Symptoms and signs of influenza in humans

Symptoms and treatment of influenza in adults and children

Influenza is a disease caused by a viral infection. It differs from other catarrhal diseases by its extremely severe course and serious complications, often fatal. To prevent this and start timely treatment at home, you need to know the symptoms and signs of influenza in adults and children.

An epidemic outbreak is an annual occurrence. Gaining strength in the cool season in large settlements. The main sign of the onset of the epidemic is the rapid increase in the number of schoolchildren staying at home with signs characteristic of this disease.

Schoolchildren - the initial outbreak. Over time, the infection spreads among adults. The virus provoking the disease is transmitted by airborne droplets. The end of the incubation period, lasting 5 days, gives rise to the acute course.

The list of the first signs of the flu is presented by a sharp headache, body aches, dry cough, nausea, vomiting, long-lasting heat. Often the pressure drops. Among the regular symptoms is a sore throat and severe runny nose.

It happens that a person with the flu suffers from diarrhea. Since it is not on the list of symptoms, it is considered a sign of a concomitant disease or a side effect of taking medications.

Flu symptoms

Practice shows that flu symptoms appear unexpectedly. Influenza is characterized by an exacerbated onset, accompanied by fever, headache and fatigue. To systematize this information, I will outline the signs of the flu in a list.

  • Heat.
  • Weakness.
  • Pain in the muscles and joints.
  • Dry cough.
  • Reflex hyperemia of the skin.
  • Severe runny nose.
  • Headache.

If you timely understand that you have got the flu, the treatment will be shorter. Antiviral drugs only help the first few days after the onset of symptoms. Many of them stimulate the production of interferon, which is the body’s natural defender against viruses. Therefore, this forms an operative response of the body to the action of virus pathogens.

How virus transmission occurs

When coughing, breathing, communicating and sneezing, mucus and saliva with sputum come out of the respiratory tract. They have a lot of pathogenic microflora. Therefore, the people surrounding the patient are in the danger zone and can easily become infected.

The patient is able to transmit the infection to other people for a week after the onset of the initial symptoms. The most dangerous first two days. People visiting public places at the time of illness contribute to the rapid spread of infection.

Forms of the disease

The severity of the disease is determined by many factors, including: age, general health, immunity, previous contacts with this type of virus.

  1. Light form. It is accompanied by an increase in temperature to 38 degrees. Symptoms of infectious toxicosis are absent or practically do not manifest themselves.
  2. Moderate form. The temperature rises to 40 degrees.Accompanied by headache, total weakness, intense sweating, runny nose, nasopharyngeal damage.
  3. Severe form. Temperature is above 40 degrees. Signs characteristic of a moderate form are supplemented by vomiting, convulsions, nosebleeds, and even hallucinations.

Even if a person has cured the flu, for two decades he can suffer from insomnia, weakness, headache and irritability.

Flu is extremely dangerous for people with chronic diseases of the lungs and heart. In their case, it often contributes to the exacerbation of chronic diseases, which exacerbates the severe course of the already dangerous flu.

Flu is no less dangerous for girls in position, as it can cause damage to the fetus, especially in the early stages. Often, flu in pregnant women leads to premature birth. A list of complications is presented by rhinitis, bronchitispneumonia, encephalitis and meningitis.

Adult flu treatment at home

When the window is very cold, it is easy to get the flu. The disease is extremely bothersome and requires timely treatment. If you ignore the main symptoms, complications may appear that affect the functioning of the kidneys, brain, respiratory system and heart.

Infection brings a person down. In this case, even an exhausted patient does not always fall asleep. What is the reason for this? The processes occurring in the body that accompany the active phase of the disease.

  • At the initial stage, the virus is actively introduced into the mucous membranes of the defenseless respiratory tract and nasopharynx. As a result, the weakened mucous membrane becomes a platform for the reproduction of bacteria.
  • The cells of the ciliated epithelium are affected. Under normal conditions, they expel microbes, dust, and foreign particles. With influenza, they can not cope with their task.
  • At the same time, the cellular immunity. After penetration into the body, the virus, along with bacteria, becomes dangerous for systems and organs.

The duration of the intensified fight against influenza in apartment conditions is short. Usually a febrile period passes in 4 days, after which the temperature begins to decline. As a result, the patient has the impression of complete recovery, which pushes him to return to the traditional rhythm of life. He works, stops taking medications and vitamins, cools on the street. Such actions are fraught with relapse.

