How to improve hearing - folk remedies, gymnastics, exercises

The structure of the ear canal of a person

It is difficult to disagree with the fact that hearing is a truly precious quality. At the same time, people do not pay attention to him. Anyone who has personally encountered a problem understands how important it is to know how to improve hearing at home.

Many people experience hearing problems. It is noteworthy that such problems arise not only among older people, but also among young people and even children. In certain cases, modern medicine comes to the rescue of the patient, and sometimes even highly qualified doctors give up before such problems.

How to improve hearing at home

Reasons for hearing loss like overweight, a bunch of. Due to the high cost of traditional medicine, people are interested in how to improve hearing at home. This is really possible if you understand why the sound perception of the world is reduced.

Main reasons:

  1. misuse of drugs;
  2. prolonged stay in noisy rooms;
  3. complications
  4. head injuries;
  5. age-related changes;
  6. congenital diseases.

It is indeed possible to improve hearing without involving qualified doctors without leaving the boundaries of housing.

Before using any folk remedies, be sure to consult a doctor!


The most popular method involves the use of propolis.

  1. Fill fifty grams of propolis through a grater and pour 100 ml of alcohol.
  2. Put the resulting mixture in a cool dark place and insist 14 days. Shake occasionally.
  3. After the expiration, strain the mixture and add 4 times more vegetable oil to it.

The drug is ready. It remains to dip a cotton ball in the tincture and slowly introduce into the ear canal for about nine hours. Next, change the swab. The course of treatment is half a month.

Camphor oil

The second method involves the use of three drops of camphor oil and one clove of garlic.

  1. Grind a clove of garlic to a mushy state and combine with oil.
  2. Put the mass, which turned out, into gauze and insert into the ear.
  3. Keep the garlic bag in your ear until a light burning sensation occurs.

The procedure is repeated every day before bedtime, until you feel better.

Milk and onions

  1. From homemade milk you need to make butter. Using a small pipette, bury the oil in your ears. The course of treatment is 30 days.
  2. Grate the middle onion and squeeze the juice out of the grated mass.
  3. Bury onion juice in the ears in the morning and evening for one month. After pausing for several months, repeat the course.
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How to improve hearing

I can’t guarantee that the listed methods for improving hearing will help, because each person has individual problems.

How to improve hearing in old age

Let's talk about hearing loss. In most cases, the problem appears in older people. How to improve hearing in old age? The question is asked by every elderly person. Consider folk methods, gymnastics, diet and the secrets of Chinese medicine.

Propolis treatment

A method for improving hearing with propolis involves the preparation of a special emulsion with medicinal properties. To do this, dilute a 40-degree tincture of propolis and add a little olive oil to it. Shake the mixture before use.


  1. Make balls or tampons from a small piece of gauze.
  2. Moisten the balls in tincture and squeeze out the excess liquid with tweezers.
  3. Insert tampons into the patient's ears for 36 hours. Tampons are inserted into the ears carefully so that the eardrum does not suffer.

Procedures should be done once every two days. The total duration of the course does not exceed 12 days. During this time, hearing will improve. In addition, this method improves performance, mood and even memory.

Treatment with propolis will show an excellent effect if you consult a qualified physician before the procedures. Self-treatment of hearing loss can be dangerous to health.

Special gymnastics will improve the effect of propolis treatment.


  1. Waking up in the morning, put your hands on your ears and rub it intensively. Circular movements are recommended to be performed clockwise.
  2. Press the palms to the head and quickly pull it back. Repeat exercise 20 times.
  3. Finger insert ear and close ear canal. Then pull sharply. Repeat the action ten times.

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Hearing improvement

Exercise causes the eardrum to vibrate, which contributes to blood supply. Only daily activities will help improve your hearing. If you really want to solve the problem, please be patient and patient.


  1. Exclude foods that contain salt. It's about canned food, mustard, mayonnaise, sauerkrautsoy sauce, marinades and pickles.
  2. On a day, use no more than two grams of salt. Instead of sauces, use spices and lemon juice that emphasize the taste of any treat.
  3. Less likely to eat foods containing animal fats. Refuse cola, cocoa, chocolate and coffee.
  4. From drinking alcoholic beverages such as cognac, vodka, liquor, also discarded.
  5. Provide the body with vitamin B6. It is present in offal, dried fruit, lean meat, dairy products, lemons and oranges.

Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine knows a lot about improving hearing. The most effective way to solve the problem is stimulation of acupuncture points.

  1. With palms to close ears and to tap fingers on a nape.
  2. Press your palms to your ears and gently release.
  3. The final stage of treatment is massage. Insert the fingers into the ears and rotate in both directions.

Exercise helps to improve hearing and prevent ear diseases.

How to improve hearing in a child

Hearing loss is a problem that worries many people, and children, unfortunately, are no exception. And if it is a little easier with school-age children, things are different with newborns.

Trying to help children, parents are forced to look for information on how to improve their child’s hearing. And this is correct, because only timely actions increase the chances of a full recovery.

