Diabetes mellitus - treatment at home, types, symptoms

Diabetes mellitus is an endocrine disease of a serious nature with severe insulin deficiency. The disease is considered incurable, and treatment with folk remedies at home only alleviates the symptoms.

The causes of the disease are many. A viral disease, a genetic predisposition, medication or a complex one can cause an attack pregnancy.

Types of Diabetes

The disease, like bronchitis or cough, there are noticeable symptoms and signs. 5 types of diabetes are distinguished depending on them.

  • 1 type. The immune system attacks pancreas, which does not secrete the right amount of insulin, which is responsible for glucose metabolism. Traditionally, type 1 diabetes is inconvenient for young people. Among cases of diabetes, the first type accounts for a tenth.
  • 2 type. Human organs and tissues lose their susceptibility to insulin. It is noteworthy that the pancreas produces this substance in normal amounts. The second type of illness affects 90% of diabetics.
  • Gestational diabetes. Appears exclusively in women during gestation. This type of diabetes differs from other types in that it often disappears after the appearance of a child. Only 5 percent of expectant mothers encounter him.
  • Secondary diabetes. A state of health when various disorders lead to an increase in glucose levels. This type is considered a consequence of hormonal failure, medication, chronic pancreatitis, or removal of the pancreas.
  • Prediabetes. Appears when there are no health problems. Over a long period, the patient has sugar at the level of the maximum norm. It causes heredity, an incorrect lifestyle, malnutrition and obesity.

Diabetes of the first two types cannot be completely cured. However, with the help of diets, treatment and moderate exercise with this diagnosis, people live a long and normal life.

Symptoms of Diabetes

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Symptoms of the disease often do not appear immediately. As a result, the disease hides for a long time, without betraying its presence.

In medicine, there are frequent cases when the appearance of diabetes comes as a surprise to a person. Patient is treating to the doctor for advice on a specific disease, and after passing the tests, he learns about diabetes.

People often suffer from two types of diabetes, each with its own symptoms. Several common symptoms can be distinguished.

  1. Thirst. One of the main messengers of diabetes, regardless of type. However, thirst cause other diseases, so doctors do not focus on this symptom when making a diagnosis.
  2. Frequent urination. A symptom is characteristic of both types of disease. Frequent urination often indicates abnormalities in the urinary system.
  3. Fatigability. Drowsiness along with chronic fatigue are symptoms that accompany all kinds of diseases, diabetes is also on the list.
  4. Low temperature. Most often, people who suffer from an ailment have a lower body temperature - below 36 degrees.
  5. Rapid weight loss with increased appetite. People who constantly want to eat, and weight is reduced for no reason, are advised to be alert and undergo examination.
  6. Low tissue regeneration. With diabetes, even slight damage to the skin heals for a long time.Abscesses and weeping wounds often appear.
  7. Visual impairment. Some diabetics complain that a white “veil” appears in front of their eyes, and the image becomes blurry. Butvision may worsen with age.
  8. Disturbed blood circulation in the limbs. Manifested by tingling and numbness. Often in the calf muscle cramps appear.
  9. Potency impairment. Men with diabetes often have problems with erection. In women, the ailment causes dry genital organs.

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Remember, the severity of symptoms depends on the characteristics of the body. In one person, the listed symptoms are pronounced, while in another they are absent. The severity of the symptom is also affected by the stage of the disease. With severe violations of insulin secretion, the symptoms are more pronounced.

Treatment of diabetes with folk remedies

Diabetes overtakes a person when the pancreas fails to cope with its duties and secretes insulin in small quantities. This substance helps the body break down sugars. As a result, excessive excretion of sugar in the urine is observed. And although doctors constantly analyze the progress of the disease, to date, no effective treatment methods have been created.

To treat diabetes at home is allowed folk remedies under the mandatory supervision of an endocrinologist. The main factor in therapy that affects the course of the disease is considered diet.

Carbohydrates are excluded from the diet. If this is not possible, their consumption is reduced. Instead of regular sugar, xylitol, sorbitol, or starchy foods are recommended.

The list of folk remedies used in the treatment of diabetes is presented by natural fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants and berries. Often, individual components are used together, which increases the healing effect.

