Thyme herb - useful properties, contraindications, application

Useful properties and contraindications for thyme

Thyme (motherboard, thyme, pine forest thyme) is a grass commonly known among the residents of the CIS, which is used in folk medicine. It is characterized by an unimaginable amount of useful properties and has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body. In the article I will consider the beneficial properties and contraindications of thyme.

9 healing properties of thyme

  1. Natural antiseptic. Ideal for the treatment and prevention of inflammatory ailments.
  2. Strong expectorant and anti-inflammatory. The motherboard has long been used as a formidable weapon. in the fight against cough and bronchitis.
  3. Thyme infusion and broth - help with tonsillitis, stomatitis and pharyngeal diseases. The infusion is used in the form of inhalation, and it is customary to flush ulcers, wounds and other skin lesions with fresh broth.
  4. It treats neuritis and sciatica with pain. The mood increases appetite and improves digestion.
  5. Used in the form of lotions and compresses. On the basis of thyme make healing baths. Steamed grass is used to treat arthrosis.
  6. Natural sedative and sleeping pill. Helps to correct the functioning of the nervous system, cure nervous breakdown, eliminate insomnia and cope with depression.
  7. The source of zinc and nutrients that the male body needs. Motherboard-based products are used in the treatment of impotence and prostatitis.
  8. Helps fight alcoholism. The substances that make up the plant cleanse the liver and remove heavy toxins and dangerous toxins from the body, which are the decay products of alcohol. Causes a person a persistent aversion to alcohol.
  9. Aromatic tea is prepared on the basis of thyme, which strengthens the immune system, relieves fatigue, restores metabolism and improves well-being.

As you can see, thyme is a truly miraculous plant that will help to cope with a number of diseases, strengthen the body and charge it with energy. Note that thyme has found wide application in the food field. It is used as an aromatic spice, added to pickles, pickles, all kinds of dishes and drinks.

Thyme contraindications

Thyme contains essential oils, mineral salts, tannins, acids and resins of a natural nature. Despite the unique composition, there are contraindications. People who regularly use it in traditional medicine must know them.

  1. It is not recommended to use in the treatment or in the form of seasoning during pregnancy.
  2. Use with extreme caution, and ideally it is better to completely exclude people with digestive problems from the diet and the list of drugs.
  3. It is forbidden to use for diseases of the liver and kidneys.
  4. The composition of the herb includes thymol, which negatively affects the function of the liver.
  5. Do not get involved in uncontrolled self-medication with thyme. With prolonged use of the herb, hypothyroidism may appear.
  6. In case of an overdose, there is a chance of an allergic reaction. Signs of an overdose are worsening of health and the appearance of rashes on the skin.
  7. The research results showed that the plant is contraindicated in atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels, cardiosclerosis and decompensation of the heart.

If you are a true fan of traditional medicine and consider the gifts of Mother Nature to be a unique medicine, this is good. True, for their use it is necessary to have the appropriate knowledge and observe the correct dosage.Any drug in a large dosage becomes poison dangerous to health.

Food underfoot. Thyme

Where is thyme herb used?

Thyme lotions relieve pain and swelling with bee stings. Extracts help with asthma, and decoctions relieve bad breath. Essential oil disinfects the air.

In cooking

  • Thanks to its spicy bitter taste and pleasant smell, thyme improves the taste of fish, lamb, liver, meat paste and even fried potato.
  • The spice of the plant is ideally combined with pickles, smoked meats, boiled eggs, beans, peas and cheeses.
  • Dry tops are used in cooking, and greens are added to soups, salads and cold snacks.

In cosmetology

  1. Thyme is characterized by wound healing, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. On its basis, creams and ointments are made that treat wounds, insect bites and small skin cracks.
  2. In beauty salons, agents based on thyme are used to combat purulent inflammations and acne.
  3. Pharmacological companies release formulations for hair loss. Due to the rich chemical composition of the plant, these products restore the structure of damaged or colored hair.
  4. Motherboard essential oil is used to create perfumes, perfumes, eau de toilette and lotions.
  5. To improve hair at home, wash your hair with a regular shampoo with the addition of three drops of plant essential oil. Perform the procedure once a week.