How to treat flu and colds at home

Adult Flu Medicines

Practice shows that at the initial stage, an adult can freely fight the flu at home. The only exceptions are severe complications or chronic diseases. In this case, hospitalization is required.

Pharmacies sell a variety of adult flu medicines. In my article, I will consider and systematize the drugs that deserve the most attention.

  1. Antiviral drugs. It is recommended to take at the initial stage three tablets per day. In the list of such medicines Amizon, Anaferon, Aflubin and Tamiflu.
  2. Pain medication. There are times when a patient suffers from a severe headache with the flu. Citramon and Pharmadol help to remove it. With the next attack, one tablet is enough.
  3. Anti-inflammatory drugs. Reduce the inflammatory process. In the medicine cabinet must be present Nimesil or Ibuprofen.
  4. Antihistamines. Relieve the main symptoms of influenza infection, including nasal congestion and runny nose.
  5. Antipyretic drugs. If the temperature exceeds 39 degrees, it should be lowered. Paracetamol, Panadol, Aspirin or Nurofen will help. These funds are often used. in the treatment of tonsillitis.
  6. Cold drops. Runny nose often acts as a companion to the flu. You can relieve it with drops of Pinosol and Grippferon.
  7. Cough Remedies. If during the flu a severe cough is tormented, it is possible to eliminate it through Lazolvan, Ambroxol, Mukaltin or Bromhexine.It is enough to drink two tablets a day.
  8. Inhalation sprays. If your throat is sore, regularly use Bioparox, Chlorofilipt, or Ingalipt Sprays.
  9. Immunomodulators. Umkalor, Undevit or Decamevit help strengthen immunity.
  10. Antibiotics. Antibiotics are recommended in cases of complications of influenza with a bacterial infection. Biseptol, Azithromycin, Clarithromycin and Amoxil will help.

As you can see, modern adults have access to an extensive list of drugs that focus on fighting the flu and its symptoms. They are sold without a prescription. Nevertheless, I advise you to first consult with your doctor about taking this or that drug. Influenza is a delicate thing and does not like errors.

Folk remedies for influenza for adults

If the disease is not accompanied by complications, it is customary to treat the flu at home. Until recovery, it is advisable for the patient to provide a separate room. During the febrile period, you should constantly take cover warm blankettake multivitamins and expectorants.

Folk remedies will help fight high fever and strengthen immunity.

  • Cinnamon. Cook in advance. Fifty grams of cinnamon diluted with 500 ml of moonshine and insist 20 days in a dark place. Strain the drug and take 25 drops before a meal.
  • Onion inhalation. Cut a fresh onion head in half and inhale the vapor, repeating the procedure three times a day. In between procedures, a cotton swab dipped in garlic gruel can be put into the nose.
  • Motherwort herb. The juice of the plant should be mixed equally with moonshine and taken in a small spoon before meals with heart weakness resulting from the flu. Dry motherwort powder is suitable for controlling the flu itself. Take a gram per day before meals.
  • Garlic. Eat about five cloves per day. Use garlic juice after eating half a small spoon during treatment or prevention of influenza infection. Do it every other day.
  • Eucalyptus leaves. With flu, alcohol tincture, made on the basis of eucalyptus leaves, perfectly helps. Pour twenty grams of leaves with table alcohol, close the lid and insist one week. After filtering the tincture, drink 20 drops, previously diluted with boiled water.
  • Lavender flowers. Cook in advance. Combine fifty grams of lavender flowers with a half-liter bottle of vodka and leave for 15 days. With influenza, the resulting composition should be taken in 25 drops with the addition of water. Lavender essential oil combined with honey. Single rate - 3 drops.
  • Black currant. Make a drink from blackcurrant by adding sugar and hot water. It is recommended to drink 4 glasses a day. You can use a decoction of currant branches. Pour a handful of chopped twigs into 4 cups of water, boil for five minutes and boil over low heat for 4 hours.
  • Herbal infusion. Mix the initial letter, chamomile and sage in equal proportions, chop and mix. Pour a spoonful of the finished mixture with two cups of boiling water, wait 40 minutes and use it as tea, with the addition of mint or honey.

Each of the folk remedies for adults is effective in its own way, which one suits you, I can not say. Determining the optimal drug is possible only by practical means or with the help of a doctor.

How to treat flu in children at home

Determining the flu in a child is not difficult. It is enough to carefully examine it. Accompanied by wheezing and noise, breathing, discharge from the nose and cough, redness of the sinuses of the nose and eyes - this confirms the fact of the disease.

