind of negativity, free the energy channels from the obstacles that have formed. Sounds made in a certain rhythm lead to physical purification. Which ultimately cleanses and karma.

The most effective mantra for cleansing karma is considered the mantra Vajrasattva. It saves from illness, restores lost or weakened family and friendship ties.

Reading it requires a mood; first you need to meditate. They recite the mantra 108 times. At the same time, imagine yourself in a ray of light descending from a height of heaven. The process is repeated after 28 days.

Using good deeds

An effective form of cleaning karma is good deeds and actions. The truth is simple - the more good deeds are committed, the better for a person. To understand where to direct your efforts, you need to try to realize what your soul is tormented with and what it suffers from.

  • If diseases are replaced one after another and the body suffocates from pills, potions, sprays, you need to start helping sick people. Do charity work, donate money, medicines, products to especially needy patients. Visit orphanages, nursing homes, nursing homes.
  • Problems with finances, not enough for anything. You work days and nights, and still lack money. To correct the situation, give at least a little money to those in need. Buy toys for orphans, do not forget to feed homeless animals. Adults do not need to be served. Most of them can earn money, but they are lazy.

This is also done in other cases. The main thing is to do everything sincerely, not to regret within yourself about the money spent, time, etc. Do not wait for gratitude, do not count on the back, reciprocal response from those who have been helped. Just do good without demanding anything in return, and you will be rewarded.

Breaking harmful ties

Without regret, part with those who destroy your energy field. People taking away other people's energy spoil a complicated life full of troubles and problems. Therefore, these must be avoided, do not let them get closer to you.

Before breaking the connection with the energy vampire, think about why you were given a meeting with this person, what lessons you have learned. This experience will help in the future if you have to communicate with them without harming your field.

The vampire controller imposes his point of view for any reason. At the table he will not give you a quiet meal and will comment on your actions. The main thing is not to argue with him, but to agree. He needs you to get nervous, splashing out energy. In the future, avoid communicating with such people.

Vampires-daffodils eat praise, compliments. So they must be deprived of this, not to show interest.

Karmic Debt Processing

Karmic debts arise when a person is used to giving empty promises, obligations. Over the years of mortal life, a mass of unfulfilled obligations has accumulated. A man forgets about his desires, dreams, does nothing for this, does not fulfill obligations in relation to his relatives. Crime is also a form of karmic debt.

To make it clearer. For example, he took away someone’s health, crippled - you will reimburse your health; robbed - pay with your own funds in a larger amount and so on.

When the time of reckoning comes and it is necessary to repay the debts of karma, first you need to understand the conditions for the occurrence of such an obligation, remember what kind of situation caused it, what universal laws are violated. After that, think over all the measures that help restore balance, balance the negative consequences of counteraction for the good.

It is very important for practicing karmic debts to learn to excuse, not to hold a grudge in the heart. To ask for forgiveness from everyone who was forced to suffer, and from himself.

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What is money and tribal karma

Money plays an important role in karmic deeds. With their help, it is possible to regulate vital energy, strengthen it or weaken it. People need money to realize their plans and ideas.

Money is energy directly related to a person. When the spirit and body weaken, gaps in the aura appear, then money karma weakens, money flows like water.

What can weaken monetary energy:

  • Anger and envy;
  • Pride;
  • Debts;
  • Violence towards others;
  • Ingratitude;
  • Stress, mental anguish, resentment.

These moments generate aggression in the soul, which leads to an additional loss of energy. Money is the measure of the harmful, negative energy of people. The more it is, the faster the funds go, without the possibility of a return. You need to change your mind, get rid of negative thoughts, and then the money will appear in your wallets again.

Generic karma. The soul, with rare exceptions, is given the opportunity to be reborn within its own family. In previous incarnations, they received or practiced someone's karmic lessons, as well as by some unseemly acts, using curses they created classes for practicing for the next incarnations. Each member of the genus influences others, is responsible for actions not only in the current life. Thus generic karma appears.

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Useful Tips

Recommendations for improving karma.

  • Discard all resentment, do not hold anger in the heart.
  • Look for good in people, try to avoid sharp corners, do not conflict.
  • Master spiritual practices.
  • Take care of yourself, train your body with swimming, yoga.
  • Travel This will make it possible to know the world better, expand the worldview, understand people of other nations, evaluate their views, adopt something for themselves.
  • Do not forget about parents.
  • Get creative.
  • Love. The difficulties of family life, overcome by two, improve karma.
  • Positive emotions, attitude. Try to be optimistic about the world, look for light in the dark. Any good deed will return to you.

It will not work to get rid of karmic debts and quickly clear karma.This is a long, painstaking work. To get a result at home, a complete reset of consciousness is required. Learn to think in a completely different way. Not everyone is given to achieve this in the current incarnation.

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