Medicine, cooking, cosmetology and perfumery is far from a complete list of areas where the place was found for thyme.

Answers on questions

Thyme and thyme are one and the same?

Every proponent of alternative medicine is of the opinion that thyme and thyme are one and the same. Why, then, is this question the reason for the discussions? Finding the right answer will only help the science that studies medicinal plants.

I note that during the Roman confrontations, soldiers took baths with thyme decoction to cheer up before the fight and saturate the body with energy. In the Middle Ages, girls presented to their beloved dry branches of thyme as a gift in front of a long journey. Such a present was considered a guard against misfortunes and evil spirits, and philosophers attributed to him supernatural powers.

Thyme and thyme are the closest relatives. Both plants are saturated with essential oils and have found application in medicine. Most textbooks and encyclopedias say that this is one plant. At the same time, each herb distinguishes its own varieties, differing in the form of leaves, smell and color.

The most popular varieties of thyme are ordinary and creeping. The second variety is the thyme we are considering. If you carefully examine the plants, you can notice the differences.

The thyme has a shallow crown, a thick root system and a wide stem. Thyme has a tall stalk of small thickness, roots going deep into the soil, lush and bright inflorescences.

Can I drink thyme tea during pregnancy?

Only the doctor will determine if the girl in the position can drink tea with thyme. I will indicate the medicinal characteristics and contraindications for use.

Expectant mothers often have health problems. Many purchased medicines are prohibited during this period, this healing plant helps to cope with ailments.

  1. If the girl has arrhythmia or cardiac activity is disturbed, use thyme broth as carefully as possible. In the case of decreased thyroid function, a consultation with a doctor is mandatory.
  2. The insidiousness of the plant is reduced to the ability to quietly increase pressure.
  3. This herb can increase the tone of the uterus, which will increase the likelihood of a miscarriage.
  4. Drinking tea before childbirth can have a positive effect on labor.True, it is better to act under the supervision of a doctor.
Reception of thyme during pregnancy should be appointed only after visiting a doctor. The regular use of such tea is contraindicated for both girls in position and nursing mothers.

Why you need to give thyme to children

Children's body continues to form and develop. Sometimes failures appear that adversely affect the metabolism, which is fraught with the onset of rickets. To avoid this, when bathing, infusion of thyme is used. Fifty grams of the plant pour five liters of boiling water, and after 30 minutes, strain and pour into the bath.

  • Tea from this herb before a meal will help eliminate malfunctions of the digestive system that lead to dysbiosis.
  • Herb attitude helps treat colds accompanied by cough.
  • With diarrhea 10 grams of the plant pour a glass of water and boil. After a third of an hour, treat the child with strained infusion, after adding sugar to the drink.

Before using these funds, consult your doctor. After a thorough examination of the baby, he will report whether the use of thyme is advisable.

Is it possible to drink thyme for men

Let's talk about the representatives of the stronger sex. I think this herb should be included in the diet of every guy, and there are certain reasons for this.

  1. The content of minerals useful for men's health. Molybdenum activates enzymes that normalize sexual function, and selenium improves the quality of the seed.
  2. Helps with sexual weakness. Two tablespoons of grass pour two cups of boiling water, insist for two hours, strain and drink twice a day. With the help of the same medicine, the problem with early ejaculation is solved.
  3. Thyme contains ursolic acid, which is required for normal hair growth. The compound has a beneficial effect on the hair follicles and activates their growth.
  4. Helps with myositis (muscle inflammation). To restore muscle functionality, use infusions and compresses.
About Thyme (Thyme creeping). Growing, collecting, recipe

As part of the story, I presented as much useful information as possible about the intricacies of application and the beneficial properties of thyme grass. I hope you find my work worthwhile and express your gratitude in the form of comments.

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