You need to understand that the children's body gets rid of mucus by coughing and sneezing. He will cope with a weak infection in a few days, as a result, the cough will recede.

There are times when microbes are in no hurry to take positions. As a result, the body begins to mobilize white blood cells. In such a battle, a byproduct stands out - green nasal mucus.Then immunity enters the fight, which protects the owner's body through high temperature. This is a turning point.

An increase in temperature is proof that the body's defense system, with the support of folk or pharmacy remedies, will overcome the ailment. True, parents should properly relate to high temperature, because she is a friend and an enemy at the same time.

Young parents, following the example of their mothers, are fighting the temperature, not the flu. They do not even realize that temperatures up to 38 degrees do not harm the child's body. The behavior of the child is important, not the number of degrees.

If the baby refuses entertainment, does not make contact and plunges into himself, this should alert parents. If the child does not eat and constantly sleeps, good. This means that the body uses its own funds and seeks recovery.

how and how to treat and cure the flu? cure flu folk remedies at home quickly

Febrile cramps are one of the most unpleasant symptoms of a flu infection in a child. Twitching of the limbs and chin indicates that it is time to bring down the temperature.

Medicines for flu for children

If the child has the flu, treatment should be started immediately. Therapy should be aimed at relieving symptoms.

Antibiotics in this case are useless, as they are focused on the fight against bacterial infection. Antiviral agents are effective only at the initial stage.

  1. Fighting the virus. Use remantadine or arbidol to fight the flu-causing virus. Paracetamol or Nurofen will bring down fever and intoxication.
  2. Nasal congestion and coughing. With influenza in a child, nasal breathing is difficult. Xylometazoline and Aquamaris are suitable for eliminating nasal congestion. It is better to fight the cough with Lazolvan or Ambroxol.
  3. Bed rest. The child should adhere to bed rest, sleep a lot and not spend energy reserves for study or entertainment. Following this rule will speed recovery.
  4. Diet. Parents should make sure that the child ate small portions of light meals and drank a lot, you can not overeat. You can drink water cranberry juicenatural juices compotes and other drinks at room temperature.
  5. Proper clothes. If the temperature rises, do not wear warm clothes, otherwise the heat transfer will be disrupted and the condition worsen. Do not use aspirin to lower the temperature. This medicine contributes to the development of Reye's syndrome. This rare disorder can lead to brain or liver damage.

If the child is in good health, he can be given antiviral drugs for the flu. However, modern pediatricians do not recommend this, otherwise the immune system will not gain experience in combating the disease.

OTC drugs should not be given to a child under four years old, even if they effectively relieve symptoms. Such medications cause unpleasant side effects. Before buying pills, be sure to consult your doctor.

Folk remedies for influenza for children

Folk remedies against influenza are fragrant, sometimes tasty and completely natural, which is important for the fragile body of children.

  • Pine needles. Pour one hundred grams of pine needles with water and chop thoroughly. Then send the needles to the pan, add a liter of water and boil. After filtering the resulting composition, give the child half a glass three times a day, after adding a little honey to the drink.
  • Ginger tea. Grate ginger, take a quarter glass of water, add a glass of fresh honey and boil. Then add half a small spoon to tea. Coffee I do not advise using.
  • Pearl barley decoction. A first-class antipyretic for colds. Boil 100 grams of barley in a liter of water for 15 minutes, wait for cooling and strain. Drink 250 ml with the addition of linden honey before bedtime.
  • Cherry Broth. A decoction of cherries will help in the fight against flu.Pour one hundred grams of dried cherry berries with two glasses of water and put on a stove. Cook until the third part of the liquid has evaporated. Consume in the form of tea with the addition of honey.

The folk remedies that I talked about have passed the test of time and have proved a high level of effectiveness. To speed up recovery, I recommend combining them with traditional treatment approved by the attending physician.

Dr. Komarovsky School's Video on the Flu

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How to treat flu during pregnancy

Pregnancy changes the woman’s approach to treating diseases, including the flu. When she has to take care only of her health, she can show carelessness and carry out the disease on her legs. Having a baby, the expectant mother becomes more attentive, listens to the signals of her body and even a trifle illness can cause panic.

If you get the flu, don't panic. Visit a qualified doctor and warn of a gynecologist's disease. Solving the problem yourself is not worth it, because only the doctor can choose the safe medicine for the baby.

I note that even herbs that are harmless to humans, the use of which provides for traditional medicine, may be unsafe for a girl in a position. Useful tips that I will share will complement the medications prescribed by your doctor.