  • Clover infusion. Combine some clover grass with the same amount of boiling water and wait three hours. Drink the drug before a meal in 0.33 cups. Add flowers to enhance the effect.
  • Blueberry leaves. Pour a spoonful of dried leaves in a cup of boiling water, wrap and wait 30 minutes for the liquid to infuse. After thoroughly filtering the infusion, drink a cup three times a day.
  • Walnut leaves. Grind two dozen green leaves of walnut, put into a pan, pour a glass of liquid, boil and boil for 10 minutes. Take the drug without any restrictions during the day.
  • Herbal harvest. Mix twenty grams of blueberry leaves, birch buds, pansies and nettles, add five grams of St. John's wort with ten grams of dandelion root, mix and chop. Four tablespoons of the mixture pour a cup of boiling water from kettle, wait a bit, filter and take 0.33 cups three times a day.
  • Burdock roots. Eat boiled or fried with cheese. Some people use burdock roots instead of potatoes and add to soups and meatballs.
  • Blueberry Broth. Boil a spoonful of leaves along with the shoots over low heat, then cool slightly and strain. It is customary to be treated with this remedy one spoon three times a day.
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Since the disease is serious, start therapy immediately. The recipes I shared will help.

What can I eat with diabetes

Different types of sugar

Continuing the topic of conversation, we discuss what is allowed to eat with diabetes. According to doctors, nutrition plays a significant role in the treatment of the disease, since the process of utilization of glucose, which enters the body with food, is disrupted.

A high level of a substance in the blood contributes to the development of complications and exerts a pathological effect on the body. At the same time, with diabetes, proper nutrition has a therapeutic effect.

Clinical nutrition is focused on the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism. This reduces the load on the pancreas. It is recommended to eat often and regularly, evenly distributing or restricting the intake of carbohydrates.The diet should include protein foods along with low-fat foods. A list of preferred food processing methods is provided by steaming, stewing and baking.

I will introduce you to the products that are recommended to eat with diabetes. Many foods are allowed to be consumed, you only need to track calorie content and carbohydrate saturation.

List of Allowed Diabetes Products

  1. Fish and meat. Only low-fat types. Doctors advise taking veal and chicken for cooking a rabbit, cod, pikeperch and pike. It is allowed to eat seafood and canned fish in small quantities.
  2. Milk products. Give preference to skim milk and kefir. Chicken eggs allowed. Eat two things a day.
  3. Bran rye flour products. You can eat pasta in small quantities. Fiber-rich pasta is best suited.
  4. Barley, buckwheat, oat and millet. Make cereal or aromatic soup from cereals. It is better to refuse rice and semolina, as they increase blood sugar.
  5. Fiber Rich Vegetables. Broccoli, beans, zucchini, cabbage, eggplant and radish. Do not abuse red beets and potatoes. Steam vegetables or in the oven.
  6. Berries and fruits. In the diet include acidic varieties of apples, pears, currants and citrus fruits. Exclude watermelons from your diet, melons, raisins, bananas, grapes and figs.
  7. Dietary Confectionery. The composition should include sugar substitutes. Allowed to use diet halva and honey.
  8. Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds. These dried foods are rich in fiber, vitamins, trace elements and beneficial acids. Nuts are allowed, but the daily allowance for peanuts or walnuts should not exceed 50 grams.
  9. Beverages. Decoctions, teas, compotes, jelly and juices are considered extremely useful. Non-carbonated mineral water and alcohol are allowed, in which sugar is not more than 5 percent. Coffee is better not to drink.
Diabetes Nutrition

In addition, I’ll list a few foods and spices that lower sugar. These are parsley, tomatoes, onions and zucchini, cucumbers, blackcurrants and gooseberries, turmeric, ginger and cinnamon.

How to prevent the development of diabetes?

Every person with diabetes knows that only considerable efforts provide a normal lifestyle. Otherwise, the disease dictates the rules. Prevention helps prevent the development of the disease and minimize the likelihood of complications.

The development of the first type of disease is impossible to prevent. There are activities focused on the second type.

Proper nutrition. This is the foundation of well-being. Remember, overweight with obesity accelerates the onset of the disease, so be sure to eat right.

Water balance. The human body consists of seventy percent of water, which helps digest food and remove the remnants of decay. In diabetes, fluid is involved in many processes.

Doing sports. People with diabetes are overweight. If you pay attention to sports, you can stop the development of the disease. Physical activity is an essential element of prevention.

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Diabetes. How to lower Blood Sugar Levels with Folk Remedies?

An equally important role in life is played by the emotional mood and state of mind. Nerves contribute to the onset of diseases, therefore, for preventive purposes, participate in training, consult with doctors and fight depression.

It is forbidden to take medications without a doctor's prescription, otherwise the situation will worsen.

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In the article, we examined the types of diabetes mellitus, identified the symptoms of the disease, examined the treatment at home and figured out what is with it and how to act for prevention. Use the knowledge at your discretion, but do not forget about consulting a doctor. Good health!

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