How to check if a child hears? When someone enters the room, the child begins to coo, making a variety of sounds. To check whether the baby is really well with hearing, it is enough to stand behind him when he is busy with something and clap his hands loudly. If all is well, he will certainly be surprised at the sudden sound.

If the child has not responded to the actions, it seems that the hearing is impaired. In no case should one take time. Consider what causes the violations.

  1. Heredity, exposure to infection, prematurity, meningitis, birth problems and birth defects.
  2. In some cases, the problems are temporary. They cause inflammation of the middle ear or the accumulation of sulfur.
  3. The inner ear may be damaged after an injury due to a virus or tumor.

If hearing loss is confirmed, what should I do?

  1. First of all, turn to to the doctor. He will examine the child.
  2. If necessary, consult an otolaryngologist. He will conduct an in-depth examination and draw final conclusions.
  3. Early diagnosis is crucial. If hearing loss is not treated, the child will have problems with language development and learning.
  4. Often improving sound perception comes down to using a special hearing aid.

Hearing test

Hearing test. How old is your hearing?

Before taking action, make sure the child has a problem. In the case of children, it is imperative to seek the help of doctors, since an error is unacceptable here.

How to improve hearing folk remedies

The causes of hearing loss are diverse. For example, the accumulation of earwax promotes the formation of a sulfur plug when sound waves cannot pass unhindered. This is the most common cause of hearing loss. To eliminate it, you need the help of a doctor, since removing the sulfur plug at home is sometimes as problematic as To gain weight.

Almost all people hear worse with age. According to statistics, every second person over 60 is faced with such a problem. What to do - age. Folk remedies will help to solve the problem.

  1. Anise seeds help improve your hearing. Pound anise seeds into powder. Pour a tablespoon of anise powder into a 0.5 liter bottle and add 120 ml of rosehip oil. Insist the drug in the refrigerator for three weeks, shaking it every two days. After the time has elapsed, apply the drug by instilling two drops in each ear before bedtime.
  2. Some problems with the ears will be solved if you eat a quarter of a lemon with a peel every day. Together with a lemon they drink a tablespoon of olive oil.
  3. Honey and aloe are a wonderful folk remedy. Grind the aloe leaf and mix it with honey, eat 2 pieces per day.
  4. Folk remedies made from propolis help to cure various ailments, and hearing loss is no exception. To prepare the tincture, grind 50 grams of propolis and pour 120 milliliters of vodka. In a warm place, insist on the drug for two weeks. After this, strain the tincture and mix with sunflower oil in a ratio of 1 to 4. Apply with cotton balls, which are moistened with tincture and inserted into the ears.
  5. Pour one part of water and two parts of vinegar from grapes into a small saucepan. All mix and warm. The tool will help get rid of headaches and tinnitus.
  6. Pour half a liter of water into a small saucepan, add 60 grams of rice and leave overnight. In the morning, change the water and bring to a boil, remove the film and add three cloves of garlic. Use a decoction without salt in a heated form.
  7. Crush several branches of viburnum and mix with honey. Wrap the resulting mixture in gauze and place in the auricles overnight. Hearing will improve after 15 days.

Now you know how to improve hearing with folk remedies.

Before starting active actions, be sure to consult your doctor.

How to improve your ear for music

Some people say they have no musical ear. It's not like that at all. The fact is that it is not an innate quality, so it can be improved at any age.

Musical hearing is the ability to perceive and reproduce musical compositions. If a person sings incorrectly or cannot master playing a musical instrument, this does not mean that there is no musical ear. If you work a little, you can even DJ.

Musical hearing is present in everyone. And he, like any other ability, is developed and trained.

The work of hearing comes down to memorizing musical structures, after which they are endowed with semantic meaning. In other words, hearing is a practical application of knowledge using memory.

Most often, the lack of ear for music indicates that a person does not have knowledge in the field of music education. Learn to sing at home will work at any age.

The improvement method comes down to the improvement of several types of hearing. It will improve the musical perception, hear the structure of melodies and sing beautifullyby developing an inner, melodic and rhythmic ear.

  1. Rhythmic hearing - a sense of tempo and rhythm of the composition. The development is facilitated by reading poetry to music, dancing and singing to familiar simple melodies.
  2. Melodious hearing represents an understanding and perception of the structure of the melody. In other words, a person must be able to organize and be aware of musical movements.
  3. Inner hearing is the ability to represent melodies in the mind and reproduce using memory.

Solfeggio classes help develop inner and melodic hearing. In this case, without the help of a music teacher can not do. Solfeggio provides for the singing of chords, scales, frets, intervals, melodies and helps to memorize the sound of melodies, determine the intervals and write notes.

Now you know how to improve your ear for music. If you cannot afford classes with a professional teacher, specialized sites and computer applications will help improve musical perception. It will not work for several days, so be patient and endurance.

On this note, I am finishing to become. Finally, I add that if you have overtaken hearing problems, in no case do not delay the decision. Delay in treatment can cause total hearing loss. As a result, it will not be possible to fully communicate with people, a feeling of isolation from the surrounding world will arise. People with deafness find it much harder to find a good job.

Even if problems are overtaken, do not despair. I wish you great health. See you!

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