  1. Paracetamol will help to lower the temperature. Other drugs are sold, but there is no point in using them. The compositions of these products are almost identical, with the exception of flavors and fragrances.
  2. Flu treatment encourages the use of warm fluids. Drink up to two liters per day. Ideal - tea with lemon or berry juice.
  3. Help with flu inhalation based on tea tree oil or eucalyptus. An infusion made from chamomile, sage or mint will be a good help.
  4. Aromatherapy will help in the fight against the disease. On a scented lamp, drop a couple of drops of essential oils of orange or eucalyptus. This will make breathing easier.
  5. With a sore throat, a decoction of chamomile or a solution of iodine and baking soda will cope. Rinse the mouth with these means.
  6. Pay special attention to sleep. In the process of rest, the human body is intensely struggling with the disease. It does not hurt to eat fruits, onions and garlic. These products will strengthen immunity and destroy viral particles.

Do not forget about flu prevention. Use known methods to prevent the disease, even if there is not enough free time. I will introduce methods of prevention in the final part of the material.

Influenza Prevention in Children and Adults

With the onset of late autumn, people begin active preparations for the next outbreak of an influenza epidemic, the duration of which is often estimated to be several months.

We have already met with the symptoms of the disease. By themselves, they are not dangerous. The disease itself is considered dangerous, since it often leads to complications in the form of otitis media, pneumonia, or heart problems.

Doctors say vaccines are the best defense against illness. However, sometimes give an injection impossible. For example, due to an allergy or an unacceptable load on the body. In addition, the influenza virus is constantly changing, so the vaccine does not guarantee absolute protection. In this case, alternative methods of prevention come to the rescue.

  • Walks in the open air. Strengthen the immune system. Fresh air negatively affects pathogens. During the epidemic, walking is not just pastime, but a preventative measure.
  • Protective measures in front of the street. To process nasal channels with a fat cream or a special ointment. Walk away from crowds.
  • Gauze dressing. A family member who has the flu should also use this protective agent. Moreover, contact with him must be limited.
  • Hygiene. Adhere to hygiene rules, regularly wash hands and dishes, perform wet cleaning. These activities hinder the free spread of the virus.
  • Garlic and onion. The fumes of these natural products kill bacteria perfectly. From garlic cloves you can make a necklace, and cut the onion into pieces on a plate and put somewhere in the apartment.
  • Eat Vitamin-Rich Foods. Do not drink cold liquids.
  • Stitching and exercise.

Carry out preventive measures not on the eve of the cold season, but in advance, since strong immunity is useful at any time of the year.

Flu epidemic

According to medical statistics, about 15 percent of the world's population gets sick with the flu every year.

Disease virus, a complex biochemical substance consisting of a protective capsule and nucleic acids. Moreover, he is the carrier of a certain genetic code. The virus itself cannot exist. He needs the cells of a living organism. Once in the cell, the substance leads to a change in its life, as a result, the production of new viruses starts.

The cell is unable to cope with this work for a long time and dies. Newly made viruses attack other cells and multiply rapidly. If untreated, the person’s condition worsens significantly, and dead cells become a heavy burden for the body, which poisons it.

The first in the field of view of the influenza virus is the epithelium. We are talking about cells that cover the nose, mouth and respiratory tract. The pathogen enters here without problems, after which it spreads throughout the body. Initially, the attack of viral particles proceeds unnoticed. Over time, the victim begins to feel aches, weakness, fatigue and headache. The body tries to fight foreign bodies through heat.

At first glance, it may seem that the virus affects the respiratory system. This is not true. The nervous system suffers the most. Subsequently, blood vessels, liver, lungs and kidneys receive significant damage. It is about intoxication.

In most cases, an epidemic occurs with poor prevention or attack of an unrecognized virus. In the old days, when no vaccines existed, pathogens infectiously affected large groups of people. There are frequent cases when whole cities remained lifeless.

According to scientists, in our time the flu epidemic appears once every thirty years. It is proved that the main danger of the virus is reduced to the ability to change the structure and properties of cells. The body, faced with a modified virus, is not able to recognize it. To create new antibodies, he needs a certain amount of time. And while the body is looking for weapons, the virus attacks.

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Fortunately, the body still has a certain immunity to viruses with a changed structure. That is why in our time, influenza epidemics are not characterized by increased mortality. We recently talked about swine fluwhich is more dangerous than a regular fellow.

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